Research Fellowship

Research fellowships are often open to those who have completed their doctoral degree and wish to continue with postdoctoral research.

It provides funds for equipment to run research labs. Research fellowship varies in countries and universities.

Some research fellowship programs are temporary while others are permanent with possible promotion.

It is usually funded by government institutions or private companies. Research fellowship allows fellows to concentrate and complete their research by providing them with salaries or stipend.

Research fellowship helps to boost the career of an individual by providing full funding for all research, a stipend for personal maintenance during research, and extra knowledge from senior researchers and others.

What Does It Mean To Be A Research Fellow?

A research fellow is a member of a university or any research institution who conducts research either independently or under the supervision of others.

To become a research fellow you need to have completed your doctoral degree or have work experience in research.

After a research fellow, the next higher position is a senior research fellow followed by the professorial fellow.

Based on the conditions of the fellowship, a research fellow may be required to assist in teaching the students.

A research fellow is usually paired with a senior researcher for mentorship and assistance. Some fellowships require the research fellow to participate in departmental planning and are available on campus to assist the students.

Research fellows are expected to produce quality publications that can be published in society on the subject of their research.

Research Fellowship Universities

  1. University Of Leeds:- The University of Leeds UK offers research fellowship to individuals in the various academic disciplines. Some of the disciplines are social sciences, communication and media studies, engineering and technology, etc. The fellowship is a full time within a certain period and the salary ranges from £33,000 to £40,000 per annum.
  2. Northumbria University:- This university recruits research fellows in clinical and health, life sciences, social care, arts and humanities, design, social sciences and other faculties. The fellowship runs full time for a fixed term and salary ranges from £35,000 to £40,000 yearly.
  3. Dublin City University:- This university appoints researchers in electronic engineering, physical sciences, physics and astronomy and others. The fellowship runs full time for 48 months.
  4. University of Greenwich:- Fellows are recruited in social sciences, education and other disciplines. The fellowship is full time for a fixed term of 18 months. Salary ranges from £40,000 to £49,553 yearly.
  5. University of Cyprus:- This university recruits fellows in arts, archeology, history, philosophy, and other faculties. The fellowship runs for one year and is renewable. Salary ranges from £1200 to £1500 per month.
  6. University of Southampton:- Research fellows are recruited in physical sciences, mathematics and statistics, astronomy and other departments. The fellowship is full time for 43 months. Salary ranges from £30,900 to £38,000 per annum.
  7. Coventry University UK:- This university appoints fellows in general engineering, physical sciences, chemistry, astronomy, etc. The fellowship runs for a fixed term of 24 months which could be extended to 48 months. Salary is from £32,000 to £41,536 yearly.

Scholarships for Research Fellowship

  1. Pilecki Fellowship for International Students in Poland:- This program is offered by Pilecki institute for researchers who hold a doctoral degree in the humanities and social sciences department. The scholarship is worth £3000 per month.
  1. CNIO Fellowships for Young Researchers trained in the UK:- This program is offered by the Spanish National Cancer Research Center for individuals interested in postdoctoral research fellowship.
  1. Northumbria University Studentship for International Students in the UK:– This program is offered by Northumbria University for research fellows. The scholarship is worth £15,009 yearly.
  1. Australian Government Research Training Program:- This program is offered by Griffith University for research fellows.

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UNESCO/Poland Co-Sponsored Fellowships in Engineering 2023/2024 for Developing Countries

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