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Erasmus Mundus Scholarship

Erasmus Mundus Joint Master’s Degree Scholarship (EMJMDs) for study in Europe is a scholarship funded by the European Union and awarded to students (individuals and organizations) coming from both the EU and Non-EU countries. The countries are divided into two: Programme Countries and Partnership Countries. It is good to know that EMJMDs may offer a higher number of scholarships to Partner Country students.

This scholarship is offered annually and is to be taken at the European Universities participating under the approved Erasmus Mundus Action Joint Programme. Furthermore, the scholarship is only for Masters and Doctorate degrees.

The courses covered for the scholarship

They include the following:

  • Agriculture and Veterinary
  • Engineering, Manufacture and Construction
  • Health and Welfare
  • Humanities and Arts
  • Science
  • Mathematics and Computing
  • Social Sciences
  • Business and


The Erasmus Mundus Joint Programme criteria include the following:

  1. The applicant must have already obtained a first degree or an equivalent level of learning according to the rules and regulations governing the country. This must be in place by January 2020 for the commencement of the programme.
  2. The programme offers full-time scholarships and fellowships that include the monthly allowances, tuition fees, cost of library and laboratory, cost of participation, cost of traveling and installation, full insurance coverage, and any other mandatory costs related to the programme. The amount for each scholarship varies depending on the level of studies, duration of studies and nationalities of the scholars.
  3. While Programme Countries are eligible for all actions of EMJMD, Partnership Countries can only partake in some of the benefits and are subject to some conditions. Partnership countries include countries neighboring the EU, ranging from Regions 1 to 14.
  4. Non-EU students are offered higher scholarship than EU students. This means that the scholarship students resident in the EU countries does not qualify for the monthly allowances. In addition, students resident in partnership countries spending part of the EMMC course in any of the partner countries are not entitled to the monthly subsistence allowance.
  5. Studies must take place in at least, two of the Programme Countries and part of the studies can take place in Partner Countries.
  6. Students from partner countries who have carried out their main studies or work for more than a total of 12 months over the last five years will be treated as programme country applicants.
  7. Students can maximally apply for three different joint programmes supported by the Erasmus Mundus scholarship for a given academic year.
  8. Former beneficiaries of Erasmus Mundus Joint Master’s Degree scholarship or the Masters/Doctoral Course scholarship holders are exempted from applying. Also, current beneficiaries are not qualified to benefit from any other European Union grant in the course or pursuant of their studies.
  9. The total number of scholarships awarded to Programme Countries is limited to 25% of the total number of the scholarships available.
  10. The Partnership Countries are awarded a minimum of 75% of the total scholarships.

Duration of the scholarship

The Erasmus Mundus Joint Master’s Degree is a study programme of 60, 90, or 120 European Credit Transfer and Accumulation System (ECTS) credits. The scholarship is specifically between the duration of a minimum of 12 months and a maximum of 24 months.

Academic Benefit

Upon successful completion of the programme, the students would be awarded a double degree, a joint degree (that is, one single degree certificate issued on behalf of at least, two higher education institutions of the Erasmus Mundus Joint Master’s Degree Consortium), or multiple degrees (that is, at least, two degree certificates issued by two higher education institutions of the consortium).

These degrees to be awarded are dependent on the modalities of the course and would officially be recognized in the countries awarding the degrees.

If there is a need to temporarily interrupt the studies, the student should contact the coordinator of the EMJMD. There has to be an agreement between the student and the coordinator before any interruption takes place.

There is no provision for students to work during the duration of the study as the programme provides enough resources to last the student for the duration of the programme.

How to Apply/ Application Procedure

Those eligible to apply (students, teachers, researchers, doctoral candidates, and other academic staff) should address their applications directly to the selected Erasmus Mundus Masters and Doctoral Programmes and to the selected Partnerships in accordance with the application conditions of the partnership.

However, the following are required to complete the procedure:

  • Field of study
  • Country
  • Universities
  • Year(s) of student intake
  • European Credit Transfer and Accumulation System (ECTS) credits and
  • Year of project selection