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Microsoft Tuition Scholarship

Microsoft scholarship is a venture and initiative which seeks to support and encourage students to develop a passion for and pursue a career in computer science as well as other related STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) courses and discipline. Usually, Microsoft gives this scholarship to select students who have over time shown a considerable passion for academic excellence, leadership, and technology. In the past, this scholarship used to be open to university students who reside in Canada, Mexico, and USA.

Usually, Microsoft tends to favor and prioritize those applications that have been able to demonstrate commendable and exceptional work in leadership as regards to the rapid promotion of those STEM disciplines in their respective universities.

On a side note, there are actually other scholarships that Microsoft offers apart from this tuition scholarship. The other ones include; General scholarship, blacks at Microsoft scholarship,  Women’s scholarship and a special scholarship for students with disabilities.

The Blacks at Microsoft (BAM( scholarship bears the most similarity to the regular tuition scholarship offered by Microsoft. However, it still has some differences with the tuition scholarship. For example, it is only awarded to seniors in high school and is even renewable for a period of up to four years. Microsoft fixes an amount of $5,000 on each award. The applicants for this award must be working towards applying for and eventually obtaining a bachelor’s degree. However, individuals who are in the process of starting a two-year community college can also apply.

Know more about Microsoft Tuition Scholarship

Microsoft usually has some objectives in mind while choosing recipients for this scholarship. Their major aim is to select students who will be able to put in the required work and effort necessary for taking the software industry to the next level.

Underrepresented groups are usually encouraged to pursue areas of study in STEM as Microsoft normally places great value on a broad/diverse range of contributions and perspectives. A special commitment is shown in the offering of this scholarship to students from backgrounds that have a low representation in the technical field over the years.

For Microsoft tuition scholarship, applicants who become awardees usually enjoy the full benefits. As regards the scholarship money, the following are usually attainable; Recipients of the Microsoft tuition scholarship are entitled to full or partial tuition which will cover for one academic year. The amount provided by Microsoft will be dependent on the cost of the recipient’s fees as confirmed by the financial aid office at the college or university. Also, Microsoft will make a one-time payment to the recipient’s stated school. This sum paid by Microsoft is not transferrable to any other academic institution. Finally, the recipient has the responsibility of ensuring that the funds disbursed by Microsoft are used only to cover the recipient’s tuition and not the other costs which he/she might have listed on the bursar form such as beds, boards, etc.

It should come as no surprise that Microsoft follows strict and ordered criteria while selecting recipients for it’s an award. Usually, some factors make up these criteria. These factors include; a level of conformity to the stated eligibility policy, the perceived quality of the student’s application, a passionate demonstrated interest in the software industry, financial needs and academic excellence.

Applicants must apply for a summer internship with Microsoft. This internship doubles as a great opportunity and platform to benefit both the academic journey as well as the future employment prospects of the applicant. Microsoft offers a paid internship and the selected interns would be required to work in Redmond for a period of 12 weeks.


In order for an individual to become a recipient for the Microsoft tuition award, he/she must fully meet and satisfy the following criteria;

  • Must be enrolled as a full-time student in a bachelor’s degree program at a recognized four- year university or college which must be located in United States, Mexico or Canada as at the time the application is submitted.
  • A high demonstrated record of academic achievement/excellence. Due to the fact that the Microsoft tuition scholarship is based on merit, any interested applicant must maintain a cumulative grade point average of 3.0 out of a possible 4.0 or a cumulative grade point average of 4.0 out of a possible 5.0.
  • The intending applicant must have shown a level of satisfactory progress towards an undergraduate degree in computer engineering, computer science or even a related STEM course/discipline.

How to Apply

As at the time this article was written, the application for the Microsoft tuition scholarship was closed. The application portal will be open by January 2020. Individuals who wish to apply should visit the scholarship’s website at that time to be fully acquainted with the scholarship procedure.

Available Courses of Study

The Microsoft tuition scholarship is open to students looking to forge a career in computer engineering, computer science, and other STEM-related disciplines.

Through this scholarship, Microsoft has been able to contribute it’s own quota to human capacity building all around the world. This scholarship has catered for several students who have then gone ahead to be trailblazers and pacesetters in their respective fields.