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The need for mathematics expertise has increased exponentially in a variety of careers— and thus has a value in these workers.

athematical careers are becoming increasingly attractive, according to the Mathematical Association of America.

  • Mathematicians – $103,720; Mathematicians are using their study of facts and figures to find solutions to business problems.
  • Statisticians – $124,000; such experts use statistical analyses, among others, to solve business, science and engineering problems.
  • Actuaries – $96,000; what are your odds of being killed in a car accident? What are the consequences of treating cancer patients on an annual basis? If businesses require numbers cut to determine the likelihood of incidents such as death, sickness, injuries, natural disasters, and retirement to estimate danger, they look to actuators for this info.
  • Financial Analysts – $100,000; If individuals and companies need to undertake financial decisions, they are aware of the experience of financial analysts.
  • Operations Research Analyst – $97,000; Operations Research Analysts leverage information to help companies make decisions, build strategies and solve issues.
  • Economists – $95,000; the practice of economists can be seen in a number of different areas, from schooling and healthcare services to the environment.
  • Computer and Information Research Scientist- $108,360; whenever there is a corporate issue that needs to be addressed, the computer and knowledge research scientists are inventing a new way to address it.

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