Top 10 Exciting Careers in Czech Republic

Situated in the heart of Europe, the Czech Republic is like a hidden jewel that many have not been able to find because it’s not just a country which sparks a light in people’s thoughts, particularly, expats. Many that know about the country and what it has to offer are among the millions who move to the country every year either for study, work or just vacation.

Working as an expat in the Czech Republic can be quite tasking and this is so, because of the language barrier which is one of the major challenges of the country since it’s not an English speaking country. Although the rate of employment is very high with a good economy, the Czech Republic is sure a place where you can look up to move and start your career.

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5 Things to Consider When Choosing a Career in Czech Republic

The Czech Republic is not one country that immediately comes to the mind of many people who wants to relocate abroad for work or study. Although the country may seem insignificant, there are many bright parts of the country and some of the things to consider when intending to move to the country are as follows:

  1. Is the country welcoming to foreigners:  the Czech Republic boosts of about a million foreigners who are country living in the country either for studies or working full time. The country has a huge expat community and it is easy for many foreigners to settle down and make friends in the country.
  2. The cost of living: cost of living in the Czech Republic is quite affordable and averagely the minimum salary rate is about 26,000 CZK per month which is about $1,000 USD. This amount is well enough for one to live on a high standard because the cost of food, housing, transportation and other basic needs are quite cheap and affordable.
  3. Working conditions: although as an expat, you would need to obtain a work permit with your visa but the working conditions in the country is quite satisfactory. The average working time permitted is about 40 hours each week without the inclusion of overtime. Also the Czechs are allowed about 20 days holiday per year aside the national holidays of the country. The overall working condition in the country is similar to the United Kingdom and it is easy to relate to and adjust with also.
  4. Language barrier: the language in this country is Czech and it would generally pose as a strong barrier for expat who have little or no knowledge at all of this language. For one to be able to converse with the locals and move about without having to seek for a translator, you need to be able to learn the language and which may be very difficult at the first glance.
  5. Employment rate: this employment rate is quite high in Czech Republic as many international companies are founded in the country. Companies such as Exxon Mobil, Deloitte Touche, and Zara and so on are located in the country creating employment opportunities. Aside these international brands, other notable domestic companies like the Skoda, Budweiser, Bata and many beer and shoe companies also creates job for many expats and locals.

10 Exciting Careers to Pursue in Czech Republic

The Czech Republic is known to house a lot of expats who are currently living in the country for studies or work. Even as there are many people there, there is still a constant demand for more workforces in the country. The Czech Republic is a sure place for foreigners to get a satisfying career for their skills and below are some of the prominent careers you may want to pursue.

  1. Law: is one career in Czech Republic which comes with a lot of regard, provided you have the skills to get your clients that are ready to pay. A successful lawyer in the country can earn about 80,000 CZK to 236,000 CZK while working in the country even as an expat.
  2. Orthodontists: are also among the list of exciting careers to take up in Czech Republic as they tend to be high revenue generators with a very high level of knowledge. The orthodontist is a genre of medicine which makes about 187,000 CZK per year.
  3. Teaching: any country with a good educational system would surely value the input of teachers. Czech Republic understands this and as such is always in high demand of qualified teachers and college professors in its educational system. Becoming a qualified teacher or professor is quite not easy and requires a lot of persistence and this boosts the reason why they earn about 166,000 CZK per year.
  4. Pilots: although they undergo rigorous training and programs which allows them to be responsible for the safety of many people who they are in charge of everyday. This career is quite exciting although it involves high risk and extensive experience before you can actually become a pilot. They earn up to 139,000 CZK each year.
  5. Real estate: in real estate careers, these persons tend to focus on the market trend for selling of personal or government owned properties to intended buyers. In Czech Republic, there are many available career options in real estate since; the country is not too conversant with the career just yet.
  6. Business marketing: these business marketers are quite in demand and one of the flexible and exciting jobs to take up in the Czech Republic. Many companies and businesses are always in need of professionals of this field to come and take up the ever available jobs. The marketers could make about 67,000 CZK per year and more if the opportunities arise.
  7. Banking and finance: where there is the need of money and transactions, of course professionals in the banking system are always in need.  Bankers and other financial workers make a lot of money in the Czech Republic and this is so because the amount of time put into this career is so intense and as such a good pay is what is needed and makes the job as exciting as possible.
  8. Web developers: in the Czech Republic, web developers as well as programmers are usually well sought after. As the world continues to go digital and the need of more online presence by creating websites, developing programs and so on, there is of course need to employ more people into the system. The salary scale of web developers cannot actually be placed on a particular figure in the Czech Republic because they can make as much as possible depending on the employers, location and also expertise.
  9. Financial consultants: these professionals are consulted for monetary matters, providing financial solutions and advices to their clients. One would surely need a lot of financial education to be successful in this career. Financial consultants can either start up their private business or work in private and government corporations where their services are required in the Czech Republic.
  10. IT specialists: just like the need of programmers, IT specialists are quite demanded and are said to be one of the lucrative and exciting careers in Czech Republic. The IT specialists usually work on their own terms not necessarily been attached to a company or business. The internet makes the world revolve and so is the job of IT specialists very important. As with the web developers, the salary scale of an IT specialist cannot be placed on a particular figure since they earn as they work.

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The Pros And Cons Of Working In Czech Republic

Every country of the world has its own good and bad sides and Czech Republic is no exception to this rule. Moving to the country for work may entail a lot of things and excitement is surely one of such things. Below are just a few of the pros and cons of living and working in Czech Republic.

Pros of living and working in Czech Republic:

  • If you plan to own your own business in Czech Republic, it is quite easy to set up and get started. You can obtain a trade license from the appropriate government agencies to enable you set up.
  • Expats usually get good employment which comes with a nice salary and lots of benefit packages. Most times, foreigners who are employed in Czech Republic have their accommodation paid for by their employers.
  • Affordable cost of living and transportation in Czech Republic, although petrol can be expensive as to other European countries.

Cons of living and working in Czech Republic:

  • On the banking system, there are fees charged on all bank transactions from transfer and deposit and also checking of statement of account. Although, the fees are small but when it occurs on every transaction, it’s quite appalling.
  • For expats who come to work in the country, after the usually submission of needed documents are again required to report to the Ministry of interior which handles migration issues in the country and another series of documents which have likely been submitted before are requires to once again be provided through cumbersome means.

Finally, as was mentioned in the article, no country do not have its ups and downs and the Czech Republic is sure not an exemption. Many ex-pats have weighed the pros over the cons of working in the country and they feel there are more pros which makes the country a place fit to live and start a career. This article is here to help you weigh your options as you unravel the beauty of a country such as the Czech Republic.