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The Democratic Republic of the Congo, also known as DR Congo or simply the Congo, is in the southern part of Africa. The country located in Central Africa. It is sometimes referred to by its former name of Zaire before the name was changed to Congo. The Democratic Republic of the Congo is a major African Country with great diversity in Culture. The Democratic Republic of the Congo is known to be the most populous French-speaking country and the most populous country in Africa.  The Democratic Republic of the Congo is known to be extremely rich in natural resources.

Studying In Congo

Education in Africa is welcomed with a full wide arms spread, with the hope for brighter and better future for both present Adults and especially children alike, thereby creating a cutting edge for the populace of a community, state, or nation at large. Education in Congo takes about 13 years, right from the first level of Primary School to the Higher education that is, the university. It has recorded that about 12.6% of the Congolese budget is spent on education only and this makes the literacy rate in the Republic of the Congo to be placed at 82.8%. This is calculated according to the number of people over the age of 15 that possess the skills to read and write. A tertiary institution such as university education takes normal numbers of years accorded to every course type, only depending on the chosen field of focus, one of the few courses that take a bit more years is the medicine or medicine-related field in Congo, this takes about 7years to completion and the most popular university for this type of education is the Marien Ngouabi university where Congo’s future physician attend. Although there is numerous university the nation hosts both private and public, like the University of Goma, university of Bandudu or Christian bilingual university of Congo, etc.

Top Scholarships Around The World For Students From Congo

  1. Ascend Educational Fund awards (AEF)

This is a fully-funded scholarship that is available in the USA to Congolese students and also students from some other African nations. The applicants must be graduating from a New York City high school and also be a Congolese by national or the parents or guardian must be national to be qualified for this scholarship award.

  1. FTE Fellowships for Doctoral Students of African Descent

This is also a scholarship award that is open to only students of Congo and other African nations. The scholarship provides full funding for beneficiaries through the completion of their course work.

  1. Cattolica Africa Program

This scholarship is hosted by the Catholic University of the sacred heart and it not only provides scholarship opportunities for Congolese students but also students of other African countries. Scholarships that are available at the university is to pursue postgraduate degree programs. This scholarship program is taken in Italy and the United Kingdom.

  1. HAIC Scholarship for Security and Cloud Computing

Helsinki-Aalto centre for information security (HAIC) is the host community for this scholarship and it offers awards for masters in computer programming, communication and information science. The scholarship is also available to Congolese students and it is taken in Finland.

  1. Aalto University Scholarship Programme

This scholarship is also taken in Finland and it is open to those pursuing a 3 years full-time bachelor’s degree and a 2 years full-time Masters Degree program. The Aalto university scholarship is based on merit and it’s highly competitive. It is also available to students from Congo.

Available Scholarship in Congo for Students From Congo

  1. Oppu achievers scholarships

This is an award that honors students supporting education through students who have exhibited high achievement in academics. It is funded with a sum of $10,000 for 4 students thought out the year, making $2,500 awarded to each student. The application process is as simple as responding to the question prompt on the website.

  1. University of Vaasa global student scholarship

The University of Vaasa global student scholarship is a grant offered to Congolese students and other African countries, thereby supporting applicants from the first and second years of their studies pursuing masters at the university.  It is a 100% tuition waiver only.

  1. DAAD in-country master award

This is another scholarship available for Congo students and other students of African descent to study in their home country. It is open to those looking to pursue their master’s degree and for only those in the poverty and land fields of study. The applicants must be permanent residents of Congo or other sub-Saharan African countries and must have completed their bachelor’s degree.

Eligibility and Criteria

  • A Bachelor Degree from a recognized university
  • Proof of proficiency in English
  • Have at least two years of work experience.
  • Must be a national of the Democratic Republic of Congo.
  • Academic transcript.

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