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Essay Writing

An essay is known as a written composition where you can express a specific idea with words. In essay writing, there are three main parts which makes up a good essay and they include: introduction, body of the article and a conclusion.

Introduction: this is the first part of an essay. It is the part where the topic to be written on is explained or introduced to the readers.

The body: this consist of all the write up on the essay which are divided into paragraphs. These paragraphs explains or addresses the topic of the article here to the understanding of the reader.

The Conclusion: the final part of an essay is the conclusion and in this part, the writer summarizes the whole essay in short sentences. At this point the essay is been rounded up and signals the end of the essay.

Various Types of Essay

  1. Narrative Essays: in this type of essay, the writer tells a story about a real-life occurrences to his audience. The narrative essay uses the first person adjectives when writing and this engages the readers making them be a part of the essay.
  2. Descriptive Essays: this essay paints a picture for its readers while using words. It is an essay which is used to describe a person, place or even an object. The descriptive essay communicates a deeper meaning through its description.
  3. Expository Essay: this essay is written as an informative article. The writer explains the topic using facts, statistics and or examples. Expository writing encompasses a wide range of essay variations and as such the writer’s personal feelings are not revealed in the essay writing.
  4. Persuasive Essay: this essay writing endeavors to convince the readers to accept the writer’s point of view. The writer builds a case using facts and logic with sound reasoning to convince the readers.

5 Best Tips on Writing A Good Essay

To good essay must have the introduction, body with various paragraphs and the the conclusion. Below are written the best tips for writing a good essay:

  1. Choose an interesting topic: when you want to write any essay it is very important to pick a good and interesting topic which will attract the readers.
  2. Prepare an outline of your ideas for the essay writing: it is necessary to outline your ideas when writing an essay so as not to forget vital informations. This is important in order to have a set up structure for writing any essay so that the write up would not be scattered or unorganized.
  3. Introduction: the introduction of an essay explains breifly the essay to it’s readers. This is done in order to grab the audience attention.
  4. Write out your essay statement and the body: after selecting your topic and outline your ideas then the next step is to start writing. The main body of the essay contains the whole article with various paragraphs outlining the essays.
  5. The conclusion: the conclusion of the essay is also important in the writing. The conclusion must contain strong statements so that it will leave a good impact in the mind of its readers.  The conclusion should not only sum up all the points that you have conveyed in the essay but also reinforce your essay writing.

Top Essay Writing Scholarships and Funding Around the World

1. Student Scholarship Essay Contest at Fraser Institute

This scholarship is open to different aspirants who are motivated to write an essay. The scholarship is hosted by Fraser Institute in Canada. The program is designated for high school students and the award is about $3,000-$9,000 for the winners.

2. Accenti Writing Contest

The contest is open to different writing works of literature such as prose works of fiction, non-fiction, or creative non-fiction with about 2000 words at maximum. The contest awards four winners from the list of submitted articles. The topmost winning article is posted on the Accenti website together with the writer’s names at the end of the contest.

3. Bedford International Poetry and Short Story Writing Competition in the UK

The Bedford International Writing Competition is open to international students studying in the United Kingdom. The competition awards only the first, second, and third winners with monetary prizes up to £500, £150 and £100 respectively.

4. Sustainable Development Goals Scholarship Essay Competition

The World Bank Group in partnership with the Zicklin Center at Wharton offers an essay competition that is open to students and young professionals between the ages of 18-35 years from all over the world. The selected winners are awarded various benefits.

5. African Development Bank (AfDB) The Africa of my Dreams Writing Contest

This is a writing contest that is used as a platform to let the voices of Africans be heard and to stimulate the industrialization drive of Africa. The aim of the competition is to design and build a better future for Africans, and to unlock the potentials of the African youth.


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