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What You Need To Know About Czech Republic

In case you’re searching for a one of a kind European investigation abroad experience, look no more distant than the Czech Republic. Known for its great mansions, huge determination of local lagers, medieval old towns, and delightful scenes, the Czech Republic consolidates the best of East and West Europe to make its half and half style. Prevalent study abroad urban areas in the Czech Republic incorporate the capital, Prague, Pardubice, Prerov, and Opava. In any case, there are numerous other intriguing areas to browse also.


Czech colleges offer long-standing notorieties, novel origination, and fascinating specializations. Understudies can want a short report visit or to finish their degree in a wide scope of customary just as recently rising orders.


The Czech Republic gives grants to thinks about sought after both in the Czech language (in Master’s examination programs) and in the English language (in follow-up Master’s and Doctoral investigation programs). Grants for thinks about in the Czech language are conceded considering the rundown of suggested fields of study, refreshed by the necessities of explicit nations, and furthermore concerning continuous improvement participation ventures. Candidates can likewise get subsidizing for a one-year-long language and preliminary course. Grants for study programs in the English language are allowed distinctly in the chose examination programs.


Studying in the Czech Republic

A few choices exist for your method for examining in the Czech Republic. For instance, you can desire a late spring school program, a one to two-semester trade program or you can seek after a full degree program.


Understudies from around the world are attracted to the Czech Republic for its great training framework. With around 311,000 understudies, 43,000 of which are worldwide understudies, Czech colleges are among probably the most well-known on the planet. The Czech University framework additionally brags some the best training on offer in Europe with an accentuation on quality, decent variety, availability, and importance.


Examining in the Czech Republic would improve your language abilities and assist you with being progressively extraordinary on the worldwide market when searching for your future employment. Colleges and businesses realize that examining abroad gives initiative aptitudes in a world that is progressively all-inclusive interconnected. The majority of all, it’s enjoyable! You’re not prone to experience the ill effects of sophomore droop or general weariness while you’re concentrating in an alternate learning condition.


Whatever your nationality is, if you study a course instructed completely in Czech at an open or state foundation in the Czech Republic, education costs are free, as per the nation’s law. Admission or confirmation costs are the main enrolment costs you should suffer, except if you choose to expand your examinations past a specific length limit, to take another course than the one you initially applied to or study in an unexpected language in comparison to Czech.


Regardless of whether you choose a private college rather than a free-educational cost open establishment, the costs will be lower when contrasted with different nations with a similarly decent instructive notoriety. Private foundations set their charges, which may shift from 2,000 to 15,000 USD every year, contingent upon the course and college you pick.


Top Universities in Czech

What are the most famous Universities in Czech? Below is a list of top Czech Universities dependent on substantial, impartial and non-influenceable web measurements gave by autonomous web knowledge sources instead of information put together by the Universities themselves.


University                                                                                           Town

  1. Univerzita Karlova                                                                    Prague
  2. Masarykova Univerzita Brno
  3. Ceské vysoké ucení technické v Praze                                   Prague
  4. Vysoké ucení technické v Brne                                                Brno
  5. Univerzita Palackého v Olomouci                                           Olomouc
  6. Vysoká škola ekonomická v Praze                                          Prague
  7. Ceska zemedelska univerzita v Praze                                     Prague
  8. Zapadoceska Univerzita v Plzni                                               Pilsen
  9. VSB- Technicka univerzita Ostrava                                        Ostrava
  10. Mendelova univerzita v Brne                                                   Brno


Admission Requirements

  • First Cycle Studies (Bachelors)

You are mentioned to demonstrate your degree of Czech language or potentially English or other unknown dialect relying upon the language of guidance of your course/study program. Now and again, you are likewise mentioned to take extra qualifying courses and even breeze through affirmation assessments.


  • Second Cycle Studies (Masters)

On the off chance that you are applying for an ace’s program at an advanced educational organization in the Czech Republic, you are required to be in control of a significant single man’s or proportionate degree recognition.


  • Third Cycle Studies (Ph.D.)

In the occasion you are applying for doctoral investigations at an establishment in the Czech Republic, you are required to be in control of a pertinent confirmation or graduate degree program.


Aside from these fundamental confirmation necessities, you ought to anticipate a couple of explicit ones, set up by every college and program, for example,


  • A selection test or meeting (you may have the option to have the meeting on Skype)
  • Language capability confirmation
  • Letter of inspiration
  • Portfolio
  • Mission statement depicting your investigation venture
  • Test of composing
  • An as of late refreshed CV
  • Transcript of records


When you secured the affirmation prerequisites, it’s a great opportunity to begin assembling your application record, including all the essential reports referenced previously. Normally, you will transfer them online on the program site. Nonetheless, to apply to a college in the Czech Republic, it is likewise important to send the records by post.


