Research Africa

Research Africa offers comprehensive, global news coverage of science, technology, and innovation policies as well as the use of research to provide solutions to the development needs of Africa. As seen in the number of funding opportunities open to researchers, Africa is a large and fast-growing market for research.

Research Africa is a source of information about sponsors of funding programs for African science and development research and gives you details of all their call for funding applications. Senior researchers, research managers, administrators and anyone interested in their institutions, countries, and international agencies ‘ science and innovation research strategy exist to be informed.

Research Africa also carries out various training consultancies and professional development programs in the field of advancement of research management and capacity building. Research Africa counts among its many subscribers and users universities, government departments, research institutes, think tanks and development agencies from 24 African countries, and continues to grow its client base.

Research Africa Scholarships & Funding Opportunities

There are several scholarships and funding opportunities that are available and open to the Research Africa Program. Below are the top ten;

  1. Spanish Ministry for Foreign Affairs and Cooperation

Together with the persistence of problems such as poverty, AIDS and threats to peace and security, the advance of democratic systems and the dynamics of regional integration are opening up new scenarios for international collaboration and African progress. In this framework, the Spanish Government is concentrating its attention on the Sahel, West African and Horn of Africa regions, while neglecting the SADC member nations and, of course, Equatorial Guinea.

  1. USAID

USAID in Africa focuses on ending extreme poverty by removing growth constraints, promoting food security, transforming public health, increasing opportunities for women and youth, responding to humanitarian emergencies while building resilience to future crises and promoting low-emission growth and sustainable development.

  1. The World bank

They offer policy advice, research and analysis, and technical assistance to developing countries. Their theoretical research also underpins financing from the World Bank and helps guide own contributions from developing countries. We also help capacity-building in the countries where we represent. We also sponsor, host, or participate in many development conferences and forums, often in collaboration with partners.

  1. Swedish Development Agency (Sida)

The creation of income opportunities, poverty reduction and the strengthening of democracy

  1. Opportunity for Africans

Opportunity for Africans (OFA) is an online information platform aimed to link Africans to the growing resources of the latest existence. The platform Resources for Africans offers life-changing resources for Africans such as grants, fellowships, internships, seminars, careers, tournaments, volunteering and other life-changing opportunities: The OFA site was created to help Africans achieve their potential by embracing the new opportunities around the globe.

  1. Volkswagen Foundation

The Foundation’s financing program “Knowledge for Tomorrow–Sub-Saharan Africa Cooperative Research Projects” seeks to contribute to the development of research and science capability in sub-Saharan Africa. Today, the emphasis is on junior and senior postdoctoral students, who should be undertaking their own research projects when located at African universities–and who should ultimately develop their academic career at these institutions.

  1. Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA)

Higher education institutions carry strong demands in today’s knowledge-based society to play a role in research and development, education, and social contribution— a role, that is, as “intellectual hubs” of knowledge and information. Higher education institutions often play an increasingly vital role in meeting the expectations of the community in promoting human resources, especially highly skilled professionals and researchers to help to manufacture, lead nation-building, lift the intellectual level of society and contribute to industrial and regional development.

With globalization, it has become increasingly clear that institutions of higher education in developing countries cannot thrive in isolation from outside. Accordingly, there is a strong move to establish educational and research activities by establishing academic networks of exchange with institutions and researchers in other countries to allow the joint use of the respective advantages.

  1. Trust Africa

TrustAfrica seeks to strengthen African initiatives that tackle the continent’s most difficult challenges. TrustAfrica works primarily through collaboration and partnership with institutions and donors with similar interests. We are dedicated to developing and testing new concepts, as a tool and convener. We also strive to practice and promote good governance among our grant-holders.

  1. International Development Research Centre

Main Objectives

  • Environment and Agriculture
  • Innovation and Technology
  • Inclusive Economies
  1. The Andrew W. Mellon Foundation

Sound higher education structures and cultural institutions are important for developing and maintaining stable policies and cultures in both evolving and more developed regions of the globe.

How to Apply

In order to successfully apply for this scholarship you will have keep tags with their website. Basically you will be required to fill out a registration form and wait for the next phase. This usually takes anywhere from 3 – 4 business days.


To be eligible for the research Africa scholarship award and funding opportunity;

  • You must be a registered citizen of an African country
  • You must be a registered member of the research Africa programme.
  • You must be in an African University to participate

The research Africa initiative is a laudable project and an initiative set up to improve and enhance research across Africa. As such interested students are advised to sign up for their scholarship program as it opens up boundless opportunities to improve the standard of living all across Africa.


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