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American University of Beirut

The American University of Beirut is a privately owned institution of higher learning located at Beirut, Lebanon. The university has emerged as one of the most prestigious in the Middle East, as well as reaching top charts in the Arab region according to QS World University Rankings. Governed by private and autonomous Board of Trustees, the university offers diverse programs leading to Bachelor’s, Masters and Ph.D. degrees.

It collaborates with many universities around the world, notably with Columbia University, George Washington University School of Medicine & Health Sciences, Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine and the University of Paris. The current president is Fadlo R. Khuri, MD.

Scholarships offered by American University of Beirut

The American University of Beirut has a huge set of programs to help the less privileged who are willing to learn and do not have the resources. The scholarship is one of these programs. Aside from the programs available by the school, other organizations also set up scholarships and foundation programs to help willing students.

Some of these scholarships are:

  1. IAL Research Grants For Doctoral Studies

IAL Research Grants For Doctoral Studies is an international scholarship program for international students from the Institute of Adult Learning.

Eligibility: To all citizens of Singapore

  1. HKADC Overseas Arts Administration Scholarships

This scheme is an overall funding scholarship by the Hong Kong Arts Development Council and strictly for international students. The scholarship can also be taken in the pursuance of Arts project management, curating, marketing and communication, Arts policy and administration, development and entrepreneurship as well as research and analysis.

Eligibility: Open to all international students

  1. POGO-SCOR Visiting Fellowships For Developing Countries

POGO-SCOR Visiting Fellowships for Developing Countries is a scholarship program set up by the Scientific Committee on Antarctic Research. The program is partly funded, unlike other scholarships; however, it is a good option for pursuing Global Observation for the oceans.

Eligibility: For international students in selected countries

  1. National Arts Council Arts Scholarships in Singapore

The Singaporean all funding international scholarship program is an initiative of the National Art Council, with the aim of promoting students’ interests in the pursuance of culture-related courses as well as in Arts and writing.

Eligibility: For all Singaporean applicants.

  1. Asia Pacific Foundation of Canada – Media Fellowships

The boards of Asia Pacific Foundation of Canada set up the scholarship scheme to help students who want to pursue degrees in journalism. The scheme is partly funded and is valued at C$10,000.

Eligibility: Application is open to all Canadians

Why Study at the American University of Beirut?

While the American University of Beirut has proved many advantages it possesses over other institutions of higher learning, we would still love to look into what it offers and analyze its benefits as well.

Cost of running affairs

The prestigious university runs on an annual budget estimated to about $423 Million. This means that certain developments would be present here, and there definitely would be fewer issues of non-payment of worker’s salary.

Medical Centre

The university’s medical center is privately owned and controlled just as in the case of the institution. Aside from serving the purpose of medical attention to students, it also serves as the university’s teaching center for the Faculty of Medicine.

In regards to the AUBMC accreditation by Joint Commission International, the medical center has 420 hospitals as well as quality treatment care and services for postgraduate and undergraduate students. In recent times, the university’s medical center has also taken out time to care for Syrian refugees at the Medical Centre in Beirut.

College Library and Museum

In a bid to promote the willingness to study and acquire educational skills, the American University of Beirut has Libraries and Museums to aid students in research works on campus.

The Libraries are:

  • Nami Jafet Memorial Library
  • Engineering and Architecture Library
  • Saab Medical Library
  • Science and Agriculture Library.
  • The University Libraries consist of rich, detailed and well researched by AUB Press, the university’s publishing house.

While the Museums are:

  • The Archaeological Museum
  • The Geology Museum, and
  • The Natural History Museum.

These are a few to mention of what students will have access to while on campus. Aside from academics, students can also delve into some extracurricular activities like Sporting and Social Clubs that exist on the American University of Beirut Campus.

The American University of Beirut has been a prestigious institution from its inception till this very day. This is the more reason why it makes up for the standards international students deserve. Alongside their scholarship schemes, AUB has made education accessible by all.