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Ashesi University

Founded in 1999 by Patrick Awuah, Ashesi University is located in Berekuso, Ghana. It’s a private non-profit institution that has become in just over a decade, one of Ghana’s leading universities. It’s a center of excellence of a new kind, in the African continent.

It’s mission is to train in four years, the new generation of African entrepreneurs and leaders who are; critical, ethical, independent or collaborative in thinking, through the constitution of a strong culture of innovation and excellence, in order to transform the continent and make its development possible. The university has quickly gained a high reputation for the quality and innovative spirit, which characterizes the teachings provided.

In 2008, Ashesi University became the first-ever African university to adopt a student-led code of honor, whereby students take exams without supervisors, so as to take responsibility for a high standard of integrity. The university is committed to socio-economic, gender and cultural diversity. Also, It has more than 1000 alumni from all over Africa. 

Nationalities Represented in Ashesi University

Although not limited to these, as the university also accepts other International students. The nationalities are:

·        Ghana

·        Cameroon

·        Ivory coast

·        Kenya

·        Nigeria

·        Gambia

·        Uganda

·        Zimbabwe 

Ashesi University has a great reputation, given its success in the solid preparation of its graduates, who have mostly started a business, or have found jobs in just six months after graduation. Ashesi Alumni work in various organizations in Africa and around the world, impacting millions of people through their work.

Ashesi University’s Graduate and Postgraduate Courses

·        Business Administration

·        Information System Management

·        Computer Science

·        Electrical and Electronic Engineering

·        Computer Engineering

·        Mechanical Engineering

·        Liberal Arts

·        Nursing Courses

Conditions for Admission

Admission into this university is based on conditions of academic excellence. In addition, qualities such as leadership potential, excellent writing skills and good communication skills are also sought after.

Ashesi University’s Admission Requirements:

Your application must at least include one of the following documents:

·        Completed and signed application form, including an essay to be from one of the four proposed topics

·        Full statement of grades or report cards, showing the candidate’s performance for at least six quarters

·        Results obtained in one of the following exams;

o   West Africa Certificate Examination

o   International Baccalaureate Diploma

o   American and Canadian High school diploma

o   French Baccalaureate

o   Any other equivalent examination results approved by the National Accreditation Council of Ghana


·        Certified English translation of the above documents

·        Proof of proficiency in English language, especially for students whom English language wasn’t a language of instruction in high school (for example, IELTS, TOEFL) 

Ashesi University’s Tuition

Ashesi’s  academic year consists of two semesters running respectively from late August to December, and January to May. The tuition fees are per each semester and cover the cost of textbooks, internet access, other class learning materials and support services such as; career services, health services and counseling. For first-year and senior-year students, the fees also support limited funding for student business ideas.

The tuition fees is indicated as follows;

·        Tuition fees: GHs22,039 (or local currency equivalent)

·        Health insurance: GHs1320 per year (or local currency equivalent)

·        On campus housing (optional):GHs6727 (or local currency equivalent) per semester

·        The University has a flexible payment plan in 2 or 4 installments per semester, which attracts a 3% and 6% increase due to additional charges.

Academic Scholarships at Ashesi

Master Card Foundation partners with the university,  in making provisions for academic scholarships for international and Ghanaian students. The scholarship covers all courses in the undergraduate level.

Moreover, the scholarship is awarded to students from low income and middle-income families. The University scholarship committee determines the amount of the scholarship award, based on the financial strength of the student’s family.


The scholarship isn’t limited to tuition alone. It also covers meals, on-campus accommodation, learning materials, spending-money for miscellaneous expenses, annual trips home for second-year International students and a free laptop. 

Scholarship Duration

The scholarship lasts as long as the financial need of the student’s family still persists. It (the scholarship) is usually renewed annually.

Method of Application

The decision to make an offer admission is done independently of the scholarship application. The Admissions Office first determines which students are most qualified to attend Ashesi. The scholarship committee then makes an independent decision regarding the scholarship awards.

Ps: You cannot apply for the scholarship after being admitted.

Awards and Recognition for Ashesi University

  • ·      Ashesi ranks as one of the ten best organizations in Ghana
  • ·        Ashesi juniors won two awards at the International Genetically Engineered Machine Competition
  • ·        Ashesi received OFID Annual award for development
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