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Register for Google Apps Developer Challenge 2012 – A Chance to win Up to $20,000 in prize


The Google Apps Developer Challenge offer developers from Africa and across the world, the opportunity to show the world what they can do with Google Apps and the Google Drive API.

Developers in 6 regions across the world will win prizes that include Chromebooks and up to $20,000 USD with other special prizes for students and female developers! The challenge is open for developers (including students and female developers) across Africa, Asia, Latin America and worldwide.

You can participate in the Google Apps Developer Challenge by developing new applications built using the Google Apps and Google Drive APIs.

Who is Eligible to Participate?

The Google Apps Developer Challenge is open to developers worldwide, except for those in the following countries/regions Quebec, Cuba, Iran, Syria, North Korea, Sudan, and Myanmar (Burma)

The Google Apps Developer Challenge contest is open only to applications that have not been made publicly available through the Google Apps Marketplace, Chrome Web Store or any other website prior to August 24, 2012. Additionally, applications that were entered into other developer app contests are ineligible for the contest, regardless whether they were winning apps. Similarly, updated versions of applications entered in other developer contests are ineligible.

Teams can be no more than 3 people. All team members’ names must be listed when submitting the application for the Google Apps Developer Challenge.

How to Join the Challenge

To participate all you have to do is build and submit an amazing application in one of these entry categories:

  • Enterprise / Small Business Solutions
  • Social / Personal Productivity / Games / Fun
  • Not-for-Profit: Education / Water / Food & Hunger / Health
  • A winner will be chosen for each category, in each region — 18 prizes in total.

Selection Criteria

  • Effective use of the Google Apps and/or Google Drive APIs
  • Originality of concept
  • Relevance to region
  • Polish and appeal
  • Indispensability: Is the application compelling and/or essential?
  • Use of other Google platforms and APIs

Submission Deadline

The first round of submissions closes August 24, 2012.


Prizes will be distributed as follows;

Round One:

  • All teams that make it to the semi-finals in each category in each region will be awarded Chromebooks.
  • Any and all-female team that makes it to the semi-finals will get $1,000.
  • Any university team made up entirely of student or staff of a university (identified by the university domain email address) that makes it to the semi-finals will get $1,000.


  • 1st prize in each category in each region will receive $20,000. This means that there will be a total of 18 grand prize winners
  • If any team from a university wins the competition in any of the categories, the department to which the members of the team belong will win $18,000.

Important Dates

June 5th: Competition opens

July 25th: Submissions window opens

August 24th: First round submissions due

September 13th: Semi-Finalists announced

October 25th: Updated Semi-Final Apps re-submitted

November 12th: Winners announced

Be sure to visit the contest page for details

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