Cryptocurrency: Investments, Use Cases & Benefits of this Emerging Technology

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Spread the loveApart from traditional investment opportunities such as stock markets, cryptocurrency has grown in popularity immensely over the past couple of years. It’s important to know how to navigate this new space and what possible investments, use cases, or benefits cryptocurrency can provide.  What is cryptocurrency? Cryptocurrency is a form of digital currency that … Read more

How To Make Huge Money From Agriculture In Africa

Make Huge Money in Agriculture In Africa
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Spread the loveAgriculture is the bedrock of every development. It is an immense source of wealth. But in Africa, entrepreneurs are not fully exploiting the opportunities in Agriculture. This is due to a number of challenges countries in Africa face – particularly the poor farmers. This article, with discussing briefly the cause of these challenges … Read more

Opportunities in Artificial Intelligence: 15 Things You Didn’t Know About

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Spread the loveRobotic process automation has scared a lot of professionals lately due to its tendency to replace many jobs done by humans. As a result, many tech-savvy people tend to avoid AI career skills thinking that they would one day be taken over by machines. Well, the fact is machines do a lot of … Read more

Why ‘Dumb’ People Win and ‘Smart’ People Lose – Simple Financial Lesson

Why Dumb People Win and Smart People Lose
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Spread the loveWhy do students end up working for C students? If teachers mould the future generation and footballers only entertain people, why does a footballer make more money in a week than a teacher can make in a lifetime? Why the misplaced priority in our society? You can replace the footballer with any profession … Read more