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IBM is an American multinational technology company with its headquarters in Armonk, New York, the company began officially in the year 1911, although it was known before as Computing Tabulating Recording Company it was later renamed International Business Machine Corporation, IBM in 1924. IBM has subsidiaries in over 174 countries of the world. What IBM does specifically is to manufacture and sell computer hardware, software, and middlewares coupled with hosting and consulting services. The IBM is known to be responsible for the production of a wide range of computer inventions ranging from the automated teller machine (ATM), the floppy disk, the hard disk drive, the magnetic stripe card, the relational database, the SQL programming language, the UPC barcode, and dynamic random-access memory (DRAM). IBM also provides Cloud Data Encryption Services using cryptographic splitting to secure customer data. IBM is recorded to be one of the world’s largest employers of labor with over 350,000 employees worldwide with most of the employees outside of the US and often the employees are referred to as IBMers and the country with the largest number of IBMers outside the US in India.

IBM Fellowships

The IBM fellowship started officially in 1962 by Thomas Watson Jr he intended to use it as a way of promoting creativity among the company’s exceptional technical professionals. The introduction of the fellowship program thereby makes a fellow the highest obtainable honor as a scientist or programmer in IBM. Below are outlined some of the fellowship programs available.

  • IBM PhD Fellowship Program: this is a fellowship program organized by IBM to recognize supporting exceptional PhD students who want to make their mark in advanced technologies. The IBM PhD Fellowships are awarded worldwide. Benefits of the fellowship include; a stipend for two academic years and in the United States, an education allowance for year one. All IBM PhD Fellowship awardees will be mentored by an IBMer throughout the duration of the award the participants are strongly encouraged to do an internship during the duration of the first or second year of their award.
  • IBM Encore Fellows Program: ng in partnership with IBM has created this program to help eligible IBMers (IBM employees) to transition to social purpose work thereby contributing to their community effectively. The fellowship program is crafted to provide nonprofits to social impact organizations and access to skilled and experienced talent. The IBM Encore Fellow applicants are screened for commitment, flexibility, and ability to make an impact.

IBM Internships

  • Great minds student internship: this internship takes place at one of the IBM research centers in Zurich, Nairobi or Johannesburg and it has a duration of about 3 to 6 months. The great minds internship is open to students from Africa, Central and Eastern Europe and the middle east. Some of the benefits achieved at this internship include; study with world class scientist, monetary value, travel, and living expenses as well as the work permit for successful candidates. Students who chose to enroll for this internship must have a solid English background and must be enrolled in a recognized university either from Africa, Europe or the Middle East.
  • IBM Nigeria Digital Nation Africa Internship: at this internship program, the interns would be required to promote IBM digital nation Africa to a large audience ranging from youths in universities, colleges, schools and even in the community with ease and confidence. Only Individuals with interest in technology, have an active social media and can also express themselves publicly are technically competent and would be recruited.

IBM Contest/Competition

  • IBM Jumpstart Competition: the federal government of Nigeria, under the N-power scheme in alliance with the IBM, allows N-power beneficiaries to partake in this competition in order to learn on the IBM platform thereby enabling the N-power volunteers with the knowledge and tools to innovate, design, develop, and launch their own digital solutions.
  • Master the Mainframe contest: this is an annual contest organized by the IBM academic initiative for students to experience mainframe programming. This exceptional, virtual contest is open worldwide to high school and college students that are interested in gaining skills in a real-world, enterprise technology and computing environment. The competition involved three main stages right from the introduction of the participants to necessary basic aspects needed to get the contest started to the complex multiple programming challenges such as COBOL, REXX, JCL, etc. The winners of this contest usually receive monetary gifts, a laptop or netbook and an all expense paid trip to the IBM mainframe facility in New York.

International Business Machines corporation IBM, is known to be the largest computer company in the world. IBM started in 1911 as a producer of punch card tabulating machines and in time it has grown to be the largest manufacturers of computer hardware, middlewares and software all over the world. The IBM Company offers application technology, consulting and support. They also help to process design and operations, cloud, digital workplace, and network services, as well as business resiliency, strategy, and design solutions. IBM serves various clients with different needs worldwide. With the introduction of the automated teller machine (ATM), IBM has indeed made the world a better and comfortable place.