Three Exciting College Courses to Add to Your Class Schedule

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This Article is Written and Submitted by Barbara Jolie

There aren’t enough people in this world that are invigorated by education. With bustling libraries of literature and archives of useful websites around the world, why aren’t more people taking the opportunity to learn all that is available within their reach? To be frank, many of the classes being offered to students nowadays can often come across as rather boring or mundane. Do most students want to take more statistics or literature courses as their college years go by? Probably not.

exciting college coursesDon’t let your assumptions about the education system and its class offerings get the best of you. There are a great number of intriguing, informative courses being offered by universities and online colleges all the time. We often just don’t give them a chance. In fact, all it requires to find these courses is a thorough search engine and an idea of what you’re looking for.

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To aid you in your search for classes to spice up your schedule, below is a list of too-often-overlooked, exciting courses to consider trying out. And, who knows? You may have some fun along the way. Most of these courses can be found through both online education as well as in the traditional classroom setting.

Communications/Public Speaking

The importance of public speaking cannot be overstated. In fact, check out this amazing story about how one woman’s speech helped her significantly grow her business. Many students spend hours of their day glued to television and computers screens completely oblivious to the world that surrounds them. Even if you are a great communicator or presenter, a public speaking course can open your eyes up to new skills, helpful tips, and reliable patterns that will help you develop your personal confidence. Public speaking will not only further you along in your education and career; it will help you succeed in any presentation, conversation, or speech you have to make.

Children’s Literature

Before we are even aware of it, our brains are creating a database of knowledge from the moment we open our eyes. Can you imagine what happens when we first started reading, or when our parents start narrating great nighttime stories? Our minds become instantly captivated. That’s why the earliest books we read are sometimes the ones we remember best. Children’s literature is a great course available through numerous universities and online colleges. No, you don’t simply sit around reading children’s books; you learn about the books’ themes, character developments, underlying messages, and uses of symbolism. In addition, the course often touches on various types of children’s literature, the publication process, and how some children’s books become cultural icons.

World Religions

Whenever somebody starts in on a topic regarding religion, most people end up turning the other cheek or walking away­. Why is that? Well, most people are uncomfortable discussing social issues that stir up a lot of unnecessary conflict, especially when they are rooted in world conflicts. Furthermore, many of us understand quite a bit about our own religion, but not as much about the other ones out there. World religion courses won’t teach you all that you need to know, but they’ll certainly help build the foundation you need in order to be able to understand the truth, as well as the misinformation, about the other religions in the world. Undoubtedly, this course won’t be able to cover all the world religions, but if this class sparks your interest enough, you may be able to go out and research those on your own.

Education is great in that it allows us to venture out and try new things. If you aren’t satisfied with the traditional classes you’ve been subjected to, maybe one of these three courses will help bring some excitement back into your education.

This guest post is contributed by Barbra Jolie, who enjoys writing about online college classes and other trends in the academic world. Even when she’s not blogging, Barbara is always contemplating and considering issues concerning education and modern society. You can reach her at [email protected].


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