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The University of London, also known as “Lond” or “Londin”, is a public research institution located in one of England’s most famous city, London. The University currently consists of 18 member institutions, research centres, and central academic bodies.

As of 2018, The school had over 52,000 external students enrolled in its distance learning programme and also 161,270 in its brick and mortar campus. These statistics make the University the largest University (by student population) in the entire United Kingdom.

The institution offers several courses of study in two major degree types: Bachelors and Postgraduate.

A few requirements must be met before you can acquire a certificate from the University.

Keep in mind that the requirements may differ depending on your course of choice. Therefore, the conditions below are generic and can be applied to whatever field you choose to study.

Acquiring a Degree at The University Of London

To acquire a degree at the University of London, you must first possess a UK student Visa (for International students). Before the school can successfully grant you this visa, you will have to meet the University’s English Language requirements.

Your desired course of study will require you to possess specific grade scores from your previous education. However, if your grades are below the Faculty’s entry requirements, you can opt for a UK foundation programme. After you have completed the programme, you will automatically qualify to study a full undergraduate programme at the University.

Keep in mind that students with extensive work experience in their desired field of study often receive favor by the University than those without any. Also, postgraduate applicants are often expected to have a minimum work experience of 3 years.

Another way to have an advantage over other applicants is to possess either an international Baccalaureate, A-levels, UK foundation degrees, or advanced placement exams.

When to Apply for Studies

The typical academic year for most tertiary institutions in the UK, including the University of London, begins around September and ends in July. Most of the courses will commence as the school resumes in September, although some courses might delay and start in January or February.

You can visit the school’s website to check the start date of your desired course of study.


  1. Alumni bursary

Previous graduates from the University of London who wish to further their studies at the University will be given 10% off on the fees of the course of their choosing.

This sponsorship is also available to graduates of member institutions related to the University such as Queen Mary, Goldsmith, or city.


To qualify for an Alumni Bursary, applicants must have completed an undergraduate or Master’s degree with the University of London.

The applicant must have already been declared a certified graduate by the University. Without this, the application will not be considered.

Application details

To be a part of the bursary;

Applicants must first apply for the course that they wish to study. After the application to the course of their choice has been accepted, they should contact the alumni bursary team to receive a bursary to code to use against the fees.

The University will first verify the applicant’s identity as an Alumni before releasing the bursary code.

*Note: Applicants are advised not to pay the fees or begin registration before receiving the bursary code.


Accepted graduates will receive a 10% reduction in the fees of their next course of study at the University of London.

  1. LLM Scholarships and Bursaries

The University of London aims to offer a maximum of 18 scholarships per year to outstanding students on the Postgraduate Lawsq programme.

This programme will provide the furthering alumni with a 40% bursary which can be applied on examination entry fees, registration fees, and model fees in the university of London distance learning LLM course.


  • Applicants must be from one of the eligible countries: Pakistan, Malaysia, Russia, Sri Lanka, Nigeria, or Ghana.
  • Applicants must have completed 12 modules without failing any of them.
  • Within 13 months of the applicant’s registration, he/she must complete at least 5 out of the 12 modules.

Application Details:

To take part in the bursary:

Locate the “LLM Bursary” In the section that contains “scholarships and bursaries” on the LLM online application form.

After an application to the LLM course has been completed, applicants should apply for the bursary via the Online enquiry system.

Please ensure that you provide your student number.


Selected applicants will be given 40% off on every fee associated with their courses, such as examination entry fees, registration fees, and model fees in the University of London distance learning programme.

Keep in mind that there is a range of other scholarship programmes available at the University of London such as the Sir John Cass’s Foundation Scholarship, Guy S. Goodwin-Gill Scholarship, MBA UK/EU Bursary, Sadako Ogata Scholarship, and many more.