African Leadership Academy

The African Leadership Academy is a secondary academic institution located somewhere on the outskirts of Johannesburg South Africa. The dedication of the academy is to breed young African leaders from the ages of 16-19 years of age.

ALA is a good innovation that seeks to change the whole African concept of leadership by breeding suitable leaders for the next generation. In a bid to promote this interest, the academy takes students through a two-year curriculum on African Studies as well as Entrepreneurial Leadership; the core academic subjects are not left out as well.

The major belief upon which ALA operates is that Africa needs transformation and reformation. They further believe that this change is in the hands of young ones whose minds have been developed to believe in all African transformation and with a desire to promote international peace and love within all African countries to allow for progress.

In alliance with this aim, ALA has continually trained students’ minds to realize their leadership qualities and potentials. In return for this, students get encouraged to deal with social, religious, political cum economic issues in Africa at large.

Available Programs at the African Leadership Academy

Just as it is with every institution of higher learning, the African Leadership Academy has a number of academic and non-academic activities that they put students through during the course of their stay in the academy. The programs are mentioned hereafter.

  1. The First Year: A Multidisciplinary Curriculum

In the first year, students are put through a number of disciplinary courses that are selected across diverse disciplines to broaden students’ knowledge. The subjects from which students can choose from are: English Language, Mathematics, African Studies, Writing and Rhetoric, and Entrepreneurial Leadership.

  1. The Second Year: Academic Focus Subjects

In the second year of study, students will continue with the same subjects as in the first year. They will also continue a Computer Programming course to enhance their computer literacy. The subjects are chosen from Natural Sciences, the Humanities and Language, and Commerce.

In the sum of it all, all the programs available at ALA are:

  • Computer Programming course
  • Cambridge International Examinations
  • Entrepreneurial Leadership
  • African Studies

And a lot more.

Benefits of studying at the African Leadership Academy

For every candidate that applies to ALA, if further admitted, they usually enjoy certain benefits. These benefits are given equally to all, and not in regards to nationality, social class or the likes of it. The benefits are:

  • After making a school fee payment of $30,900, every student is given accommodation, uniforms, three square meals plus other extra curriculum activities like sports.
  • Absolute access to African Leadership Academy’s campus facilities which covers the biometric security control, occasional entertainment and internet access amongst others.
  • Students’ health and well being are also given a huge concern at ALA, hence, there is the availability of health and wellbeing care. The institution also makes available a health insurance scheme for all students.
  • Students at ALA enjoy employment opportunities through organizations like the African Careers Network, a body of ALA that specializes in securing good job placements for their graduates all over the continent.


The African Leadership Academy is open to all young and outstanding potential African leaders. They seek to admit those who will impact and lead the world. However, the age limit to acceptance of studentship is between the ages of 15 – 18 years of age.

Criteria for studying at The African Leadership Academy

ALA has a number of criteria for the selection of new studentship into the institution. The selection is from areas as:

  • Leadership Potential

The major tenet of ALA is leadership. Hence, they strictly seek yo admit leaders who possess potentials of leadership already in them. In this regard, they encourage candidates to share with them activities which they have been involved in, where they have led leadership roles in school, home or community.

  • Entrepreneurial Spirit

The entrepreneurial spirit is needed by the institution to be sure they would not just breed leaders, but they would also build those who would alleviate the causes of poverty among African communities. They ask of businesses, youth organizations, health clinics and social movements you can establish to improve lives.

  • Passion for Africa

African Leadership Academy also wants to see a level of excitement and enthusiasm by students in living and helping the lives of fellow Africans. Regardless of religious backgrounds, social classes, cultural diversities, and ethnicity, ALA demands a passion for African nations by all prospective students.

  • Commitment to Service

Leadership is a thing of service, when a leader commits himself to selfless service, everyone benefits; people and community are hereby uplifted beyond par. ALA believes a good leader is one who is committed to serving his people and help them realize and achieve their dreams.

  • Academic Achievement

The ALA academic curriculum is a challenging one, for students to succeed through the years on campus, they need to be academically sound. Therefore, there is an entrance exam for all prospective students which is set up by the institution’s committee.

In conclusion, the concept of African Leadership Academy has been so upheld over the years as it has succeeded in producing good leaders to the community. Hopefully, these leaders will change our world in the nearest years.

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