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Erasmus Mundus Masters Scholarship in Distributed Computing for International Students

The Erasmus Mundus programme in Distributed Computing is a cooperation between KTH Royal Institute of Technology in Sweden, Instituto Superior Técnico in Portugal and Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya in Spain. It is a two-year Master’s programme including compulsory mobility for the international students. Students from any country are welcome to apply.

The EMDC programme offers education of high international standard as well as cultural experience from two different European countries and a double degree from two universities.

A number of Erasmus Mundus scholarships are available.
The European Master in Distributed Computing aims at giving the best possible foundation for a career in research and development of scalable and reliable distributed systems. After the program, students should not only understand and be able to use large distributed systems but they should be capable of designing and constructing such systems.
The European Master in Distributed Computing is an Erasmus Mundus Master program operated jointly by:
* KTH Royal Institute of Technology, Sweden
* Instituto Superior Técnico, IST, Portugal
* Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya, UPC, Spain

Information technology, and Distributed Computing in particular, is required to successfully undertake and manage large-scale projects on small and large organizations. Distributed Computing also provides the foundations to manage the communications and data processing required by other science fields such as health sciences, biology, physics, chemistry, mechanical and civil engineering.
Application deadline: 29 November 2010
For more details on this scholarship visit: European Masters in Distributed Computing

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