Top 6 Scholarships in New Zealand for International Student (+Fully Funded) 2024/2025

New Zealand Development Scholarships for African and Developing Countries

Looking for New Zealand Scholarships for International Students? You’ve found it. New Zealand is not a popular study destination like the US or UK. And there are not many scholarship opportunities, in comparison. But the country does offer opportunities for international students to study at universities in New Zealand. Universities in New Zealand maintain two … Read more

30(+1) Thought-Provoking and Controversial Quotes to get you Thinking

In a previous post, I shared 101 motivational quotes for students and learners. Today I want to share with you 30 thought-provoking and controversial educational quotes. Since the institution of education and spoken words, there has been diverse school of thought regarding the impact of formal and self education to individual lives. With economic recession, … Read more

Abu Dhabi Zayed Sustainability Prize of US$3 million for Entrepreneurs 2024

Zayed Future Energy Prize

Each year, the Abu Dhabi Government offers the Zayed Future Energy Prize, the total Prize fund of US $3 million for Entrepreneurs to celebrates achievements that reflect impact, innovation, long-term vision and leadership in renewable energy and sustainability. Application Deadline: 23rd June 2024 Eligible Countries: All countries in The Americas, Europe, Africa, Oceania and Asia … Read more

A First-Timer’s Guide To Publishing A Research Paper 

Have you ever dreamed of seeing your name on the cover of a journal, sharing your groundbreaking research with the world? Publishing a paper can feel like an uphill battle, even for seasoned academics. But worry not! This guide breaks down the process and provides a roadmap to transform your brilliant ideas into a polished, … Read more

How To Get Your Scholarship Letter of Recommendation

How To Get Your Scholarship Letter of Recommendation

When acquiring a letter of recommendation, it is most appropriate to ask the qualified person. You don’t want to request a recommendation from someone who knows nothing about a subject. Like the old saying goes, “if you want to learn to sell gold, don’t take advice from a brick-layer”. The actual reason scholarship providers ask … Read more

Guide On How To Do a Capstone Project

Everybody knows that the educational system is made of a set of strict rules which you should adhere to. Commonly, academic papers are assigned to students to verify their knowledge and acquired skills. However, there is a task that differs from others, and we will try to uncover: what is a capstone project.  This type … Read more