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Known as one of the countries in the world blessed with an abundance of tea and coffee plantation, 50% of the Republic of Burundi’s GDP comes from agriculture and cattle raising. But due to the Civil War that plunged the country for many years, Burundi is rated as one of the most under-developed and poorest countries in the world.

However, the current government of the country is putting profound effort and investment in developing the educational sector of the country. This effort has elicited the increase in the number of students both local and international studying in Burundi. So if you are interested in studying in Burundi, you are sure of getting an adequate level of education. The research laboratories and facilities are being rebuilt, the health centres are being renovated as well as the school dormitories. International students who are interested in studying agriculture or African studies also enroll into various universities in Burundi.

If you are a student from Burundi and you are looking for opportunities and scholarships to study abroad, check out some of the top scholarships around the world.

Top scholarships around the world for Students from Burundi

  1. Cliff-Grads Scholarship

This scholarship is designed mainly to train students who are currently carrying out their PhD research in the area of greenhouse gas emission and carbon storage for agricultural systems. The training is short-term between four and six months. Students who are awarded this scholarship receive between $10,000  and $12,000. This grant is meant to support the student’s living expenses during that short duration of research. Students from any country including Burundi are qualified to apply for this scholarship.

  1. Jeroen Ensink Memorial Fund For Masters

This scholarship is offered by the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine to students who are interested in studying for master’s in Public Health for Development Course in the United Kingdom. This scholarship is targeted at students from Sub-Saharan Africa including Burundi or South Asian. The scholarship covers the entire tuition fees, travel expenses as well as tax-free living allowance for the students to take care of themselves.

  1. DAAD In-Country/In-Region Masters Scholarship

The overall aim of this scholarship is to enhance land governance by increasing human and institutional capacities in order to implement sustainable land policy in Africa. Hosted by the Institute for Land, Poverty and Agragian Studies in South Africa, this scholarship is targeted at African students including students from Burundi who are interested in the aforementioned areas of studies. The scholarship covers the tuition fees, offers stipends to students for study and research, printing allowance, monthly living expenses, and travel fees.

  1. Ferguson Masters Scholarships for Africa

The Aston University in the United Kingdom offers this scholarship to students from African (including Burundi) and South American countries. If you are a student from Burundi and you are interested in studying in the areas of life and health sciences in the UK, this is an opportunity for you. The award for the scholarship is up to £15,000. In order to apply for this scholarship, students from Burundi must have possessed a second class upper degree or above.

Available Scholarships in Burundi for Students from Burundi

  1. Science and Law School Scholarship

Sponsored by the Affidavit Institute of Judicial Practice, this science and law school scholarship is intended to attract students from all over the world to study any science or law in any of the top 1000 QS-ranked universities in the world including Burundi. The scholarship is fully funded and it cuts across all levels of education from undergraduate, masters to doctoral level. The scholarship will be given to only outstanding students who wish to study sciences, engineering and law.


In order to qualify for the science and law scholarship, there are certain requirements that must be met by the applicants. These criteria are:

  • Applicant must be 24 years old and below for undergraduate and not be more than 30 years old for masters
  • Must have studied in English language previously
  • Must submit a statement of purpose
  • Must obtain and submit at least two letters of recommendation
  • Must have gained admission into any of the top 1000 QS universities
  • The admission must be in a school where courses are taught in English language
  • Candidate must have had over 75% grade in the previously attended institution (high school or undergraduate)
  1. Hope Africa University and Hope Hospital of Kibuye Medical Scholarship

For students who are interested in studying for a medical degree in Burundi, the Hope Africa University and Hope Hospital of Kibuye, Gitenga in Burundi has teamed together to support potential medical students. The aim of the scholarship is to build the students’ capabilities in the medical field in order to develop the health sector of the country. The scholarship offers substantial financial support for students as well as internship opportunities.

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