30+ Scholarships in France for International Students +Fully Funded

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Looking for undergraduate, Masters or doctoral scholarships in France for international students? You just found it. French universities offer more scholarships than other European countries except the UK. If you want to study in a country that is diverse and has an excellent academic reputation, France is the country for you.

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There are currently more than 250,000 international students in France. In fact, around 10% of enrolments at French universities are international students, and many of these study at graduate level (masters and doctoral studies). It has fantastic quality of education, lectures and research opportunities.

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Why Study in France?

To put it simply, the French higher education system is one of the best in the world. It is also one of the most accessible ones. With low tuition fees, studying in France is more economical for international students than in UK and USA.

France has 71 public universities and they are all funded by the national government, offering excellent education at a very affordable price to all domestic or international students. There are also a number of private universities (grandes écoles). The academic year begins in September or October and ends in May or June, depending on the program and institution.

How to Apply to Study in France

Before you can work on earning a degree in any subject in France, you first need to apply for admissions at the college or university of your choice. Although applying at a university in France is almost the same as applying for a college in any other country, there are a few differences that are important for you to recognize. It is important that, whether you are a European local or an international student, you complete the application process in its entirety, as well as submit all of the required and requested documentation at the time of submission. The application is reviewed by the college once it is received to determine whether or not the applicant is a good fit for the school.

Cost of Studying in France

Tuition rates at public institutions are set by the government and they are very affordable. In fact, tuition rates at France’s public institutions of higher education are identical for domestic and international students.

Tuition costs are set every year. In 2017, average annual tuition costs for undergraduate studies were less than €200 (under US$250). For master’s studies, the rates are around €259 (around US$305) and for doctoral studies it’s around €393 (US$460). Students are often required to pay certain administration fees which raise tuition costs slightly. Despite these fees, studying in France remains one of the most affordable options for international students who seek a quality higher education.

These rates apply to public institutions only. If you wish to study at a private institution, the rates tend to be much higher and go up to €10,000 (US$12,000) per year. There are also scholarships and mobility schemes available for those who wish to study abroad in France. More on this below.

Cost of Living in France

Unlike tuition rates, costs of living in France tend to be higher than neighboring countries. Fortunately, students are often eligible to subsidized rates at restaurants and transportation. There is also specialized housing for students which is available to international students who wish to study in France. Costs of living are lower in smaller towns, so this is something to keep in mind when deciding on where to study.

International students will have several choices for accommodation in France. You could live in university accommodation for around €120 per month. The demand for these is very high, however. Selection is based on social criteria and given to exchange or scholarship students. Renting a private studio apartment will cost around €457-€542. Homestay is another option for international students. This will cost around €200-€800 per month depending on the location. Homestay also includes at least one meal per day provided.


If you wish to study in France, it’s important to inform yourself about all the possible visa requirements. French government regulates these issues and regulations depend on your citizenship.

As an applicants from outside the EU, you will need to obtain a visa, which includes a residence permit (VLS-TS). It is valid for one year and can be renewed later if necessary. In order to obtain this visa you have to complete an application form as well provide OFII (the French Office of Immigration and Integration) passport photos, proof of your qualifications, a police certificate attesting that you don’t have a serious criminal record, proof you can speak French (if your course is in French) and proof that you have sufficient financial means. Once you arrive in France you will need to contact OFII (you may need to take a medical examination).

International students will have to prove that they can financially support their studies. You should have around €7,400 per year in order to prove you can support yourself without working. However, international students are permitted to work up to 20 hours a week, so there are opportunities to earn more money. With scholarship opportunities, you can wave most of these financial requirements.


Many French people speak languages other than their own. However, for effective communication and studying in France, you should know French. International students who are fluent in French have a much easier time with their studies and everyday life. If you feel your French is not good enough, there are many language courses available for the students who wish to perfect their language skills. At the same time, you can study and communicate in English. However,  international students are still encouraged to learn French and improve their language skills. Don’t take this as an obstacle but a challenge. Any sort of fluency in French will look great on a CV or resume!

