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Below is a list of some common African awards:

  1. The African Excellence Awards

One award that has held up to its vision from inception is the African Excellence Awards. This was set up with the aim of honoring the outstanding achievements of those in the communications profession.

  1. Africa Association Awards

While still in its second year since inception, the African Association Awards has remained to be the association award with the rating of possessing the best successes and practices. The body of this platform recognizes leaders and individuals who have made contributions to the world around them.

  1. Confederation of African Football Awards

In the world of African football, CAF is one prestigious channel that every African footballer looks up to having a prize from. Just as the name implies, the Confederation of African Football celebrates African footballers as well as officials who have played their roles beyond par in the year’s football competition.

  1. African Achievers Awards

The aim of every award platform is sometimes communicated through the name they bear. While African Excellence awards recognize excellence in the field of communications, African Achievers Awards acknowledges the achievements of Africans in the categories mentioned below:

  1. All Africa Music Awards

The All Africa Music Awards, AFRIMA, as an awards organization recognized the excellence of music artists and all entertainers in the music industry. The annual awards event was established by the International Committee AFRIMA, alongside the African Union.

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