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East Africa Fellows Program for East African Countries 2012

Scholarship Name: East Africa Fellows Program

Brief description

The 2012 East Africa Fellowship offered by Acumen Fund is aimed at identifying and training East African leaders in Business, Nonprofit and government for social innovation

Accepted Subject Areas?

Social change models in other countries

About Scholarship

Acumen Fund seeks to identify and train these next generation leaders united by a common mission of harnessing the power of social innovation to create solutions to East Africa’s most pressing problems. Hundreds of NGOs exist in East Africa, and millions of dollars in foreign assistance reach the region each year, yet people are still living in poverty. For real development to happen in East Africa, it must take a drastically different direction. This new direction must be defined by a bold set of East African business, nonprofit, and government leaders.

Scholarship Type: East Africa Leadership Fellowship

Who is qualified to apply?

The sponsors are seeking candidates with bold ideas, and a track record of leadership. While each Fellow comes from a diverse background and brings a unique skill set to the table, we have identified some key indicators of a successful Fellow:

  • A compelling project with significant social impact that you have been driving for at least 2-3 years
  • A deep passion and commitment to the East African region
  • A proven track record of leadership and management responsibilities
  • Unrelenting perseverance, personal integrity and critical thinking skills

Eligible African Countries

East Africa: Tanzania, Kenya, Uganda, Rwanda, and Burundi

What time of year does Application Close?

Application Deadline is August 5, 2012

Selection Process

The selection process for this program is very rigorous and takes place over 3 months. Here is a general timeline of the process:

  • Online Application: June 21 to August 5 2012
  • Telephone Interviews: mid / late August
  • Selection Conference: September
  • Finalists Announced: October

Offered annually? Yes

How can I Apply?

The online application consists of five parts:

  • Background information on both you and your social change project
  • Your responses to short & long answer questions
  • 2 references
  • Your resume or CV (to be uploaded)

To view a step-by-step guide about how to successfully fill out the application with the appropriate information, including guidance on how to best answer the essay questions, please see link below.

If you are unable to submit an application online because of internet connectivity issues, you may send a paper application. See link below for the application form and mailing instructions.

How can I get more information?

If you need more Information about this scholarship, kindly visit the Scholarship Webpage


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