In the event of your course being taught in French, you will need to prove that you are sufficiently fluent by taking one of the approved tests: TCF DAP (Test de Connaissance du Français, Demande d’Admission Préalable), DALF (diplôme approfondi de langue française) or CEFR (Common European Framework of Reference for Languages). In case your course is in English, you should prove English language proficiency.

Scholarships in France for International Students

Below is a comprehensive list of France Scholarships for international students. Be sure to bookmark this page because we will be updating it from time to ttime

1.     Sciences Po Rene Seydoux Scholarship for Students in North Africa

Created with the support from the Fondation de France , the Seydoux scholarship commemorates the memory of René Seydoux and his commitment to dialogue in the Mediterranean region. The scholarship is open to citizens and/or residents in ten countries located in the expanded Mediterranean Basin allowing who wish to study at Sciences Po at the undergraduate or graduate level.

Application Deadline: 26th April.

Number of Awards: Not specified

Value of Award: 

  • Undergraduate studies level: successful students will receive a scholarship amounting to 20 000€ per year for the duration of their undergraduate studies programme and for the duration of the Masters programme in the event that the student continues his or her studies at Sciences Po at the Masters level. The scholarship covers full tuition and cost of living expenses.

Duration of Award: Period of study

2.     UNESCO Travelling to Learn Arts and Crafts Scholarships for Students

The programme aims to enable arts and crafts students coming from disadvantaged backgrounds to complete a study tour abroad. It allows young French scholarship students nearing the end of their studies to discover the know-how of craftspeople in developing countries; and it allows students from developing countries to discover the know-how of French craftspeople. This programme helps students launch their professional career by enabling them to work in a professional environment; acquire new skills and cultural experiences abroad; design and create innovative products; develop a professional network; and participate and present their work at international fairs.

Application Deadline: 20th October

Number of Awards: Not specified

Value of Award: 

  • Applicant’s round-trip plane ticket; logistic support as well as a monthly financial support  covering all the expenses relative to the four months stay in France, the journeys and the purchase of material linked to the study tour will be covered.
  • An internship agreement will be signed between the student, the school and the hosting professional organization.
  • A scholarship agreement will be signed between the student and the Fondation Culture & Diversité.

Duration of Program: 4 months.

3.     Sciences Po Eiffel Scholarship for International Masters and Undergraduate Students

Sciences Po only presents applications from candidates with profiles that match the priorities of the Eiffel scholarship. The Eiffel scholarship program, launched in January 1999 by the French Ministry of Foreign and European Affairs, is aimed at foreign students whose outstanding ability has been recognized by French institutions of higher education who wish to sponsor these students for the rest of their studies.

Application Deadline:

  • Sciences Po application: 3rd November.
  • New candidates at Sciences Po: 10th November

Number of Awards: Not specified

Value of Award: Monthly grant. The Eiffel Scholarship does not cover tuition fees.  Students offered a place to study at Sciences Po who receive the scholarship are therefore responsible for paying the annual tuition fees.

4.     Emile Boutmy Scholarship for International Students at Sciences

The Emile Boutmy Scholarship is awarded to top students whose profiles match the admissions priorities of Sciences Po and individual course requirements. The Emile Boutmy/MIEM scholarship may not be supplemented with other scholarship (Eiffel scholarship, AEFE scholarship, BGF…). Sciences Po created the Emile Boutmy scholarship after the founder of Sciences Po (1871) in order to welcome the very best international students from outside of the European Union.  

Application Deadlines: 

  • Deadline for undergraduate programme: 26th April
  • Deadline for masters programme: 3rd January

Number of Awardees: Not specified

Value of Scholarship: The Emile Boutmy scholarship is awarded to Undergraduate and Master’s students arriving at Sciences Po for their first year of study.

