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If well examined, for every effort played in all aspects of life, there is a prize that follows. While these prizes usually vary, there is one thing they all share in common, which is recognition. It can be said that the primary aim of awarding people is to recognize and acknowledge their efforts in whatsoever role they have in making life better.

Since awarding excellence has been the practice, in the past decades, Africans had taken a step forward, giving acknowledgments to those who had worked for and deserves it. Africa, being an indigenous black continent, has awards that are basically and strictly for black people. The latter mentioned is what we’d be discussing in this context.

Brief on African Awards

African awards were set up with the aim of promoting love amongst all African countries as well as recognizing people who had played a significant role in taking Africans forward.

Below is a list of some common African awards:

  1. The African Excellence Awards

One award that has held up to its vision from inception is the African Excellence Awards. This was set up with the aim of honoring the outstanding achievements of those in the communications profession.

One thing the award has fostered is an excellent networking forum for every attendee, thereby making it possible for all attendees to create a good acquaintance. Furthermore, the platform takes a good look into the achievement of Africans going the extra mile in making communications in Africa stand out.

The recognition and acknowledgment awards presented make a body of the global implementation of Excellence Awards which is also practiced in Latin America, Europe, North America as well Asia-Pacific.

  1. Africa Association Awards

While still in its second year since inception, the African Association Awards has remained to be the association award with the rating of possessing the best successes and practices. The body of this platform recognizes leaders and individuals who have made contributions to the world around them.

African Association Awards is also one of the nonprofit projects where nominees do not pay any amount to contest or attend if their names get shortlisted. In response to that, many organizations and societies worldwide make tangible contributions to the success of every year’s award.

African Association Award Categories

Noting that the platform recognizes a non-categorized set of people, it is important to examine the categories usually selected from.

  • Association Leader of the Year
  • Best Association Conference (below 200 attendees)
  • Best Association Conference (200+ attendees)
  • Best Membership Initiative
  • Best Association of the Year
  1. Confederation of African Football Awards

In the world of African football, CAF is one prestigious channel that every African footballer looks up to having a prize from. Just as the name implies, the Confederation of African Football celebrates African footballers as well as officials who have played their roles beyond par in the year’s football competition.

The Confederation has set up diverse categories that would be awarded; this has continually recognized the exceptional contributions of outstanding footballers and officials alike. The categories are:

  • African Player of the Year
  • Coach of the Year
  • Youth Player of the Year
  • National Team of the Year
  • The goal of the Year
  • Africa Finest XI
  • Federation of the Year, and lot more other categories which have fostered effectiveness and competitiveness amongst teams.
  1. African Achievers Awards

The aim of every award platform is sometimes communicated through the name they bear. While African Excellence awards recognize excellence in the field of communications, African Achievers Awards acknowledges the achievements of Africans in the categories mentioned below:

  • Community development
  • Leadership, arts & culture
  • Business & entrepreneurship
  • Agriculture
  • Community service
  • Rural development, and

The organization was innovative of  Lawyer Tonye Rex Idaminabo. Following the commencement of recognition, in 2011, Archbishop Desmond Tutu was recognized and awarded for his courageous fights for justice, peace and human rights.

  1. All Africa Music Awards

The All Africa Music Awards, AFRIMA, as an awards organization recognized the excellence of music artists and all entertainers in the music industry. The annual awards event was established by the International Committee AFRIMA, alongside the African Union.

The organization has upheld unity in African Music as all creators of musical works and talents across the continents can easily collaborate in a bid to promote African cultural heritage.

In 2014, the platform held its pioneering award event which was presided over by the International Committee of AFRIMA; consisting of five regions:  Eastern Africa, Central Africa, SADEC, Western Africa and Northern Africa. These officials are usually experienced professionals from various departments in the African music and entertainment industry.

In a bid to promote democracy even, AFRIMA allows the general public to choose their choice artists for awards that they have been nominated for. There are over 30 awards for the five African regions. The awards are genre and regional based.

How to apply

The mode of application into any of the African Awards is a serial one as outlined below

  • Register on the online application platform for your choice award
  • Check through the online application checklist
  • Choose the right category for your project
  • Fill out your application online
  • Upload supporting material
  • Submit your application online

This does not in any way assert that these are the only African awards, they are just a few to mention. While these platforms have kept up to their standard and vision over the years, they also make themselves open to further progress and there seem to be dimensional changes as the year passes by.

Lastly, the aforementioned mode of application is not applicable to all, like in case of AFRIMA which is not an online application, rather based on artists’ efforts in the industry.

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