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Internship is an opportunity that is offered by an employer to students, undergraduates, or recent graduates to gain on-the-job experience.

These interns work at a firm or Company for a fixed period of time, usually 1-6 months. Internships are usually part-time if offered during a university semester and full-time if offered during the vacation periods

How to Seek And Find Internship Opportunities Around The World

Finding an internship opportunity around the world is not easy but here, we have outlined a few basic steps in seeking an internship at various top find and companies around the world.

  • Identify Your Career Interests: this is very important as a student who wishes to acquire knowledge at the internship program if selected. Think about what you enjoy and how that might play into your future career.
  • Search online for available internship: you can search online for adverts for the available internship program which you can apply for. Some of these internship programmes list their eligibility criteria and how to apply them.
  • Network: meet and seek advice from people who have gone through this internship either family, friends, college advisors or career counselors in your school.
  • Attend Career Fairs: Top employers attend career fairs to recruit and hire talented interns and employees and above all, be sure to follow up with any recruiters you meet at a fair.
  • Contact various Employers

Whether you are looking for internships abroad, internships in Africa or in your country, below is a list of the most recent internship opportunities for young Africans.

These internship programs will provide you with an opportunity to expand your knowledge and benefit from invaluable on-the-job experience.