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Obtaining a university degree at Tunisia has always been a bright option for students in the North African region and around the world. Besides its numerous reputable universities, Tunisia’s rich history and breathtaking landscape rank it amongst the top 10 most visited destinations for students who wish to study abroad.

Due to its small size, Tunisia has around 166 universities, and the top 6 include:

  1. University of Monastir
  2. University of Tunis
  3. University of Sousse
  4. University of Tunis El Manar
  5. University of Carthage
  6. TEK-UP Private Higher School of Technologies & Engineering

However, despite this relatively small size, Tunisia has had an impressive number of student enrollments over the past ten years. From a collective admission number of 100,000 in 1995, the number of admitted students from around the world tripled to 365,000 by the year 2000.

If you’re an international student that wishes to obtain an academic degree from Tunisia, you are sure to have a wide range of educational institutions and academic programs at your disposal.

Some of the most popular courses offered at institutions in Tunisia include Zoology, Arabic, and Environmental Science, which also includes a host of graduate programmes for students who wish to go further in their academic pursuit.

Keep in mind that before applying to a university in Tunisia, you may need to be reasonably fluent in French. This is because the primary medium of communication in most Tunisian universities is French.

Top Scholarships around the world for Students from Tunisia

  1. Amsterdam Excellence Scholarships (AES):

The Amsterdam Excellence Scholarships (AES) aims to provide scholarships to outstanding Non-EU/EEA International Students (including Tunisians). The goal of this is to assist students in obtaining a reputable Masters degree at the University of Amsterdam in courses such as Communication, Law, Science, Psychology, and Child Development & Education.

  1. Edinburgh Global Research Scholarships:

The University of Edinburgh offers to aid 30 international students (including Tunisians) cover the cost required to undergo a PhD research program in any desired field provided by the university.

The scholarship only covers the cost of the research and does not include living stipends.

  1. UEA International Development Scholarships for International Students:

The University of East Anglia aims to give a full-fee scholarship to first-class students from around the world (including Tunisians) to undergo any Masters degree programme offered by the school of international development.

Available Scholarships in Tunisian for Citizens

  1. British Council IELTS Award 2020:

The British Council IELTS Award intends to provide £3,000 – £10,000 as financial support to high calibre students from Tunisia and around the world who have a strong desire to further their educational career and are convinced of their potential to improve society.

Students (Tunisians) can choose to either use the scholarship to further their education in their home country or overseas.


  • Must be 18 years old and above.
  • Must have completed an IELTS test with a total band score of 6.5.
  • Must be planning to enrol as a full-time student in an undergraduate or postgraduate programme.
  • Must have already received an acceptance letter to study your desired course in the university of your choice.
  • The tuition fees for the undergraduate or Postgraduate programme must be a minimum of £3,000.
  1. Education for Sustainable Energy Development (ESED) Scholarship Program:

The scholarship is available to exceptional students from developing nations (including Tunisia) who wish to undergo a Masters programme in sustainable energy development. This programme aims to inspire a range of students around the world to become the next wave of thinkers, innovators, and specialists in the climate, energy, and electricity energy sector.


  • Must Undertake a Masters programme in the fields of energy storage, electric transportation, zero-carbon energy, public policy, law, advanced electricity technology, or any other noteworthy course.
  • Undertake a full-time study for a minimum of two to three semesters.
  • Students in the second year of a four year programme are also eligible to apply.
  • Must be a citizen of a developing country.
  • Must be willing to reside in their home country after the programme to influence its economic development.
  • Must a student with an outstanding academic history.
  1. Annual Kizi Student Scholarship ($2000):

Kizi is a gaming company/website that believes in the positive benefits that philanthropy has on an economy. Therefore, they annually organize a scholarship programme where they award an unknown number of students a $2,000 grant to encourage and support their academic career.

This programme is available to outstanding students from all countries around the world (including Tunisia).


  • Must currently be (or about to be enrolled) in an undergraduate programme as a full-time student.
  • Must be a student in Science, Engineering, Computer science, or mathematics in a BSc programme.
  • Students in the life science field, such as health and agricultural science, are excluded from the programme.
  • Must have a minimum GPA of 3.0 on a 4.0 scale or the equivalent.
  • Must desperately require financial support to be eligible.

General Tuition Fees

The tuition fees for a typical university in Tunisia usually range from $29.50 – $1,700.02 annually. Keep in mind that these figures are unstable and are subject to change due to the country’s economy and a range of factors.

Please do your research before opting to apply for a scholarship programme or university to fully determine your eligibility and if your budget can keep up with the tuition fees and daily expenses.