Undergraduate Scholarship: The Emile Boutmy programme can take several different forms:

  • A tuition grant of up to €7,300 per year for the three years of the undergraduate programme, in addition to a grant to cover part of the cost of living of €5000 per year.

Masters Scholarship: The Emile Boutmy/Miem programme can take several different forms:

  • A grant of €10,000 per year to cover tuition fees for the two years of the Masters, in addition to a grant to cover part of the cost of living of €6,000 per year.

On an exceptional basis, a scholarship of 19,000€ per year, may be granted to cover the two years of the Masters programme. Scholarship amounts are decided during the different admission juries.

5.     Sciences Po MasterCard Foundation Scholars Program for Undergraduate and Graduate Africans

Sciences Po is the first university in continental Europe to join the MasterCard Foundation Scholars Program. Within this international network, 27 prestigious institutions in Africa, America and Europe are committed to ensuring that all young people, whatever their background, have the same opportunities to get a quality education and fulfill their potential. 60 scholarships reserved for MasterCard Foundation Scholars studying at other partner universities and who would like to attend Sciences Po Summer School.

Application Deadlines:

  • Undergraduate: 15th February (midnight)
  • Graduate: 1st February (midnight)

Number of Awards: 120

  • Undergraduate: 5
  • Graduate: 5
  • Summer School: 12

Value of Award: Thee scholarships cover the full cost of tuition fees at Sciences Po and living costs in France during the study . As well as funding their studies, Sciences Po will offer scholars a specific suite of resources to ensure they have appropriate academic support and to facilitate their transition from education to employment:

  • An orientation programme and individualized academic advising throughout their studies at Sciences Po
  • A mentor programme offered in collaboration with the Africa Division of Sciences Po Alumni
  • Career guidance and support: an online job platform dedicated to professional opportunities in Africa (internships and first jobs), access to our business incubator and the network of employers and alumni working in Africa, and specific career workshops.

Duration of Awards: The scholarships are awarded for a period of three years for the Bachelor’s degree, two years for the Master’s degree and one month for the Summer School.

6.     International Fashion Academy (IFA) Undergraduate and Postgraduate Scholarships

International Fashion Academy is inviting applications for its Undergraduate and Postgraduate Scholarships for the academic year. Applicants can only apply for one of the three scholarship types offered by IFA Paris for any Bachelor or Master/MBA course.

Application Deadlines: 

  • Full Scholarship: Deadline: 15th March
  • Excellence Scholarship: Deadline: none
  • Distinction Scholarship: Deadline: none

Number of Awardees: Not specified

Value of Scholarship: IFA Paris awards three types of scholarships for its undergraduate and postgraduate programs to support outstanding candidates according to their profile and financial situation.

  • Full Scholarship (100% free tuition)
  • Excellence Scholarship (40% tuition fee reduction)
  • Distinction Scholarship (20% tuition fee reduction)

7.     Université Paris-Saclay Master’s Scholarship Program for International Students

Université Paris-Saclay seeks to promote access to its master’s degree programmes to international students, taught in its member establishments, and to make it easier for highly-qualified international students to attend the University, especially those wishing to develop an academic project through research up to the doctoral level.

Application Deadline:  The Scholarship Application Deadline for each wave will be sent by email to all students concerned.

Number of Awardees: 160

Value of Scholarship: 

  • The amount of the Université Paris-Saclay scholarship is 10,000€ per year. It is paid by the institution the candidate is registered with for the duration of the academic year, and for a period of no less than 10 consecutive months per year.
  • A maximum of 1,000€ for travel and visa expenses can also be awarded depending on the candidate’s country of origin.
  • Laureates will receive the scholarship as well as travel and visa coverage only upon their arrival in France. No advance payment can be made.

Duration of Scholarship: Scholarships are awarded for 1 year to newly enrolled Master’s students at Université Paris-Saclay (M1 or M2 level).

