West Africa scholarship

Are you an African student who is interested in pursuing her studies in any part of Africa but concerned about the financial constraints? Okay, no more worries. We have compiled West Africa scholarship for students from Africa searching to study anywhere in Africa. And some of these scholarships are fully funded grants, while others are waiver scholarships with fees, etc.

Top 10 West Africa Scholarship Opportunities for African Students

  1. The Queen Elizabeth Commonwealth Scholarship at the University of Rwanda, 2020

Are you a National from a Developing country? If so, the University of Rwanda will offer the Queen Elizabeth Commonwealth Prize for the year 2020. Candidates must be a resident of a Commonwealth country other than the country awarding the prize (or have refugee status in it).

  1. Addis Ababa Science & Technology University Funding Opportunities in Ethiopia

Want to get a scholarship? Here’s your chance. The Addis Ababa University of Science and Technology is offering funding opportunities for the academic year. The grants pay for the thematic fields it recognizes on strategic grounds, depending on the national priority areas for growth.

  1. China-Africa Friendship General Scholar Program at Wuhan University 2020

The Chinese Government Award — China-Africa Friendship Program is a fully-funded role that the Ministry of Education has created. The Education Award is intended to support Chinese colleges in recruiting excellent international students from African Countries to China for six-month general research.

  1. DAAD In-Country / In-Region program at Hawassa University, Ethiopia

Hawassa University is pleased to announce the In-Country / In-Region DAAD plan for the 2020 academic year. Such awards are given to persons who plan to pursue teaching and/or research career at a higher education institution in sub-Saharan Africa for development-related masters or doctoral studies.

  1. Scholarships at Africa University in Zimbabwe, 2020

Students in need of housing grants may qualify for the 2020 Africa University Opportunity s services. Such incentives are only open for residents of Zimbabwe. Participants may register through the Financial Aid Department to qualify for programs. Africa University is a residential, self-governing, and autonomous body.

  1. ALU funding for Young Conservation Leaders at Reimagining University in Rwanda

While they strive to empower and grow the next generation of African leaders, Reimagining University offers ALU grants for Young Conservation Leaders. The university will give up to 25 vacancies which are fully funded. The Young Conservation Leaders ALU grant program is made available to approved applicants.

  1. The Jim Ovia Foundation Leaders Scholarship at Ashesi University, Ghana

Ashesi University is proud to announce its The Jim Ovia Foundation Leaders Scholarship if you want to pursue higher education. The award is a collaboration to train young Africans to lead the world between the Jim Ovia Foundation and the Africa-America Institute.

  1. Ghana Technology University College President’s Awards

Want to have your college financially secure? Bonne Nouvelle! Ghana Technology University College is pleased to announce the bursary for GTUC Chairman. The research program is available for students only from Ghana. It is to provide the University community with clear criteria for awarding the grants.

  1. Queen Elizabeth Commonwealth Scholarship at the University of Uganda, 2020

Would you wish to receive a study grant? The application for a Queen Elizabeth Commonwealth Scholarship is now available for the academic year 2020-2021! The University of Uganda funds the study program. Also, candidates from Uganda must be eligible to apply for the study prize.

  1. PhD Student Position Additive Manufacturing in Tool for Engineering Microstructures and Mechanical Behaviour for International Students

In Resource for Engineering Microstructures and Mechanical Actions provided by the Paul Scherrer Institute, proposals are approved by excellent students for the PhD Category Additive Manufacturing. The scholarship is valid at the Institute in Switzerland for domestic and international candidates who plan to pursue a PhD programme.

Brief on Scholarships

Today, you can begin your journey for a higher degree with a partially funded or a fully funded West African Scholarship. The goal of these funded scholarships is to help West African students in their undergraduate, postgraduate and master’s studies. These scholarships are awarded to outstanding students from the West African countries.


To qualify for a scholarship you must;

  • Have a first-class bachelor’s degree from a West African university and fulfill your selected course’s admission requirements, including English language proficiency
  • Intention to begin your study course in September
  • Be a national from, and residing in, one African country
  • Include a one-page statement of intent with your initial application. This should include your eligibility for the award, your motivation to take the course and come to the United Kingdom and any relevant extracurricular / work experience.


Today there are Several African scholarships are accessible for African graduates, including policy scholarships, Commonwealth scholarships, and university bursaries. This is important because opportunities abound for many young graduates from Africa. Also, students who find it difficult to keep up with school expenses but show promising academic records are being rewarded and encouraged to finish their studies through these various scholarship schemes.

Lastly, the West Africa Scholarship Program is competitively awarded. Based on academic achievement, every recognition will be given to the graduates. The aim argument will be used to better assess students more.

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