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Studying in Botswana has a lot to offer you. First, it gives you an immense opportunity to learn in world-class institutions with a reputation for providing education that brings together social, cultural and recreational activities in other to make sure that you attain your optimum potential as a student. More so, the programs in Botswana universities are quite flexible with many interdisciplinary programs, a wide range of research opportunities, and great career mentorships tailored towards a fulfilling career path.

More interesting things to know if you want to study in any of Botswana universities:

Exquisite delicacies

Campuses in Botswana offer great meals that meet a variety of tastes. So whether you are a local or international student, you are sure to find Botswana meals amazing. The meals consist of starch, vegetable, meat as well phapata, a popular Botswana delicious bread suitable for breakfast, or fat cakes and yogurt for lunch, or pasta, oatmeal and soup for dinner. On Botswana campuses, you get it as you like it.


Although Botswana dorms are known for their ordinary austerity, they are nevertheless quite great for both local and international students. The dorms in the University of Botswana, for instance, are partitioned, that is, there is a wall between you and your roommate, thereby letting you have your private space and time.

For an international student, you have the chance of staying in a dorm consists of fellow international students which allows you to mingle and share interests with other students from similar or different backgrounds and cultures. As a student, you will also have substantial access to Wi-Fi in the dorms that allow you to connect to the internet, do your assignments as well as reach the outside world.

Health and safety

Many international students who have studied in Botswana have claimed that the food and water in Botswana universities are quite good and healthy. In fact, you can drink from a tap because the water is good and purified.

Education in Botswana

The educational structure of Botswana is modeled after that of the United Kingdom.  There is access to free education both in the primary and secondary levels. Even at higher institutions, the government offers scholarships to students with great potentials but who are underprivileged.

Apart from the government, scholarships for studying in Botswana come from private institutions that are committed to the educational growth of the nation. The University of Botswana, for instance, offers a range of scholarships to international students. This include Damak Technical Education Foundation for the citizens of Nepal; WAAW Foundation Scholarship for Women open to all Africans in the area of science, technology, engineering and mathematics; Engineering International Scholar Award open to the citizen from any country; and ServiceScape Scholarship also open to citizens from any country, and so many other scholarships.

The student and campus life, as well as the opportunities to study on scholarships, make studying in Botswana is a highly rewarding step towards amazing career development and personal fulfillment.

Scholarships for Botswana Students Around the world

More so, for Botswana students who will like to study abroad, funding your education might pose a challenge. However, due to the abundance of scholarships available for Botswana students, the issue of funding can be assuaged. The following are the scholarships available for Botswana students around the world:

  1. Fulbright Scholarships

Fulbright scholarships allow students and young professionals to pursue graduate or doctoral studies in the United States as well as other academic institutions all around the world. The Fulbright Program offers grants and money to Botswana students who are qualified to study in the United States in their areas of research interest with the aim of contributing to the development of the world.

  1. Government scholarships

Funding is made available for students who have demonstrated strong financial needs. There are Benjamin A. Gilman International scholarships for Botswana students for undergraduate studies. Gilman Scholars receive up to $7,000.

  1. Chevening Scholarships

Chevening scholarships is a global British government-instituted scholarship for students wishing to pursue a postgraduate study in the UK. The scholarships are given to about 1,000 students from over 130 countries every single year. Chevening scholarships are full scholarships that take care of tuition fees, living expenses, and monthly stipends are given to all scholars.

  1. Eiffel Excellence Scholarship Programme

This scholarship programme is offered to international students who are interested in studying in France at masters and PhD levels at various French universities. The scholarship covers a range of expenses including travel, health, cultural activities, and a monthly stipend. But however, this scholarship does not cover tuition fees, so the student will most likely need a sponsor.

  1. Clarendon Scholarships at University of Oxford

This is one of the most prestigious UK scholarships given to students based on the strength of their academic performance as well as potential. The scholarships cover tuition fees as well as make provisions for living expenses.

Universities Offering Scholarships to Botswana Students

Below is a list of universities offering scholarships to Botswana students:

  • University of Geneva Excellence Masters Fellowship: This offers scholarships to Botswana students to study in Switzerland
  • University of Twente Scholarships in Netherland: Offers scholarships to Botswana for a master’s degree.
  • Uppsala University Global Scholarships in Sweden
  • The University of Oregon in the US
  • Maastricht University in the Netherlands: Offers scholarships to Botswana students who have demonstrated high academic potential.
  • ETH Zurich Excellence Masters Scholarships in Switzerland.

Start here to apply for scholarships for Botswana students to study for Undergraduate, Masters and PhD degrees at local and international universities.