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Gambia is an English-speaking country in West Africa, which is located on the coast of the Atlantic Ocean. It is estimated that up to100 American university students study abroad in the Gambia every year. The Gambia is the smallest country of size and population on the mainland of Africa. The economy of Gambia is driven by farming, fisheries, and hospitality, a rare opportunity for students to study abroad in the Gambia.

If you really want to study in the Gambia, then maybe you need to learn which of the universities is appropriate for you. The rankings of the world’s leading institutions look at their performance across all of their core objectives: teaching, research, knowledge transfer, and global outlook. There are actually no universities in the Times Higher Education World University Rankings in the Gambia. Moreover, though there have been data on any of the institutions in the country, they will appear on the map.

Making a decision about where to pursue your studies in the Gambia will be one of the most critical choices you will be making. There are resources available on the internet that will help you take this bold step, which, when you go through them, will give you a comprehensive guide on what to do to get admitted into one of Gambia’s top-rated schools. You can make use of the map to locate where top universities in the Gambia are, and click on any institution that is of any particular interest to you. You could also find information such as population status and how much the Gambia is investing in her higher education.


Students from the Gambia who are seeking Ph.D. Scholarship, Masters Scholarship, or undergraduate scholarships to fund their higher education abroad should consider the following scholarship opportunities. The following list of scholarship opportunities ranges from fully funded to limited support or tuition fee waiver.

  1. Dublin Graduate Fellowship for International students at Harvard Kennedy School in USA, 2020

The Dublin graduate fellowship for international students at Harvard Kennedy School in the USA, 2020, is open at Harvard Kennedy School. This scholarship opportunity is a partial funding master’s scholarship to study in all subject programs.

  1. Chinese International Government award – Chinese University Program Tianjin University 2020

This scholarship opportunity is open at the prestigious Tianjin University. This is a full tuition fee Graduate scholarship to study ALL subject programs.

  1. Global Minds Doctoral Scholarships Programme at KU Leuven

This opportunity is open at KU Leuven. It is a fully-funded Ph.D. scholarship opportunity to study Development related topic programs.

  1. Weidenfeld – Hoffman scholarships and Leadership Program

This scholarship opportunity is open at the prestigious Oxford University, and it is a fully-funded Masters, Bachelor scholarship to study program.

  1. Emile – Boutmy Scholarship in France for Non-EU Students

This opportunity is open at Sciences Po. Though expiring in 10 days, it is a full tuition fee Masters Scholarship to study program.

  1. The University of Twente, 50 Master Scholarships in the Netherlands

Expiring in the next 2 months, this opportunity is open at the University of Twente. This is a master’s scholarship to study the following; Health Sciences, Business Administration, Biomedical Engineering, Communications Sciences, Media Studies, Mechanical Engineering, sustainable energy development, and construction management programs.


Below is a comprehensive list of Gambia 2020 Local Scholarships that could provide you with valuable opportunities that will assist you in supporting and attaining your academic interests in the country. If you’re interested in finding any of these significant scholarship opportunities in your quest for a Gambia scholarship, therefore this article is the appropriate content to be reading.

  1. IBRO African Regional Committee Research Bursaries for African Researchers, 2020
  • The ideal candidate for this scholarship must be Resident in Africa,
  • be 45 years or younger,
  • Have published significant research achievements in fundamental or clinical neuroscience.
  1. WWF Prince Bernhard Scholarships for Nature Conservation
  • The priority of the PBS is to support mid-career training (up to a maximum of one year) for persons working in the field of conservation or related disciplines directly relevant to the delivery and promotion of conservation.
  • You must be of African or Asian Decent
  • Applications are supported by individuals seeking to build expertise in specific subjects that will improve their commitment to the protection of biodiversity.
  1. Academic Mobility for African Sustainable Development/AMAS Master and Ph.D. Scholarships
  • Master and Ph.D. student enrolled at one of the five African Partner Universities (PU)
  • Master’s and Ph.D. students enrolled at an accredited institution outside the five affiliate universities.
  • Master Students-Study at least 6 months (credit-seeking) or 24 months (degree-seeking) at any of the 4 Partner Universities outside their home university.
  1. Crick African Network African Career Accelerator Postdoctoral Research Awards
  • Applicants must be a citizen or permanent resident of one of the 55 African nations as specified by the African Union.
  • Applicants must have a Ph.D. and no more than six years of post-doctoral research experience.
  1. African Palliative Care Association MSc and Ph.D. Scholarships for Africa-based Healthcare Professionals
  • You must be of African Decent
  • Applicants whose first language is not English are usually required to provide evidence of a higher level of English proficiency required by the University.


There are only two major universities in the Gambia;

  • University of the Gambia Serekunda Town
  • American International University West Africa Banjul Town

Start here for international scholarships for students from Gambia to study for undergraduate, masters and PhD degrees at Universities in Gambia and Abroad