About The World Academy of Science (TWAS):

The World Academy of Sciences (TWAS) is a value-based science institution established primarily to improve developing countries through the application of science and technology. It was established in 1983 by Laureate Abdus Salam, who was a renowned physicist.

Laureate founded TWAS on the belief that by building a solid understanding of science and engineering, developing countries could Invent the solution to significant problems like hunger, diseases, and mass poverty. It currently has over 1,100 scientists in more than 70 different countries

The world academy of science (TWAS) oversees a variety of capacity building programmes presently and also manages the world’s most significant south-south PhD and post-doctoral research fellowship programme.

These programmes, and most of the activities at TWAS, are made possible because of the generous donations and contributions made by the liberal Italian government.

Opportunities at TWAS


TWAS annually offers financial support to early-career researchers to enable them to attain a higher level of education and experience at a renowned institution anywhere in the world.

They offer two types of fellowships which are:

  • PhD Fellowships
  • post-doctoral fellowships

PhD Fellowships

TWAS believes that PhD students are an essential component to the development of a country. That is why they have made it a goal to offer 360 fellowships a year to developing countries around the world.

Most of these fellowships are often hosted in major countries which are South Africa, China, Brazil, India, and Pakistan.

Please visit the official TWAS website to know more about the available fellowships for the current year.

Post-doctoral Fellowships

Science students from developing nations who have recently acquired their doctoral degree have the opportunity to gather invaluable experience from working with industry experts in their respective professions.

The Post-doctoral Fellowships usually has a duration from six months to three years and are often hosted annually in Brazil, Malaysia, Thailand, India, and Pakistan.

How To Apply for a fellowship

  • Applications should only be submitted through the online portal immediately after the award is declared open.
  • When you have received a notification stating the availability of the fellowship, click the “apply now” option to submit your details.
  • Applicants are advised to apply for the “preliminary acceptance letter” as soon as possible. Only Acceptance letters received in the same year as the application are eligible.
  • Applicants can only apply for one programme per year in the TWAS and OWSD portfolio.

Research grants

The World Academy of science annually sponsors a range of programmes that provide grants to researchers from developing countries around the world. The award aims to satisfy the financial requirements of the research and aid the researcher to acquire consumable supplies and specialized pieces of equipment.

Researchers who wish to be a part of the sponsorship program should visit the institution’s website to receive a notification on the opening dates of upcoming grants in 2020.

How To Apply for a Research Grant

  • Applications for a TWAS research grant can only be submitted online.
  • A researcher is not permitted to submit more than one application at a time for a specific kind of grant (either as a research unit or an individual).
  • Applicants cannot apply for any other TWAS sponsorship programmes after applying for a research grant.

For more details about the application process and criteria, please visit the institution’s website.

Prizes And Awards

TWAS realized for a long time that trophies and awards provide the scientist with a boost in morale which in turn motivates them to do more work in hopes of attracting more recognition.

Today, scientists awarded by TWAS and its other partners are among the most renowned, given for their findings and effort in their research. The awards range from the TWAS-Lenovo Science Prize, which recognized the most outstanding research in the South, to prizes awarded to professional scientists who are already making impressive contributions to their various field of study.

How to nominate a scientist

  • The ‘TWAS Award nominations should be submitted to the institution electronically.
  • The nomination should be submitted before the deadline (if any) to enable the institution process it as soon as possible.
  • Self-nomination is not permitted
  • Nominee contact details and general information such as an address, country, and status of living in the past ten years should be uploaded to the platform.
  • Short suggested citation emphasizing the nominee’s previous achievements in his field is also required.
  • Must submit a comprehensive summary up to 5 to 6 pages explaining the nominee’s many achievements
  • Must provide Information on PhD
  • Must provide information of any time spent abroad in the previous ten years
  • The nominee’s previous publications and a brief CV should be uploaded to the online platform.
  • Must provide information about the nominee’s previous awards, recognition, and honours.
  • Authorization from the nominee to process his/her data for nomination.


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