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Scholarships in Japan

Every year, application opens for Japan scholarships for international students from Africa and developing countries every year.

These include MEXT scholarship, Japanese government scholarship, etc for undergraduate, master or PhD/doctoral degrees.

Studying In Japan

A handful of university courses in Japan are only available in Japanese. However, a small number of universities offer four-year undergraduate degrees with courses taught entirely in English. Most international students are expected to study Japanese at a language school before proceeding to their major program.

Cost Of Living

The monthly living expenses in Japan for international students including tuition amount to 138,000 yen. Living expenses in regions like Shikoku region are at 104,000 yen, Kanto region with the living expenses of 154,000 yen, on the other hand, is more expensive to live in.

Sadly, international students spend more on food because of the difference in the available delicacy in Japan. 40,000 yen may be set aside for feeding.

National schools and universities charge the lowest tuition, and tuition will be the same regardless of the subject taken. Public universities by a slight margin cost more while the private schools do have different tuition costs for different courses

Start here to apply for scholarships in Japan for African students, developing countries and international students, from around the world.

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