Note that a few colleges see an application charge or a placement test expense which is regularly around 20 EUR.


List of Scholarships for International Students

Here we will give you a free rundown of Czech grants for international or remote nationals who wish to seek after their Undergraduate, Masters and Ph.D. ponders.


The Government every year offers grants inside its Foreign Development Assistance Program. These purported government grants bolster understudies from creating or developing nations who might want to learn at state-funded colleges in the Czech Republic. The Czech Republic gives grants to examines sought after both in the Czech language (in Bachelor’s and Master’s investigation programs) and in the English language (in follow-up Master’s and Doctoral examination programs).


  • Fulbright Program

The esteemed Fulbright Program supported by the U.S. also, Czech governments gives the U.S., Czech residents with the chance to study, instruct, or direct research in the accomplice nation. U.S. competitors sought to apply through Fulbright Program accomplice associations in the United States where they can likewise discover application and program subtleties.


  • Summer Schools of Slavonic Studies

Every year, the Czech Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports offers grants for interest in the Summer Schools of Slavonic Studies. These Czech language courses are sorted out by a few state-funded colleges in the Czech Republic and intended for outside understudies, educators, interpreters, and translators and different specialists dynamic in the field of Czech/Slavonic examinations.


  • Zdenek Pesat Stipendium

The grant is utilized to help transient investigation visits of remote specialists, college educators and doctoral understudies managing Czech writing in the semantic or regional sense, generally with about a month term. The grant is ideally granted to those candidates whose task is identified with the expert issues being chipped away at in the ICL.


  • CEEPUS Program

CEEPUS is a Central European Exchange Program for University Studies and it underpins provincial collaboration in the structure of college systems. Current part nations are Albania, Austria, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, the Czech Republic, Hungary, North Macedonia, Moldova, Montenegro, Poland, Romania, Serbia, the Slovak Republic, and Slovenia. Prishtina/Kosovo is additionally partaking. Grants for study abroad times of 3-10 months are especially accessible for understudies from colleges associated with the CEEPUS program, singular understudies outside the college arrange (free movers) are, be that as it may, likewise considered as qualified candidates.


  • Josef Dobrovsky Fellowship Scholarship

The goal of the partnership is to help “Czech investigations” in both national and regional delimitation by methods for the financing of the momentary examination remains of remote analysts at the Institutes of the CAS. The cooperation is planned for youthful analysts (normally matured up to 35) who need to think about the Czech verifiable, social, language, geographic or common attributes in the Czech Republic. Applications for the Josef Dobrovský Fellowships are put together by the executives of the Institutes of the CAS after discussion with and based on a proposal by the Institute Board.


  • AKTION Czech Republic- Austria

AKTION program bolsters two-sided participation between the Czech Republic and Austria in the tertiary area through awards and community-oriented tasks. For people, there are grants for study and research remains accessible. Czech and Austrian understudies can likewise apply for a grant to take part in the late spring language courses and summer schools.


Tuition Fee

The educational cost for colleges in Czech for undergraduate relies upon the specific school and the course of study.

On the normal, educational cost for undergraduates ranges from €300 — €13000.

For global understudies, different charges must be thought about before incorporating.

Medical coverage every year – €225

Visa, affirmation charge, ID card – €120


While for postgraduate, this could be anyplace up to around €19,600 every year, except it depends extraordinarily on the program and organization.


You may likewise need to pay certain affirmation and authoritative expenses. If you take over a year longer than anticipated to finish your course, you’ll need to pay education costs (this is presently at least around €380 every year)


Private colleges as a rule charge expenses as typical and these range from €1,565 to €11,740 every year, contingent upon the course or organization being referred to. Expenses for unknown dialect programs at state-funded colleges are comparable.


Cost of Living

Living costs in the Czech Republic are viewed as moderate. The normal living expenses of understudies run from 350 to 750 USD every month, including suppers, convenience, open vehicle, and culture. Costs may shift as per your area, settlement decisions, way of life, and ways of managing money. The Czech Republic is an individual from the European Union; however, it is outside the Eurozone, which implies that it doesn’t utilize the euro as its money. You can trade your cash in a bank, inn or bureau de change. On the other hand, you can pay with a worldwide financial card or MasterCard.


Start here to apply for Czec scholarships. Below are available Czec scholarships, feel free to click on any of the scholarship opportunities on this page.

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