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Makerere University

Makerere University was first established in 1922 as a technical school, Uganda Technical College and started with just 14 students across studies like Building and Mechanics and Carpentry. In no time, the college was offering diverse courses like Veterinary Sciences, Agriculture, Teacher Training and also Medical Care. There was a rapid growth for the college as it soon developed in no time, becoming a center for higher education in the eastern part of Africa in 1935, it also went further and offered post-school certification courses in 1937.

Upgrades and development kept occurring in the college as it also became a University College in affiliation to University College London in 1949, this, however, was the last and most significant change that upgraded it to an independent university in 1970, then named, Makerere University, MAK. The university is one of the oldest and highly prestigious African universities, aside from being the best in Uganda; it offers postgraduate and undergraduate courses of all kinds.

Studying at Makerere University

Being one of the most prestigious and highly sought after institutions for academics and extracurricular activities, Makerere University receives students from across the globe and diverse destinations who come to acquire different kinds of degree courses from different levels of education. For those wanting to study here, it is important to know what it takes before embarking on the adventure.

Programs and Student Population

The university has a student population of over 38,000 students from different departments and colleges of the institution. In buttress of the courses and programs offered by Makerere University, they border across evening and external study programs, as well as a lot of postgraduate studies. Also, the institution being a research institution has created a good form of partnership with industries, government and even other institutions of higher learning within and outside the country.

Location of Makerere University

The university is located on the beautiful Makerere Hill which is one of the six hills upon which Kampala -Uganda’s capital- is built on. The Makerere University which has three campuses has its main campus on 300 acres which lies just a little distance away from the city center.

Sporting and other Extracurricular Activities

Sports, recreation and a lot of extracurricular activities are all a good option here at Makerere University, they have a modern sports complex for any kind of sports and recreational activities students might want to engage themselves in. Students’ welfare services are also well cared for on the campus.

The institution also has other good works and impacts they have played in society as well. For instance, their Female Scholarship Foundation has helped secure a level of gender equality by helping women attain almost the same educational standings as the men as well.

Undergraduate Courses at Makerere University

  • Clinical, pre-clinical & health
  • Medicine & Dentistry
  • Geography
  • Sociology
  • Business & economics
  • Accounting & Finance
  • Business & Management
  • Veterinary Science
  • Engineering & technology
  • Chemical Engineering
  • Psychology
  • Psychology
  • Computer science
  • Computer Science
  • Life sciences
  • Agriculture & Forestry
  • Sport Science
  • Biological Sciences
  • Civil Engineering
  • Electrical & Electronic Engineering
  • General Engineering
  • Physics & Astronomy
  • Geology, Environmental, Earth & Marine Sciences
  • Law
  • Law
  • Social sciences
  • Arts & humanities
  • Architecture
  • History, Philosophy & Theology
  • Archaeology
  • Art, Performing Arts & Design
  • Languages, Literature & Linguistics
  • Physical sciences
  • Mathematics & Statistics
  • Politics & International Studies (incl Development Studies)
  • Communication & Media Studies
  • Economics & Econometrics

Postgraduate Studies at Makerere University

In addition to the aforementioned about Makerere University, this context will further expose us to the wide range of academic courses offered by the institution at both graduate and postgraduate levels.

Postgraduate Courses

  • in Food Science & Technology
  • in Plant Breeding and Seed Systems
  • in Applied Human Nutrition
  • Master of Science in Forestry and Biodiversity Management
  • PGD Environmental Impact Assessment
  • in Agricultural Extension Education
  • in Crop Science
  • in Animal Science
  • in Agricultural Engineering
  • in Soil Science
  • Master of Agribusiness Management
  • in Integrated Watershed Management
  • PGD in Demography
  • in Records and Archives Management
  • PGD in Education
  • PGD in Medical Education (Mulago Health Tutors College)
  • Ed. in Curriculum Studies
  • Master of Adult and Community Education
  • Master of Instructional Design and Technology
  • Master of Education
  • PGD in Statistics
  • A. in Economic Policy and Planning
  • A. in Economic Policy Management
  • A in Economics
  • Master of Business Administration
  • PGD in Computer Science
  • PGD in Data Communication and Software Engineering
  • PGD in Information Systems
  • Construction Project Management
  • Urban Planning and Design
  • in Urban Planning & Design
  • in Geo-Information Science and Technology
  • in Power Systems Engineering
  • in Telecommunication Engineering
  • in Construction Management
  • A. in Fine Art
  • Med: Psychiatry
  • Med: Radiology
  • Med: Ear, Nose &Throat
  • Med: Surgery
  • Med: Obstetrics & Gynaecology
  • Med: Anaesthesia
  • Med: Orthopaedics
  • in Medical Illustration
  • in Pharmacognosy
  • Master of Nursing (Midwifery & Women’s Health)
  • Master of Public Health (Full Time)
  • Master of Public Health (Distance)
  • Master of Health Services Research
  • Master of Public Health Nutrition
  • Master of Public Health Disaster Management
  • PGD in Social Justice (Nsamizi)
  • PGD (Guidance and Counselling)
  • A. in Human Rights
  • A.in Philosophy
  • of Philosophy in Applied Ethics
  • A. in Journalism and Communication
  • A. in History
  • A. in Music
  • A.in Literature
  • A. in Religious Studies
  • A. in Peace and Conflict Studies
  • A. in Religious and Theological Studies (Ggaba & Kinyamasika)
  • A. in African Languages
  • A. in Linguistics
  • A. in Gender Studies
  • Sc. in Biochemistry
  • in Petroleum Geosciences
  • PGD in Livestock Development Planning & Management
  • Master of Vet. Medicine (Food Animal Health & Production)
  • A. in Sociology
  • A. in International Relations & Diplomatic Studies
  • A. in Rural Development
  • Ed. in Educational Psychology
  • Master of Organizational Psychology
  • A. in Counselling
  • in Clinical Psychology
  • in Molecular Biology
  • in Veterinary Pathology
  • Master of Law

Tuition Fees

The Makerere University tuition fees is not a fixed amount for all studies neither is there an equal payment with postgraduate and undergraduate students. This means that there is a difference in the ranges of payment, however, the least payment to be expected here is about $1,500 and a maximum of $10,000 and beyond.

In conclusion, the institution has described itself as Uganda’s premier institution of higher learning and has also made a very handy impact in the lives of Africans as they can count of many African prime ministers and presidents to be a part of their alumni like John Sentamu, the Archbishop of York, was also one of the old students at Makerere University. To sum up the whole modus operandi of the university, that can be found in the first line of their official anthem which reads: ‘Makerere, Makerere, we build for the future, the Great Makerere’.