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Travel Scholarship

The primary goal of the majority of Trave Scholarship programs available today is to provide financial support to industry experts/professionals to attend events that will enable them to further improve their skills in their respective professions.

This improvement should eventually enable the attendants to create better and more innovative policies, conduct more fundamental research, as well as be an active participant in the growth and development of their respective fields.

Some of the events the awardees are permitted to attend include conferences, workshops, congresses and occasions that are relevant to the awardee’s place of work or profession.

It is also important to note that the grant covers the awardee’s expenses at a professional event, and should not be confused as funding for the tuition of a formal degree programme. It is meant for the occasion and nothing more.

Travel Grants

Some of the world’s most popular Travel grants/scholarships include:

  1. Beijing 2020 Travel Grants:

A travel grant worth up to $1,500 will be awarded to 25 early-stage Scholars who are members of IAMCR. The Selected candidates must be in good standing, are citizens of low and middle-income countries, and have already been accepted to deliver presentation papers at the upcoming conference in Beijing.

The applicants must be IAMCR members and citizens of either Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Bhutan, Maldives, Nepal, India, Pakistan, or Sri Lanka.

The grant primarily intends to help the attendants offset the cost of transportation and enable them to attend.

  1. Falling Walla Lab in Australia:

Falling Walls Lab Australia offers a grant for their Conferences & