Who is Distance Learning online suitable for?

Distance learning is being used by just about everyone involved ineducational learning, career and personal development. From highschool students, to those involved in higher education- college/university, the military, and the government, to those pursuingcontinuing education, corporate training, personal training andalltime learning. Distance learning is being used for multiple purposes: To reach underserved and advanced students … Read more

Why the emergence of Distant Learning Education?

Why the emergence of Distant Learning for Undergraduate, Post Graduateand general Education? It's been said that the biggest motivation behind distance learninghas been social changes. Over the years, individuals, institutions,businesses, and the military continuously seek alternative means toachieve higher education as they strive to cope with the lifestylesand the changing demands of the economies and … Read more

Would you consider Distance Learning Education for Masters Degree Program

Have you thought of distance learning education as an alternative medium to acquire your Bachelors,Masters or PhD program? Distance learning online is a concept I consider interesting, and would like us to discuss about it. I intend to take the topic in bits. So I’ll be writing more on distance learning in coming publication. Firstly … Read more

A letter to readers: A slight shift at blisscareer.blogspot.com

Dear reader/subscriber, Over the past few years, I've been researchingand writing about scholarships for Nigeria and International students,as my way of giving without asking for something in return (and it'ssomething I love doing). I've recieved a few thank you and encouragingcomments/emails that get me motivated externally, to keep researchingand writing. It's been an exiting adventure … Read more