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Proud of a rich history and a diverse cultural identity, Lebanon is also a welcoming place for foreign students. Its universities receive international students every year from around the world. The country is renowned for the quality of its education system. Also, there are scholarships available for indigenous and foreign students to study at the best Lebanese institutions.

Why study in Lebanon?

Lebanon has more than 40 universities, technical colleges and business schools, three of which are in the Webometrics ranking, namely the American University of Beirut (AUB), Saint Joseph University of Beirut, and the Lebanese American University. All are private institutions, except for the Lebanese American University, managed and financed by the State. Students have the choice between several educational systems: Anglo-Saxon, French or Lebanese and therefore between several languages ​​of instruction: English, French or Arabic.

Top Universities in Lebanon:

  • American University of Beirut
  • Lebanese American University
  • Universitè Saint Joseph de beyrouth
  • Universitè Libanaise
  • University of Balamand
  • Notre Dame University Lebanon
  • Beirut Arab University
  • Lebanese International University
  • Universitè Saint Esprit de kaslik
  • American University of Technology

Available Scholarship for studying in Lebanon

The Ghazal Foundation Scholarship:

Since its creation, the Ghazal Foundation has awarded some forty scholarships. The choice of students and the amounts awarded (between 35% and 75% of the tuition) are done on file and in close liaison with the Social Service of Saint Joseph University.

The Ghazal Foundation’s mission is to help disadvantaged high school students in order to facilitate their access to higher education, despite the financial, material and social difficulties encountered.

Scholarships are awarded each year to reward a mention in the Baccalaureate and encourage the laureate to continue his studies.



The Ghazal Foundation is committed to promoting excellence and rewarding merit by awarding eight annual scholarships (from US $ 3,000 to US $ 7,000) to bright, deserving Lebanese students of modest economic conditions to help them continue their studies. academics.


You must a Lebanese student, and a brilliant one at that.

Scholarship Extras

If the academic success is confirmed, the beneficiary students can see their scholarship renewed until they obtain their diplomas, including the continuation of their studies in France.

Top International Scholarships for Lebanese students:

·                  Eiffel Excellence scholarships

The Eiffel component is a program to finance a Master’s level training at a higher education institution in France. This is a scholarship of excellence for high-level international students whose academic quality is recognized.

Eiffel Scholarships are intended for foreign students under the age of 30, whose quality is recognized in their home institution. They must be interested in the opportunity to pursue a Master’s degree in France. Bi-national candidates are excluded from applying.

Eligibility; field of study and countries

The fields of study concerned are engineering sciences, management, economics as well as law and political science.

Priority is given to students from emerging countries in Asia, Latin America, Eastern Europe, the Middle East or new member states of the European Union.

Selection criteria

During the selection, the following three criteria are taken into account:

  • The academic excellence of the candidate
  • The international politics of the establishment;
  • The cooperation policy of the Ministry of Foreign and European Affairs.


amount granted under the Eiffel Scholarship is € 1,800 per month. The duration varies according to the needs of the student in order to obtain his diploma. Thus, the scholarship will be awarded for a maximum of 24 months, and a maximum of 36 months for the preparation of an engineering degree.

The scholarship is also supported by the costs of round-trip travel, medical coverage and cultural activities.

How to Apply

The scholarship application is made by the constitution of an application file, which can be gotten via their website

Fill out the form, and submit before the deadline.

The file must contain

  • A CV
  • A structured description of the candidate’s professional project
  • A copy of the quality charter signed by the head of establishment with the stamp of the establishment (to download on the site of the Egide);
  • A document on international school policy
  • The transcript of the last three years.

Science and Law school Bachelor’s Scholarship

This scholarship program is fully funded, it’s also available twice a year. The scholarship is a development by the Affidavit Institute of Judicial Practice, it aims to sponsor international students from the world over, to study for free at any Science or Law school under the QS 1000 university ranking.


  • Applicant must be older than 24 years.
  • Must be proficient in English
  • Must have a statement of purpose
  • Two recommendation letters from former school tutors
  • Must have a pre-admission letter
  • Must be healthy and also have an excellent academic record


The scholarship covers:

  • Tuition fee and accommodation
  • Health insurance
  • Monthly stipend of $ 500

How to apply

The following credentials are required

  • Name of the University
  • Enrollment date and study duration
  • High school academic records
  • Age and contact information

In conclusion, we’ve been able to run down in detail, the top universities in Lebanon and available international and domestic scholarships too. Hope the information provided proves useful to you.


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