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Malawi is an Anglophone- English speaking- country locked within Southeastern Africa. In total approximation, about 200 American students travel to Malawi to fulfill their educational standings among the 17 million people inhabiting Malawi. Most population of the country’s population dwells at Lilongwe, the country’s capital and also the other larger cities like Blantyre and Mzuzu while the other population is in the other locations of Malawi. Malawi has different races and natives of people visiting and living there; like more Asians and Europeans are found in the country’s capital which brings about diverse languages and a wide range of religious beliefs. For anyone aspiring to study in Malawi, they will find a huge number of interesting people and cultures there.

Top scholarships for Malawians

Malawian students can now take advantage of the huge number of scholarships available for students from Malawi and utilize them to their advantage. For every Malawi student looking forward to studying and obtain Bachelor’s, Master’s or even Doctoral Degrees from top world-class universities in the world, it is now easier than ever. Scholarship schemes are set up by diverse bodies to aid students’ academic standings and this is exactly what you will find in the list that follows.

  • Mid Sweden University Scholarship

The Mid Sweden University has, in its bid to support education for the less privileged Malawians, set up their fully funded scholarship to students who want to acquire degrees in Tourism, Administration, Computer Science, International Tourism, Tourism Management and also a number of other available courses at the university. Students will have access to a wide range of academic and extracurricular activities during their stay.

  • MA Nationalism Scholarship

The Central European University is now open to diverse applications from willing and interested Malawians. The scholarship which is made available through the MA Nationalism Scholarship is fully funded and open to all those who are willing to study Nationalism related programs at the Central European University.

  • Chinese International Government Award

The Chinese University Program at Tianjin University is supporting students through degree programs under the auspices of the Chinese International Government Award. The program provides a full tuition fee and other welfare for students during their course of study through any desired course they have chosen.

  • Global Scholars Award

Alongside with the usual trend all organizations and governmental bodies are offering, the United States is not left out in the whole process as they have come with the Global Scholars Award to render financial and academic support to merited Malawian students to have the opportunity to study at the University of Oregon, United States of America (USA). All postgraduates and undergraduate courses are covered for willing, interested and subsequently, successful candidates; under this fully-funded scholarship program. The students also stand a chance to learn from top professionals at the University of Oregon while also having the wide exposure they never would have had stayed back in their fatherland.

  • College of Science and Engineering Undergraduate Scholarship

The world is fast growing in terms of science, technology, and engineering as well, perhaps this is why the University of Leicester, United Kingdom, is investing in bringing out the best of the African child. This is really a great deal time for Malawi students to have the best of their hidden potentials in technology, engineering and sciences as the university all related courses to the above listed. That being said, students will also learn and live with the people of Leicester, what a great opportunity for successful candidates.

Top Universities in Malawi

When struck with the question of where to find the best universities in the world, the answer, technically, is anywhere in the world. However, when it comes to the best university in Malawi, the answer is based on certain qualities that across some criteria, which include credibility and accreditation by national academic bodies and the likes.

In Malawi, you can find some of the top ranked and standard academic institutions in the whole of Africa. The medical schools, colleges, engineering schools, universities and law schools in Malawi are usually well respected and well-known institutions that are reputed for good education and academic standings both within their communities and beyond. They continually offer highly prestigious degrees ranging from Bachelors to Master’s and also to Doctoral programs. Below is a list of some of the best and well-reputed institutions in Malawi.

  • University of Malawi
  • Malawi College of Accountancy
  • Malawi Adventist University
  • Mzuzu University
  • Malawi University of Science and Techn
  • The Catholic University of Malawi
  • Lilongwe University of Agriculture and
  • University of Livingstonia
  • UNICAF University, Malawi
  • Malawi Assemblies of God University

These aforementioned universities are selected based on meeting up with criteria that includes

  • Being Accredited, Chartered and also licensed by the appropriate Malawian educational organizations.
  • Having a minimum of four years undergraduate courses leading to a Bachelor’s degree or postgraduate degrees which leads to a Master’s or Doctoral degree.
  • Delivering good and standard education that is proven to be effective and non-distant in a bid to promote national growth and development.

A conclusion of it all makes it clear that the aim of academic bodies and scholarships in Malawi and for Malawians is to provide a non-influence education on the world League Table while also making education accessible to all in other to make it a useful tool in developing nations rather than the status quo of illiteracy especially amidst less developed and developing countries of the world.