8.     International Masters in Rural Development (IMRD) Scholarship – Erasmus Mundus

Being an Erasmus Mundus Joint Master Degree, the IMRD programmes is entitled to – each academic year – award a limited number of Erasmus Mundus Joint Master Degree (EMJMD) Student scholarships to promising nationals of Erasmus+ Partner Countries. The aim of these scholarships is for these promising students to finance their participation to the IMRD programme.

Application Deadline: 1st March

Number of Awardees: Not specified

Value of Scholarship:  

  • 2 year Programme Costs for the IMRD programme (= 2 x 9,000 => 18,000 EUR)
  • 2 year full worldwide insurance coverage
  • contribution to travel and installation costs (either 5,000 or 7,000 EUR)
  • 24 monthly subsistence allowances (= 24 x 1,000 => 24,000 EUR)

Duration of Scholarship: 2 years

9.     ENS de Lyon Ampère Excellence Scholarships for International Students

The ENS de Lyon and its partners offer scholarships (Ampère & MILYON Scholarships) for excellent international students to enroll in its Masters programs

Application Deadline: 18th December.

Number of Awardees: Not specified

Value of Scholarship: 1,000€ a month.

Duration of Awards: for 12 months (one/two academic years)

10.                        ENS International Selection Scholarships for Masters Students

Each year, École Normale Supérieure (ENS) organizes an international selection allowing the most promising international students, either in Science or in Arts & Humanities, to follow a three-year Masters Degree at the University.

Application Deadline: 3rd February

Number of Awardees: 10 for students in Sciences and 10 for students in Arts and Humanities

Value of Scholarship: Monthly grant of 1,000 Euros 

Duration of Scholarship: three years.

11.                        International Space University (ISU) Scholarships for Developing Countries

The International Space University is provided funding from industry and government agencies to help support MSS, SSP and SH-SSP students who are unable to cover all of their tuition fees. This aid is available to selected applicants.

Application Deadlines: varies by program, usually in 30th November, 31st January, and 15th March.

Number of Awardees: Numerous

Value of Scholarship: MSS scholarships are granted to help towards tuition fees only. ISU does not assist with living expenses, travel or insurance costs for the MSS. SSP scholarships are granted for help towards tuition fees and living expenses only. ISU does not assist with travel expenses or health insurance for the SSP.

12.                        Centre International de Mathématiques et d’Informatique (CIMI) Masters Fellowships for International Students

Every year CIMI (Centre International de Mathématiques et d’Informatique) in Toulouse provides a number of fellowships for students enrolled in a Master course in Mathematics or Computer Science in one of the programs associated with CIMI.

Application Deadline: 4th February (22H00 Paris time).

Number of Awardees: 4 fellowships for students starting on the first year of a Master’s degree M1 and 10 fellowships for those starting on the second year of a Master’s degree M2 will be available.

Value of Scholarship: The level of funding will be competitive and sufficient to cover tuition fees and part of living expenses in Toulouse:

  • 600€ per month for applicants starting in the first year M1
  • 1 000€ per month for applicants starting in the second year M2

Duration of Scholarship: over 10 months

13.                        Erasmus+ Masters in Digital Communication Leadership (DCLead) Scholarship Program for International Students

The Erasmus+ programme of the European Union has granted over 40 scholarships to the Consortium. The Master in Digital Communication Leadership (DCLead) approaches the vast and recent field of digital communication from an interdisciplinary and international point of view bringing together advanced academic discussion with practical knowledge and skills. The programme promotes a non-techno-deterministic, social and ethical reflection on digital communication for future leaders of the field.

Application Deadline: 1st December

Number of Awards: 12-15

Value of Award: Partner Countries E+ Scholarship grantees receive a stipend of 1.000 EUR per month for the maximum duration of the 24 month, 1.000 or 3.000 EUR for travel costs depending on the distance of the home country to the coordinating university (University of Salzburg), and 1.000 EUR for installation costs. The grant also covers the participation costs.

