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Liberia is a country on the West African coast and English is spoken as it’s the official language. Monrovia is Liberia’s capital and largest city. During the census in 2010, the literacy rate of Liberia was estimated at 60.8%. Although, in some areas of the country, education for primary and secondary is free and compulsory from the ages of 6 to 16 while, in other areas a tuition fee is required.

Studying at Liberia

Studying in Liberia is made easy now because there are a whole lot of universities both public and private which accepts students either for undergraduate or postgraduate studies. These universities are greatly contributing to the higher education needs in Liberia as they have produced students that are working with international organizations, banking institutions, the government and some other local institutions in the country.  The University of Liberia, be the oldest university offers other graduate degrees in education, regional planning, international relations, and public administration, while Cuttington University is offering graduate degrees in education, Public Health, Business administration, Management, Public administration, and nursing education.

Top Scholarships Around the World for Students from Liberia

  1. David Oyedepo Foundation Scholarships for African Students: David Oyedepo Foundation (DOF) is offering a full-tuition scholarship for young African students; which Liberia is also one of the countries to study at the Covenant University and Landmark University, Nigeria for mainly undergraduate degrees. The (DOF) Scholarship grants individuals the opportunity to build up their leadership potentials through the yearly programs integrated with the 5-year duration of the scholarship. The scholarship also seeks to develop youth who are ready to put their learned skills to work in leading organizations, communities, and their local countries. Each awardee becomes a DOF Scholar and is expected to meet up with the requirements in order to remain a DOF Scholar. The DOF Scholarship is designed for students pursuing their Masters, Undergraduate and Secondary Program. To be eligible for the DOF Scholarships, the applicants must fulfill some of these requirements:
  • Applicants must be citizens and permanent residents of any African Nation.
  • Applicants must be between the ages of 18 and 25 at the time of application.
  • Aplicants must be eligible to receive a Nigerian student visa.
  1. Monash University Faculty of Law Masters International Scholarship in Australia: The program is open to give financial support to commencing students, who enroll full time as a Monash student, attending the Monash Law City Campus. This scholarship is open to Liberian students and other nationalities pursuing a Masters’s degree program. The scholarship is worth up to $20,000.
  2. Catholics Africa Program: The Catholic University of the Sacred Heart offers this program that will enable students to study for postgraduate degree programs taught in English. Students, who are either citizens or residents, of all African countries are eligible to apply for the Cattolica Africa Program. Benefits which are obtained through the Cattolica Africa Program are: reduction in tuition fees, living costs

Available Scholarships in Liberia for Students from Liberia

Government of Liberias Local Scholarship Program: this is a scholarship program that is partially funded by the Liberian government for Liberian students and also eligible International students. The scholarship award can be taken at various leading universities in Liberia. This Bachelors’s or Undergraduate scholarship can be taken in various courses that are made available by the universities.

Eligibility and Criteria

  • The scholarship is open to Liberian students and other students from various Nationals.
  • Applicants must be applying to study an undergraduate degree in any of the Liberian universities.
  • Applicants must be between the ages of 18 and 25 at the time of application

Scholarships for developing countries: these are Scholarships available to developing countries in which Liberia is also a member. These Scholarships help the students to further their studies by providing tuition fees for the students who are eligible.

Eligibility and Criteria

  • Must be national of developing countries
  • Must have English proficiency
  • Applicants must be between the ages of 18 and 25 at the time of application

Top Universities in Liberia

  1. The University of Liberia: the university was founded in 1862 as Liberia College but became a full University in 1951. It is a public institution funded mainly by the Government of Liberia. The University enrolls approximately 18,000 students and is the oldest institution of higher learning in West Africa. Liberia University is a member of the Association of African Universities.
  2. Cuttington University: is a private university in Suacoco, Liberia. It was founded in 1889 as Cuttington College by the Episcopal Church of the United States. The university issues degrees in the liberal arts and a number of other technical studies. The Cuttington University is also a member of the Association of African universities.
  3. African Methodist Episcopal University: a private institution of higher learning located in Monrovia in the West African nation of Liberia. The university was established in 1995 by the African Methodist Episcopal Church. In 2009, the university had 3,432 students enrolled. The total enrollment placed the school as the second biggest in the country, behind only the University of Liberia.

Although there are limited graduate degree programs offered in the universities in Liberia, these scholarship schemes enable students who can’t afford to further their studies help to do so. These Scholarships also enable individuals the opportunity to build up their leadership potentials through the yearly programs offered to them.