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10 Top Best Languages to Learn and Free Online Language Courses to Learn them FAST!

The art of communication is one vital component of life. There are over 6,500 languages spoken in the world today. You will be very limited if you don’t have the ability to communicate in multiple languages. language help you to effectively communicate your thoughts, desires, and feelings to your world. Most people have not truly come to the full importance of communication. It is pride and arrogance for you to think you will travel round the world and expect everyone to understand your native language.

In order to get the best experiences in life as you travel round the world whether on grounds of business, academics, jobs and career, it is important that you have a willingness and desire to adapt to a new way of life. One way to achieve this is by learning new languages. One of the most frustrating things that can happen to you as an individual, is finding yourself in a country and not being able to communicate in the country.

It is not a kind of experience you want to find yourself in. In the times we live in now, your ability to communicate in diverse languages gives you an edge in the global business community. One way to build long-lasting international business relationships, is your ability to communicate with your clients in their native language. 

Over the years I have discovered that one of the major reasons that has stopped so many people from learning other languages is because they don’t know the importance of learning it. That is to say they don’t know THE WHY. A wise man once said “if your WHY is big enough, the HOW becomes very easy”

Why learn another language?

  • Opens you up to more job opportunities.

Having the ability to communicate in one or two languages can increase your employment prospect. The world is evolving so fast and more companies seek to do business in all countries of the world. They cannot achieve all of this without hiring people with a global perspective who have the ability to communicate in two or more languages. You can position yourself by learning other languages.

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  • Boosts your brain

Studies have revealed that speaking a second language has a cognitive benefit. It helps improve your memory, it positions you to have a long memory life span and also reduces the risk of cognitive decline related to age.

  • Gives you a broader perspective into other cultures

There is a strong relationship between language and culture. Learning the language of a people, gives you an insight into their culture. Trying to understand your own perspective alone will short-circuit your experience in life.

  • It makes you a better learner

When you take out time to learn a new language, you will discover that it is actually easier than you initially thought it to be. As you engage in the process deliberately, you will figure out diverse ways to learn more effectively and efficiently. You will eventually develop language hacks.


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Trying to figure out the foreign language to learn from among the over 6,500 languages that exist in the world can be a tough task to achieve. We have put together the 10 Top best language we believe you should learn.


Spanish is the second most commonly spoken language in the world. When it comes to hitting international business deals, it is a major language to be learnt. A recent study conducted by language experts reveal that Spanish is one of the most demanded foreign language every global personality should learn. They also revealed that: although learning a new language can be difficult sometimes, but the Spanish Language is one of the easiest languages to learn by English learners. With consistency and deliberate action, you are on your way to being able to communicate in Spanish in a time frame of 6 months.

Where to learn Spanish

There are a lot of programs out there


French is also another major language commonly spoken in Canada, France, Switzerland, Morocco. As a matter of fact, over 220 million people speak French. A basic and intermediate language experience in French in highly valuable as it is a language spoken in five continents of the world. Your ability to communicate in both French and English will be of great competitive advantage to you in the Job market.

There are a lot of programs online you can leverage on to learn French


This is not a language that will quickly come to your mind when trying to consider languages to learn. But the fact remains that; Japan is one of the strongest economic forces when it come to Science and Technology. Being able to communicate in the Japanese language will be advantageous to you. There are currently over 130 million people who speak the Japanese language.

            You can leverage the following to learn the Japanese language


You can never go wrong with trying to learn this language as it is the language of fashion, art, classical music, culinary dishes, and top economic brands. It is best described as the language of Romance (Romeo and Juliet). Its Phonetic sounds and verb tenses and structure is similar to that of English Language as such this makes it easier to learn it. In addition to learning the language, you will also get caught up in learning Italian nonverbal gestures.

Take advantage of the following to learn the Italian language for free


The Mandarin language is another major language you need to consider learning as China is outranking the United States as each day passes by in terms of GDP with its powerful economy. When it comes to a foreign language that has more Job opportunities, then the Mandarin Language is the best to learn. It is one of the most demanded languages after English. It has over 1 billion speakers. The land of Hong Kong, Singapore and Taiwan are beautiful lands where you can have an exciting learning experience of the Mandarin language. The truth is that Mandarin is one of the most challenging languages to learn as such it will be wise to opt for long term programs and even travel to locations where it is widely spoken.

Learn Mandarin through the following links below:


Learning the Portuguese language gives you an edge in the world of Science, Trade, Education and diplomacy. Brazil is the largest contributor to the economy of Latin America. It is a language you will easily flow with. It is the cousin of Spanish language as such it is good to learn it for Trade and Romance. It is one of the easiest languages to learn.

Learn Portuguese using the following links:


This is another best language to learn. It is also one of the foreign languages that offers best job opportunities. If you are interested in intelligence, refugee work, business, diplomacy on a global scale, then Arabic is a language you most have to learn. There are quite a number of Arabic Language schools abroad, in northern African countries, Middle Eastern Countries and South West Asia where you can learn the Arabic language from. Language Experts have revealed that learning the Arabic Language practically guarantees future success as there are over 20 Arabic Speaking Countries in the world with over 300 million people who speak Arabic. Having the Ability to communicate in Arabic gives you quite a number of options when trying to figure out which country to reside in abroad

            Learn the Arabic language using the following links


Korea is one of the major players in the Economic world and when it comes to global matters. Having the ability to communicate in Korean will give you a strong edge in the economic world and even politically. Their alphabetical system may look quite difficult but it can actually be learnt within the couple of an hour. The pronunciation is also quite straightforward with no raising and falling intonations to get you all worked up.

The place to learn the Korean language is in Korea. However other resources you can leverage on include:


One of the best experiences you can ever get is learning the language of arts and music in Austria, Germany or Switzerland. Germany is the main country that boasts the economy of the European Union. There are over 100 million people who speak the German language. Language experts describe it as one of the best foreign languages to learn.

Learn the German language using the links below:


The Russian language is the 8th most common language in the world. The economy of Russian grows exponentially every year as such learn the Russian language gives you an advantage when it comes to global issues and business matters. There is hardly any part of the world you go to that you will not find people who speak the Russian language.

The best place to learn the Russian language is in Ukraine or Latvia. I will advise you study Russian Abroad. It gives you a firsthand experience and confidence in the language.

Leverage on the following links to learn the Russian language:

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