Duration of Awards: three years

14.                        AquaCulture, Environment and Society (ACES) Scholarship Program for International Students (Erasmus Mundus)

The EM JMD ACES will propose best ranked students to be awarded with individual Erasmus Mundus scholarships according to the student selection criteria approved by the EACEA and the Erasmus Mundus programme guidelines. The concession of the scholarship will be subjected to the following limitations:

  • Exclusively full-time enrolment.
  • Not being awarded with other EU grants for the same joint course over the length of the course concerned.

Application Deadline: 17th February.

Number of Awardees:  The number of scholarships will be defined on a yearly basis.

Value of Scholarship: 

  • € 2,000 per year for travel costs + € 1,000 for installation costs for scholarship holder resident of a Partner Country whose location is situated at less than 4,000 km from the EM JMD coordinating institution (i.e. UHI-SAMS).
  • €3,000 per year for travel costs + € 1,000 for installation costs for scholarship holder resident of a Partner Country whose location is situated at 4,000 km or more from the EM JMD coordinating institution (i.e., UHI-SAMS).
  • € 1,000 per month monthly allowance for the entire duration of the EM JMD study programme (i.e. 24 months).

Duration of Scholarship: 2 years

15.                        Erasmus Mundus Big Data Masters Scholarships (BDMA)

The Erasmus Mundus Master’s Programme in Information Technologies for Business Intelligence (BDMA) is designed to provide understanding, knowledge and skills in this broad scope of fields. Its main objective is to train computer scientists who understand and help develop the strategies of modern enterprise decision makers.

Application Deadline: 11th December

Number of Awards: Not specified

Value of Award:

  • Tuition fees, participation costs (including insurance coverage), contribution to cover travel cost and installation cost, and include a monthly allowance.
  • All scholarship holders will receive an insurance meeting the minimum insurance requirements of the Erasmus+ programme for JMDs.

Duration of Awards: 2 years

16.                        HEC – L’Oreal MBA Programme for International Students

L’Oréal’s deep respect for human beings of all types and nationalities, is their genuine dedication to a sustainable business environment. The group’s core values – a passion for new inventions through research, valuing talent and their potential, learning from the diversity of employees and clients, and remaining attentive and sensitive to consumers’ needs – is the reason L’Oreal has collaborated with HEC’s business school to assist business-minded students in funding.

Application Deadline: Within a week of admission.

  • September Full-time intake will be decided in August
  • January Full-time intake will be decided in January

Number of Awardees: 1 scholarship per intake

Value of Scholarship: €10,000

Duration of Scholarship: One (1) year

17.                        HEC Paris/Eiffel MBA Scholarships for Developing Countries

Launched in January 1999 by the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs (Ministère des Affaires Etrangères), the Eiffel Scholarship is designed to bolster international recruiting by French schools of higher education, at a time when competition to attract top foreign students is growing among developed countries. Note that applications from students currently studying outside France will be given priority over those from students already studying in France.

Application Deadline: March, within 1 week of admission. (No essay required)

Number of Scholarships: Not specified

Value of Scholarship: The Eiffel Scholarship provides participants with a monthly allowance of approximately €1,100, and covers additional expenses including travel, health insurance and cultural activities. Tuition fees are not covered by the scholarship.

Duration of Scholarship: period of study

18.                        HEC Paris-Forté Foundation for International Women Scholars

As part of the school’s partnership with the Forté Foundation, the HEC Paris MBA Program will offer exceptional women significant scholarships per graduating class. By opening educational pathways, the HEC Forté scholarships will help improve leadership opportunities for women in business.

