10 Steps: How to Apply for Scholarships for international students

how to apply for scholarship

How can I apply for a scholarship?” This is one question on the minds of international students which we get asked at least five times every day by students. It’s been established that organizations, governments, and universities around the world award scholarships worth millions of dollars to African students to study for undergraduate, master’s, and … Read more

How a U Visa Can Help You Stay and Work in the U.S. After Your Studies

Going through the complexities of U.S. immigration law can be daunting. Especially for international students who wish to stay and work after completing their studies. One potential pathway for these students is the U Visa, which offers several benefits and opportunities. This article explores how a U Visa can help you transition from a student … Read more

20+ Scholarships in Belgium for International Students (+Fully Funded)

Looking for scholarships in Belgium for international students? You just found it. Belgium is a country that can offer you a fantastic study experience. It is wonderfully multicultural and would be a fantastic choice for international student. Known for its high quality of life, healthcare and education, the country ranks as one of the safest … Read more

Did you know that Google, Apple, IBM, Bank of America, Starbucks no longer require university degree? Here are 7 Top Skills Companies Now look for in Graduates

Google developer Africca

Did you know that Google, Apple, IBM, Bank of America, Starbucks and some other global companies no longer require a university degree for their job positions? Everyone is talking today about 21st century skills young people will need in the workplace. Conventional wisdom has been that students need to study STEM courses (that is Science, Technology, Engineering and Math). … Read more

School Enterprise Challenge for Schools, Teachers & Students ($50,000 in Prize) 2024

school enterprise challenge

Teach a Man to Fish (TAMTF) School Enterprise Challenge is a student-led business start-up awards programme for schools around the world. Application Deadlines: Here are the deadlines for the initial competitions we are hosting:  Step 1: Business Idea 2nd July 2024 22nd October 2024  Step 2: Business Plan 3rd September 2024 3rd December 2024  Step … Read more

MTN Foundation Scholarship Schemes (Science & Technology/Scholarship for Blind Students) 2024 for Nigerian Students

MTN Foundation announced its 2024 Scholarship Schemes for Nigerian Students. Application Deadline: 15th July 2024 Eligible Countries: Nigeria About the Award: The MTN Scholarship Scheme is an annual scholarship award that seeks to recognize and reward qualified high performing students. It is made up of the MTN Science and Technology Scholarship Scheme (MTN STSS) MTN … Read more