Greece Scholarships

For any international student who wishes to study in Greece, it is important to understand what the study options are and the visa requirement. Greece is a great center of attraction as a result of her strategic position in Southeast Europe. The education system in Greece is of quality standard and coupled with the fact that many institutions share a great affiliation with high ranking universities in Europe and America.

There are many options for anyone interested in undertaking a program in Greece. There are many options for anyone who wishes to study in Greece. There are some degree programs whose medium of instruction is English and those who have knowledge of Greek, can go for enrolment into any Greek taught program. Nevertheless, for students interested in some training program not organized by universities, there are many options in the manner of short-term training, e-learning programs and conferences. The two major cities are Athens and Thessaloniki, incidentally, they have the highest number in terms of location of higher institutions.

Top Universities in Greece

There are over 50 universities in Greece for both undergraduate and graduate studies, but these are on top of the list in line with the standard of the international ranking of universities;

National and Kapodistrian University of Athens

Aristotle University of Thessaloniki

National Technical University of Athens

University of Crete

University of Ioannina

University of Patras

Athens Medical School

Agricultural University of Athens

University of Thessaly

Democritus University of Thrace

Greece Scholarships for International Students

One of the best ways to finance your studies is through a scholarship. This will ease the burden of worrying about financial issues while you study. There are many scholarship opportunities in Greece for international students. They classified them into Government and private scholarships.

Government Scholarships

There are two scholarships from the Government of Greece that are recognized, and most sought after. They are highly competitive, but they are worth applying for.

  1. Benjamin A. Gilman International Scholarships: This scholarship program seeks to assist the financially incapacitated undergraduate students who can not afford to fund their studies because of financial constraints. Those who to apply must have low-income status and with verified financial challenges. The scholarship amounts to $7,000.
  2. David L. Boren Scholarships: This scholarship scheme is basically for Americans. The students who are applying have outstanding academic excellence who are taking a language course or culture program in Greece or courses in law, technology, education, or sciences. The students must be willing to work for the federal government after their studies in the area of security. The scholarship award is worth $26,000
  3. Foreign Language Scholarships is a scholarship program for International Students who wish to enroll in Short Training in Greece.

Private Funding

Archaeological Institute of America

Students who need funding to undertake advocation, excavation, and other educational projects in Greece get funding from the Archaeological Institute of America (AIA)

Harriet and Leon Pomerance Fellowships are meant for graduate or post-graduate archaeology students whose discipline is in the Bronze Age and in Greece. Applicants who are eligible need to present a purposeful project to undertake. It is worth $4,000.

Rotary International

Rotary International stands out as one of the biggest humanitarian organizations today. They have a scheme that funds scholarships for international students in Greece.

Global Grants may be offered through your local Rotary Club chapter. These enormously generous funds are devoted to students who dedicate themselves to improving the areas of medicine, education, or sustainable development in a country with need. Awards are $30,000. Check with your local chapter of the Rotary to see if these awards have begun to be available yet.

Criteria for Admission to Greece Universities

To apply for admission into any university in Greece, the applicant must ensure he is eligible through his background. There are different admission criteria for different degrees.

For Bachelor’s

  1. Secondary school certificate
  2. GPA of at least 10 on a scale from 10 to 20
  3. English language certificate for English-taught Bachelors C1 Advanced, TOEFL, IELTS
  4. Greek language certificate for all Bachelors (Greek universities require all their undergraduate students to know some Greek — if you are admitted to a Bachelors but have no knowledge of Greek language then you need to a year preparatory course.

Admission requirements for a Master’s

  1. a Bachelor’s degree
  2. 2-4 years’ work experience which is applicable to MBAs only
  3. English language certificate (C1 Advanced, TOEFL, IELTS) with a minimum grade score of B or 7 on a scale from 1.0 to 9.0
  4. GMAT scores of at least 500 (applies mostly to MBAs)
  5. GPA of at least 7, 5 on a scale from 1 to 10

Cost Of Living in Greece

One can find a bedroom apartment for $350 monthly within the outskirts of Athens. A total of $200 can be set aside for utilities covering water, electricity and internet connection. Other areas are far cheaper than Athens, one can get a bedroom apartment for $250 and utility bills are less too.

In Greece, it is very common to shop for cheap groceries as they are produced locally. Restaurants are equally excellent and of good prices. So, one can rightly say that the cost of feeding is very wonderful in Greece. Groceries cost less than 5% in areas outside of Athens.

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