Top 10 Scholarships in Germany for International Students

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Today, we bring you 10 of the best scholarships in Germany that you can apply for as an international student. Programs in German universities for international students are subsidized, yet scholarships are as common as admission. So in case you have wondered why, this is why Germany is a favourite study destination in Europe after UK for international students.

And since programmes are open to a wide spectrum of students, some courses do not require the English language test. You can learn in English in Germany. We would still advise though that you check the requirements of the scholarship before applying so that you can choose the course and university that best fits your career.

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Let us countdown top 10 scholarships in Germany for international students

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10. Bavarian Government Scholarships for International Students at Hochschule Hof

Under the condition that you show proof of financial need, the Bavarian government AND DAAD that is the German Academic Exchange Service, funds the University of Hochschule Hof to give semester or yearly scholarships to qualified foreign students in need for the summer semester and/ or winter semester. The scholarship depends on the financial proof provided for the semester but it lies between 100€ to 659€ per month to cover extra costs for living and study materials during their studies.

9. Hamburg University of Applied Sciences Scholarships

The Hamburg University of Applied Sciences awards scholarships to academically strong international students studying in Bachelors degree programmes. The good news is that the City of Hamburg already subsidizes degree programmes at Hamburg universities, so the school does not charge tuition fees for local and international students. The scholarship is for one semester and you will be awarded up to 400 Euros a month. Apply before the March deadline for the summer admission or the September deadline to enter in the winter.

8. Katholische Universitat Eichstätt-Ingolstadt Scholarships

Do you want to study for your Masters or PhD in Germany? Listen up. Every year, the Catholic University of Eichstätt-Ingolstadt in south Germany also known as KU university offers scholarships to qualified international students in order to promote internationalization at the university. All courses are eligible but you must be able to gain admission first and begin studies in this university to be awarded this scholarship. This scholarship includes €324 per month to provide for living expenses; so you worry less with free tuition and your living expenses covered for you.

7. Heinrich Boll Foundation Scholarship

The first scholarship in this countdown, by a private organization. The Heinrich Böll Foundation grants scholarships for PhD entrants of all subjects and nationalities per year, who are pursuing their degree at universities, universities of applied sciences, in German. Scholarship recipients are expected to have excellent academic records, to be socially and politically engaged, and to have an active interest in the basic values of the foundation: ecology and sustainability, democracy and human rights, self determination and justice. Approximately 1000 international students are fully-funded by the Heinrich Boll Foundation in the summer and winter academic sessions. You could be among the award winners if you apply.

6. Jacobs University Diversity Scholarship

Every year, students from different places in the world come to Jacobs University to study, engage with each other’s ideas and learn inside and outside the classroom. And every year, Jacobs University celebrates this by offering full-tuition to international Undergraduate and Master’s students. The Full Tuition DIVERSITY Scholarship covers the tuition fee for 3 years Bachelor and 2 years Master. It does not cover the costs for room and board currently 6,000 Euro per academic year) and the general university fee currently 650 Euro per academic year.

5. University of Stuttgart Scholarship

If you are a student from a developing country interested in studying in Germany, take a look at these two master’s programmes by the University of Stuttgart. The master’s in ‘Infrastructure Planning’ and ‘Integrated Urbanism and Sustainable Design’. To qualify for this fully funded scholarship, you need to have related academic and professional experience and also demonstrate motivation to use the new knowledge and skills to support development. So when you get admitted for any of these courses, you will receive 750 Euros in monthly stipend. You will also receive return travel allowance, research allowance, rent subsidy and health insurance for a total of 2 years.

4. EMMIR African-European Scholarship in Migration Studies

European Master in Migration and Intercultural Relations (EMMIR) is the first African-European Erasmus Mundus Master Course. EMMIR is jointly run by three African and four European universities, including a university in Germany. In this 2 year scholarship, candidates will be awarded a joint degree by the seven EMMIR partner universities and will be awarded participation fees, stipends plus travel allowances. Application opens October/November as with most Erasmus Mundus scholarships.

Counting down to the top 3 scholarships in Germany for international students, at number 3 is the

3. Goethe Goes Global (GGG) Masters Scholarships

Are you looking for an interesting Master’s programme that would lead to a PhD? From 2016-2020, Goethe University’s Master scholarship, Goethe Goes Global will be of­fering 20 scholarships per year for various Masters courses with a special emphasis on research. Not only will you be fully-funded with a monthly stipend of 1,000 €, round trip travels and living allowances, you’ll also receive mentorship, option to write your Master’s thesis and other seminar papers or do an internship in their respective research unit.

2. KAAD Germany Research Fellowship Programme

The KAAD scholarship is offered to postgraduates and academics living in developing countries that are Catholic Christian (or generally belong to a Christian denomination). So if are catholic, have already gained professional experience and are interested in a masters or PhD study (or research stay) in Germany, look out for this scholarship. The KAAD scholarship comes with visa modalities, return flights, German language training, tuition, living, accommodation and many other expenses. You can apply for any course but the KAAD scholarship gives preference to development-related courses.

And our number 1 scholarship in germany for international students goes to

1. German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) Scholarships

If you are knowledgeable about scholarships, you must have seen this scholarship a lot. Our list today could have been made up of top 10 DAAD scholarships because each year, from among the thousands of postgraduate courses offered by German institutions, DAAD supports up to 80% of degree programmes of particular interest to students from developing countries. DAAD scholarships range from Bachelors, Masters, Doctorate to research as well as group and faculty visits. The scholarships could also be either full or partial scholarships depending on your chosen course of study.

And there you have our top 10 scholarships in Germany for international students.

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