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UK Scholarships for Ghana

Brief on UK Scholarships for Ghana

What other perfect way to kick off your career than applying for Ghanaian student scholarships to study in the UK! Little do people know there are numerous opportunities for Ghanaian students to study in the UK through scholarships programmes and awards and also develop their studies in various fields? What’s more, you’re going to make new friends travel to new locations, and it’s a whole new experience.

How to get UK Scholarships for Ghana

The first stepping to landing a UK scholarship as a Ghanaian is by applying. If you do not apply, you will not be awarded any scholarship. Bear in mind that some of these scholarships are fully funded scholarships that will leave you free to focus on achieving your academic goals and enjoying the experience of a lifetime.

For some these scholarships, you will be required to live and study in the UK for a year, during which time you will develop professionally and academically, grow your network, experience UK culture, and build lasting positive relationships with the UK

Below are simple steps to take to ensure that you land yourself the UK fully funded or partially funded scholarship program.

  • Search for your desired scholarship Program
  • Check for eligibility
  • Apply for the scholarship
  • Provide and submit the required documents
  • Be on the lookout for selection update and timeline
  • When selected or awarded, follow up with an email and do the needful

Ongoing UK Scholarships for Ghana

  • Nottingham Developing Solutions Scholarship

The program was designed for students who want to follow a Master’s program at the learning institution and use the knowledge and skills to improve Ghana’s development The grant pays tuition fees, housing, daily living expenses and travel payments.

  • Bristol University Think Big Scholarships

The program aims to offer Mater’s scholarships to learners willing to use the acquired knowledge and skills to help develop Ghana or improve the circumstances of the disadvantaged and excluded citizens. The grants cover full tuition fees at International Students House and a1-year residence. Applicants must have an offer at the UCL Institute of Education to study a full-time Masters degree in London.

  • IOE Centenary Masters Scholarship

The school is dedicated to helping the best and brightest international students from around the globe. The program offers full-time undergraduate courses, except those offered at the university in the fields of medicine, dentistry and veterinary science or postgraduate. The scholarship pays 25 percent of all tuition fees for the full-time period of the University’s curriculum.

Their Benefits/Value

These scholarships and fellowships cover most of your UK study/time-related expenses. This may include return airfares, tuition fees, cost of maintenance, study and other allowances where appropriate. Each type of scholarship and fellowship varies in terms and conditions.

Why Study in the UK

Employers and organizations, worldwide, recognize UK qualifications. The UK education system has a reputation for quality standards at all levels with many institutions considered one of the best teaching and research institutes in the world. UK courses promote independence, creativity and self-reliance: the kinds of qualities that employers across the globe are seeking. Degree courses last three years (not four as in many other countries), and master’s degree courses may take one (not two) year, reducing your costs dramatically.

A secure environment established international student support services, and likely access to free healthcare. Hundreds of more ways to get grants, a fun and friendly community for the visitors. Part-time and holiday work opportunities in the UK as well as organized work placements at leading companies as part of the courses; Studying in the United Kingdom is a platform for visiting different areas of the United Kingdom and mainland Europe and a life experience as part of a multicultural society.

Cost of Living

On average, a student’s living cost in the UK goes like this

  • It is possible that a weekly food shop would cost you about £ 30/$42, and dinner in a bar or restaurant will cost around £ 12/$17.
  • You’ll likely spend at least £ 30 a month on books and other course materials, depending on your course. It’s likely your mobile phone bill will be at least £ 15/$22 a month.
  • Gym membership costs about £ 32/$45 a month, but you might get a bonus for the athlete.
  • A typical night out (outside London) costs around a minimum of £ 30/$42.
  • When it comes to entertainment, you need a TV license if you want to watch TV in your room – that’s £ 147 (~$107) per year.
  • A pass to the movies costs about £ 10/$14.
  • You could spend £ 35-55 (US$ 49-77) or so on clothes per month, based on your spending habits.

In conclusion, the United Kingdom (British) is a sovereign country situated off the Mainland on Europe’s North-West coast. A total of 38 percent of the UK population has a degree in university or college and this is the highest percentage in Europe and the world at large. It is little wonder that it is a great education hub for students all around the world to come and receive a quality education.