Application Deadline: 1 week after admission to the program

Number of Awardees: a minimum of 3 scholarships for both the September and January intakes

Value of Award: Variable, up to €7,000

19.                        INSEAD Africa Leadership Fund Scholarship for African Students 

INSEAD has launched the INSEAD Africa Leadership Fund scholarship to support its goal of admitting talented candidates from the African region. For those who are set back by financial difficulties, this scholarship will help them realize their dream of achieving an MBA at one of the top business schools in the world. The INSEAD scholarship portfolio helps the school to cultivate a diverse classroom setting with a good mix of nationalities, academic and professional backgrounds, and gender.

Application Deadlines: dates vary depending on class, usually on6th November, 29th January, 7th May, 25th June.

Number of Awardees: One INSEAD Africa Leadership Fund Scholarship will be awarded in each Class to candidates who demonstrate outstanding professional and personal achievements.

Value of Scholarship: 50 000 EUR

Duration of Scholarship: 1 year

20.                        INSEAD Olam MBA Scholarships for sub-Saharan Africa Students

Olam recognizes the need to foster leadership and governance in Sub Saharan Africa by supporting aspiring and capable students to pursue higher education at international centres of excellence. Through the INSEAD MBA scholarship and Olam mentoring, we hope to play our part in developing the necessary skills and knowledge in a highly talented select group of change agents. They in turn will then have the opportunity to contribute towards economic transformation and catalyze change in their community.

Application Deadline: take note of the different deadlines 6th November, 29th January, 7th May, 25th June.

Number of Awardees: Not specified

Value of Scholarship:  73000 EUR

21.                        INSEAD Nelson Mandela Endowed Scholarships for Sub-Saharan African Students

The INSEAD Nelson Mandela Endowed Scholarship is offered for candidates who are nationals of a sub-Saharan African country and have spent a substantial part of their lives and received part of their prior education in Africa.

Application Deadlines: dates varies according to different rounds and it’s usually 6th November, 29th January, 7th May, and 25th June.

Number of Scholarships: Not Specified

Value of Scholarship: Up to €20,000

Duration of Scholarship: 10 to 12 months

22.                        Fondation Rainbow Bridge MBA Scholarships for Women from Africa and Asia

The Fondation Rainbow Bridge Scholarship was established in memory of Muriel Dargent, Matthieu Dargent, Iris Dargent, and Muriel’s parents, all of whom disappeared in the December 2004 Tsunami. The Fondation Rainbow Bridge will enable young women recipients to enrich their academic background by obtaining an HEC MBA. 

Application Deadline: Rolling.(August)

Number of Awardees: Up to two scholarships

Value of Scholarship: € 20,000 per year

Duration of Scholarship: for the period of study

23.                        INSEAD Greendale Foundation Scholarship (in France & Singapore Campuses) for African Students

INSEAD is considered one of the world’s leading and largest graduate business schools, with campuses in Europe (France), Asia (Singapore) and a research centre in Israel. The Trustees of the Greendale Foundation provide access to the INSEAD MBA programme to disadvantaged Southern and East Africans who are committed to developing international management expertise in Africa and who plan their careers in the Southern and East African regions.

Application Deadlines: There are different class and rounds of deadline: 7th November, 31st January, 8th May, 19 June.

Number of Awards: Not Specified

Value of Awards: €35,000 for each scholarship recipient

Duration of Scholarship: The scholarship is a onetime financial award to cover for tuition fee

24.                        INSEAD MBA Scholarships for Africa and Other Developing Regions

INSEAD Scholarships are most sought-after source of financial assistance. They are limited in number and there is significant competition for each award. These scholarships are granted under various criteria and essentially there are two basic categories of scholarships:

  • Need-based: demonstrate financial need
  • Non-need based: based on merit, nationality, gender, professional background, leadership abilities, field of previous study etc.

