At Least One of These 17 Reasons Will Excite You to Join a Toastmasters Club

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How much would you want to develop the skills to communicate effectively before a job interview panel, for a business presentation, before investors, defending a project in school or talking to the opposite sex? Few things are as spirit liberating as being able to speak confidently and effectively in your personal and professional life. Few … Read more

How Dr. Curtis dealt with Fear of Public Speaking – if He Could, Anyone Can

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Do you get those butterflies swimming around your stomach when you are called upon to speak before a group? That dreaded nervousness; the trembling knees? If yes, then you are in good company. You are simply as human as most of us. A group of market researchers asked 3000 people the question: “What are you … Read more

Three Exciting College Courses to Add to Your Class Schedule

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This Article is Written and Submitted by Barbara Jolie There aren’t enough people in this world that are invigorated by education. With bustling libraries of literature and archives of useful websites around the world, why aren’t more people taking the opportunity to learn all that is available within their reach? To be frank, many of … Read more