Guinea Bissau is situated at the tropical heart of the West African coast in the continent, having led years of struggles against Portuguese colonial masters like almost every African nation.

The education system of the country is usually sub-divided into (3) main parts; primary, secondary, and tertiary. The government has done well to facilitate the compulsory primary education of all children between the ages of seven to fourteen years. The system has a spread of twelve years span to completion of both primary and secondary education, and inclusive is the 3 years lycee. According to statistics, there is only about 50-55% of children attend compulsory primary education making up a higher level of illiteracy, especially among female children. There are few tertiary institutions in the country which signifies the low percent of the populace that are graduates; postgraduate and master’s degrees are all done outside the shore of the nation.

Top Scholarships Around the World for Students From Guinea Bissau

Scholarships are great opportunities for students to gain grants from different business organizations and schools in order to have a chance in academic excellence completion and pursuit. There are different organized scholarships flying around the world for students especially African students in low economic states or financial crisis. Below is a list of some scholarships been organized for students of Guinea Bissau;

  1. David Oyedepo Foundation scholarship for African students: this scholarship is a cruise for students from any African country into covenant or landmark universities especially countries such as Guinea Bissau, it offers provisional support of almost a hundred percent covering from tuition, books, accommodation, and some other extra expenses. There are a few criteria to complete to be awarded the DOF scholarship such as; proficient in English language and writing, 80% average pass in secondary school transcripts, ages between 18-25, must have already begun admission process to the different schools and must, of course, be residents of one of the eligible African country.
  2. Macquarie University Africa development scholarships: this Australian university offers an incredible opportunity for African students of both undergraduate and post-graduate, especially students from Guinea Bissau providing an atmosphere of bringing out the career in you, with the benefit of been adventurous providing travel support, an internship with leading cooperate organization. The offer comes with a tuition cover of $5000 paid annually through the duration of the course and $2500 paid before the semester begins. The scholarship is eligible for African students only, must have met academic or English requirements, and commence study at the year indicated on the scholarship letter.
  3. MasterCard foundation scholars program for African countries: the master card foundation scholarship is another window of opportunity that offers students of both South Africa and other sub-Saharan Africans, helping to catapult student with academic excellence in pursuit and importantly willingness to give back to the nation and community of the continent at large. It is a plan of 10 years funded with about $500 million of the global initiative, expected to prepare young talented African minds for the leadership of the future. With a mastermind to help the economically impeded. It is an initiative like no other that embraces education from secondary, undergraduate, and also a master’s degrees. Different schools may have various criteria but basically, Undergraduates are expected to be 29 or below at the time of application while postgraduate applicants are expected to be 35 or below at the time of application. The application process is recommended to be through a partner institution of choice.

Available Scholarships In Guinea For Students From Guinea Bissau

Les Elites De Demain scholarship: this is an organization that provided scholarships, for striving students of low economic disadvantage. It connotes from the name “the leaders or elites of tomorrow” pulling resources together from thriving organizations to help pull the talented youths that must have excellently gone above average in school work in order to grasp these opportunities, at the same time forming a better Guinea future. Here are the listed criterion of eligibility;

  • A student of low income and must have demonstrated academic excellence
  • Recommendation letter
  • Must be willing to participate in both extra-curricular activities and community services

Guinean Alliance for Education and Development: This is another indigenous scholarship provided for indigents of the nation who yearn to further education after high school. There are just a few Criteria to participate in this offer, which simply are;

  1. First, be of indigent homes
  2. Be part of the 10% that passed the Guinea national high school exams

Top Universities in Guinea Bissau

  • Kofi Annan University: Founded in 1996 is a private higher institution which is located in the urban city of the small town of Conakry I’m Guinea Bissau. The university offers pre-bachelor degrees, bachelor, master and doctorate degrees in several areas of study.
  • University Amilcar Cabral: is the only public higher institution in Guinea Bissau. It was established in 1999. It offers various undergraduate courses too.

Others are:

  • Universite Mercure international
  • Universite Utad-Guinea
  • Universite General Lansana Conte de Sonfonia

Guinea-Bissau may have a struggling economy and once recorded a people of average willingness to study, especially of the women discouraged to study, but there is a constant push to better and grow the nation’s future in the growing percentage of students. Efforts are made from both the government of the day and the global concern through various scholarship types made available to its students.


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