Application Deadlines: varies and usually from January to August

Number of Scholarship: Limited

Value of Scholarship: Varies by scholarship but usually, Up to €20,000 in scholarship awards will be awarded

Duration of Scholarship: The scholarship is a onetime financial offer

Value of Scholarship: 10 000 EUR

Duration of Scholarship: Full-time

25.                        French Government (Eiffel Excellence) Scholarships for Developing Countries

The Eiffel Excellence Scholarship Programme was established by the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Development to enable French higher education establishments to attract top foreign students to enroll in their master’s and PhD courses. It helps to shape the future foreign decision-makers of the private and public sectors, in priority areas of study, and encourages applications from emerging countries at master’s level, and from emerging and industrialized countries at PhD level.

Application Deadline: 12th January. Announcement/publication of results: Week of March 26th

Number of Scholarships: Not Specified

Value of Scholarship:

Master’s level:

  • The Eiffel scholarship includes a monthly allowance of €1,181 (a maintenance allowance of €1,031 and a monthly stipend of €150).
  • In addition, the following expenses are directly covered: – one international return journey;– social security cover; – cultural activities. Scholarship holders may also receive an additional housing allowance, under certain conditions.

PhD level:

  • The Eiffel scholarship includes a monthly allowance of €1,400.
  • In addition, the following expenses are directly covered: – one international return journey (for students in law or political sciences who may make several trips, only one return journey shall be covered); – social security cover; – cultural activities. Scholarship holders may also receive an additional housing allowance, under certain conditions.

Duration of Scholarship: The scholarship is awarded for:

  • a maximum of 12 months for entry at M2 level,
  • a maximum of 24 months for entry at M1 level,
  • a maximum of 36 months for an engineering degree.

26. The Jean d’Alembert Scholarship Program for Outstanding Young Scientists  – IDEX Paris Saclay

Through this program, the Paris-Saclay Excellence Initiative aims to provide highly qualified foreign scientists with long-term stays in one of the laboratories within its perimeter. Scientists from all disciplines and all countries are eligible. The content of the project to be developed as well as the duration of the fellowship must be defined before the application in connection with the Paris-Saclay reception team. Two different programs are proposed:           

  • Scholarships “young researcher  ” for candidates who have obtained their doctorate for less than ten years,
  • Scholarships “senior researcher”.

Application Deadline: 31stMarch

Number of Awardees:  Not specified

Value of Scholarship: The award includes:

  • A monthly salary supplement of € 2600 net for the “young researcher” program and € 3300 net for confirmed researchers,
  • Accompanying costs, which may include operating costs necessary for the implementation of the project and, more generally, the costs associated with the temporary establishment of the fellow in the laboratory in France.

Duration of Awards: 6-12 month.  In both cases the visit may be divided into a maximum of two distinct periods of at least three months, separated by a maximum of 12 months between the end of the first period and the beginning of the second period.

27. Université Sorbonne Paris Cité (USPC) INSPIRE Research Fellowship for International PhD Students

Under the auspices of INSPIRE, USPC aims to recruit doctoral candidates of the highest caliber to join its research groups and enhance the standing and visibility of its Graduate Schools, and of the University, at an international level.

Application Deadline:  9th January

Number of Awardees: Not specified

Value of Fellowship: These PhD fellowships are remunerated above that of a standard French PhD contract with a gross monthly salary, including employer costs, of ~2600 €. This salary includes unemployment insurance, work-site insurance, and health insurance as well as a pension plan. After standard deductions, this will amount to a net salary of ~ 1500 € (a typical gross salary after deduction of employer costs is around 1900 €).

Duration of Fellowship: 3 years

28. Paris Institute for Advanced Study Research Fellowships for International Researchers

The Paris Institute for Advanced Study is launching two calls for applications for research fellowships:

  • one call for 5 or 10-month fellowships in the “Blue Sky Research” program, open to all disciplines and themes in the humanities and social sciences.
  • one call for 5 or 10-month fellowships in the “Brain, Culture and Society” program. This call is for researchers willing to conduct a project at the interface between neuroscience, cognitive science and the humanities and social sciences.

