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Microsoft Research is an organization founded by the multinational tech giant Microsoft with a mission to solve severe world problems through technological advancements in collaboration with academic, government, and other research institutions.

To fully achieve this goal, Microsoft Research organized a team of over 1,000 computer scientists, physicists, mathematicians, and engineers who also possess Turing award, Fields medals, Dijkstra prizes, and MacArthur Fellows.

The combined intellect of these researchers has helped Microsoft acquire the largest share of 154,000 worldwide AI Patents with Microsoft having an unbelievable %20 share.

Academic programmes

Microsoft Research has put a few academic programs in place to encourage future innovators to learn and grow. These academic programs include:

  1. Microsoft AI Residency Program

This program aims to gather a fresh batch of innovative thinkers, researchers, engineers, applied scientists, as well as candidates who are passionate about working on AI technologies to solve most of the world’s biggest problems.


Throughout this year-long program, candidates will

  • Gain real-world experience while working with renowned Microsoft researchers, engineers, and product teams.
  • Learn how to develop and execute AI techniques and solutions across a range of areas such as productivity, healthcare, gaming, and scientific discovery.
  • Benefit from a rich program of training and mentorship.
  • Be part of a vibrant AI and machine learning team in Cambridge, UK, or Redmond, WA.
  1. Research Fellows (RF) Program at Microsoft Research India

The Research Fellows (RF) Program at Microsoft Research India exposes young and curious minds from India to world-class research and ultramodern advances in technology. The program aims to support Indian students who aspire to build a professional career in research, engineering, and entrepreneurship.


Selected candidates will

  • Learn to solve theoretical problems.
  • Stretch the limits of AI
  • Create new programming languages
  • Perform fieldwork in rural India
  • Invent communication and sensing hardware
  • Optimize database queries
  • Build software systems.
  1. Undergraduate Research Internship – Computing

This program is a 12-week summer internship specifically designed for University/college seniors or graduates and is specially offering them the opportunity to work with some award-winning researchers at one of Microsoft’s research labs.


During the internship program, students will

  • Put inquiry and theories into practice with fellow interns and some of the world’s best researchers.
  • Contribute to ongoing research and development strides.
  • Be paired with mentors and are expected to collaborate with other interns and researchers to contribute to the vibrant life of the research community.

Microsoft research Fellowships

The Microsoft Research fellowship has decided to expand its funding support by creating additional awards designed to support diverse individuals to obtain a degree in computing-related fields, and also sustain young faculties.

Below is a brief overview of the current functional Fellowships:

Ada Lovelace Fellowship

The Ada Lovelace Fellowship aims to support talented individuals to attain advanced degrees in computing-related fields.

Interested applicants’ research courses must be closely related to the research topics carried out by Microsoft Research which are: Systems & Networking, Machine Learning, Computer Vision, and Robotics as well as courses related to them.

The fellowship award will include an annual stipend of $42,000 which will cover tuition fees and other expenses for a maximum of three years.

PhD Fellowship

The Microsoft Research PhD Fellowship is a two-year program for PhD students in any North American university who are undergoing research courses related to those carried out by Microsoft research.

These courses include system & networking, machine learning, computer vision, robotics, and any AI-related courses.

The award covers tuition and fees for two years and includes an annual stipend of $42,000.

Faculty Fellowship

The  Faculty Fellowship is built to support faculty members who have acquired their PhD or DSc degrees less than five years ago and are now engaged in innovative research and also teach at a North American university.

Fellow faculty members will receive an annual grant of $100,000 to support their research for the next two years.

Microsoft Research grants/awards

PhD Scholarship Programme in EMEA

The Microsoft Research PhD program consists of an annual grant that will be given to PhD supervisors and students for collaborative research work at the Microsoft Research Centre in Cambridge.

Nationality: Europe, Middle East, and Africa.

Eligibility: For an application to be considered, the following essential requirements must be met:

  1. The institute agrees to the terms and conditions in the PhD Term Sheet and EPSRC Term Sheet where appropriate, and there will be no negotiation once the selections have been made and communicated.
  2. Applicants must be nominated by a Microsoft supervisor to be eligible to apply.
  3. The proposed research must be closely related to the research themes at Microsoft Research in Cambridge:
  4. Applications should be submitted by PhD supervisors only, not students.

There is no doubt that Microsoft will be one of the global leaders who will be responsible for bringing the future to the present. They have spent billions of dollars in innovation and development and are showing no signs of slowing down anytime soon.

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