Apply For The Pulitzer Center Africa Impact Seed Fund (ISF) 2024 For Educators And Researchers.

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Applications are now open for the 2024 Pulitzer Center Africa Impact Seed Fund (ISF). This fund supports educational and engagement initiatives that focus on critical issues facing our ecosystems and communities. The 2024 ISF is particularly interested in proposals that center on rainforests, oceans, and climate change, with a special emphasis on how these issues intersect with vulnerable communities and workers. 

The Impact Seed Funding (ISF) is a microscale grant that the Pulitzer Center provides to support education, research, or scientific activities aimed at enhancing perspectives and knowledge within the university community, specifically for students and educators. The ISF encourages a deeper understanding of complex problems and promotes the exploration of solutions and innovations to address the impact of human activities on rainforests, oceans, and the climate crisis. 

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To be eligible for the funding, all proposals must use at least one story reported by Pulitzer Center-supported journalists and explain how it will be relevant to the project.

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Application Deadline

The application deadline for the Pulitzer Center Africa Impact Seed Fund (ISF) 2024 For Educators And Researchers is May 27, 2024.


ISF grants range from USD $2,500 to $4,500 with different budget sizes in every regional opportunity, so applicants have to read through guidelines that are appropriate to their region or country. They expect projects to be implemented within four months of approval.  

What is funded?

  • Collaborative projects with Pulitzer Center-supported journalists or multi-disciplinary educators;
  • Collaborative projects with the most affected local communities, such as knowledge exchange activities, student immersive learnings, biodiversity expeditions, and citizen journalism;
  • Insertion of results into teaching materials, campus debates, hackathons on social issues, student-led debates, and dialogues;
  • Support for webinar series, and seminars;
  • Production and dissemination of visual content to support learning aids (short videos, documentaries, podcasts);
  • Small exhibitions on campus, such as photo exhibits or film screenings; Journalism workshops for student press clubs;
  • Communication activities to promote citizenship related to the proposed themes; Support for research activities:
  • Adoption of data to improve the accuracy of ongoing research, and insertion of data or knowledge in a book chapter.

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Eligibility requirements for the Pulitzer Center Africa Impact Seed Fund

  • Applicants should be university professors or researchers based in an institution. 
  • Applicants are welcome to propose a project through a consortium of educators from universities in one or more regions of the country. 

For more information on the eligibility criteria, visit the official webpage. 


Application process: April – May 27, 2024

  1. Selection process: May 27 – Jul 27, 2024
  2. Grants announcement: July 31, 2024
  3. Briefing and grants administration: August 1 – Aug 14, 2024
  4. Implementation duration: August 1 – December 2024
  5. Project closure: December 7 – 31, 2024
  6. Project Reporting: January 2025

For More Information visit the official webpage.

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