Application Deadline: 3rd April

Number of Awards: The Paris IAS will host around twenty guest researchers

Value of Awards: The selected fellows will be given the opportunity to work freely on the project of their choice, at the interface between the sciences of the brain, the humanities, and the social sciences. They will benefit from the scientific environment of the Institute and have the opportunity to create contacts with researchers in the academic institutions of Greater Paris.

Duration of Awards: five or ten months

29. Foundation House of Human Sciences Sudan Postdoctoral Fellowship

This research is designed to enable researchers to conduct research studies in France: field investigations, library and archives work. This call is part of the Atlas short-term postdoctoral mobility program offered by the FMSH and its partners.

Application Deadline: 16th March.

Number of Awards: Not specified

Value of Award: 

  • Laureates will receive a total stipend of 3 400 € for the two months (2 installments of 1 700 € paid at the beginning of each month of stay)This financial contribution is intended to cover expenditure such as transport and accommodation costs.
  • Laureates will be considered as “Boursier du Gouvernement Français” and will have access to affordable accommodation, social security for the time of their stay and get a financial support to buy bibliographic material.
  • Laureates will also benefit from free visa and logistical support to organize their stay (possibility to have a workspace, letter for the libraries…).

Duration of Program: 2 months

30. Coimbra Group Short-Term Scholarship Program for Young Researchers in Sub-Saharan Africa

Universities of the Coimbra Group offer short-term visits (generally 1 to maximum 3 months) to young African researchers from higher education institutions from Sub-Saharan Africa. The main aim of this scholarship programme is to enable scholars to undertake research in which they are engaged in their home institution and to help them to establish academic and research contacts.

Application Deadline: 16th March 

Number of Awardees: Limited

Value of Award: Successful candidates will have access to excellent academic knowledge in quality facilities. The scholarships include financial support for tuition, living costs, airfares etc.

Duration of Program: From 1 to maximum 3 months. The dates of candidate’s stay should be agreed upon between the candidate and the academic supervisor at the Coimbra Group University.

31. Camargo Core Fellowship Program in Arts and Humanities

The Camargo Core Program is the historical and flagship program of the Foundation. Each year an international call is launched. The Camargo Core Program offers time and space in a contemplative environment to think, create, and connect. By encouraging groundbreaking research and experimentation, it supports the visionary work of artists, scholars and thinkers in the Arts and Humanities. The Fellowship is for:

  • Research, experiment & create
  • Exchange & network

Application Deadline: 17th October

Number of Awards: 18 Fellowships/year, 9 artists and 9 scholars/thinkers

Value of Award: 

  • A stipend of 250 USD per week is available
  • Fellows may not accept gainful employment that will prevent them from focusing on their project while staying at Camargo.

Duration of Program: 

  • Fall (8 weeks from September 11)
  • Spring (6 / 8 / 11 weeks from February 26)

32. African Diaspora Mathematicians Program (ADMP) for Africans in the Diaspora

The objective of the ADMP is to strengthen appreciation and understanding of mathematics, particularly at the postgraduate level, by utilizing the expertise of African Diaspora mathematicians, whilst at the same time encouraging collaboration in research by mathematicians in Africa and those in the African Diaspora, through the partnerships established in the Program.

Application Deadline: 31st January

Number of Awardees: 3

Value of Scholarship: Three partnerships will be funded for two years with each partnership granted Euro 7,000 annually to be used as follows, subject to the monetary policies of the IMU:

  • The African Diaspora mathematician shall receive up to Euro 6,000 (based on invoices) to cover airfare, travel insurance, visa processing and living expenses for 3 to 6 weeks at the host university in Africa.
  • The African Diaspora mathematician shall, in addition, be granted Euro 1,000 per year (based on invoices), to acquire educational material such as books, software, journals and other learning material, to be left to the host institution.

Duration of Scholarship: Initially, the Program is running as a pilot program in Africa for two years.

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