Securing your first job as an international student: A Guide

Securing your first job as an international student: A Guide

Searching for a job and securing a job as an international student in a foreign country can be a challenging task. It is filled with uncertainties, and the journey can be tiring. Oftentimes, prospective international students look forward to the opportunity to study and work as a means to help with the cost of their … Read more

How Dr. Curtis dealt with Fear of Public Speaking – if He Could, Anyone Can

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Do you get those butterflies swimming around your stomach when you are called upon to speak before a group? That dreaded nervousness; the trembling knees? If yes, then you are in good company. You are simply as human as most of us. A group of market researchers asked 3000 people the question: “What are you … Read more

21 Networking Tips for Job Seekers to Build your Connection

networking for job seekers

Networking is a systematic approach to cultivating formal and informal contacts for the purpose of gaining information, enhancing visibility in the market, and obtaining referrals. Two-third (2 /3) of all jobs are secured through the process of networking. The internet is filled with fresh job opportunities every single day. Yet most of the jobs go … Read more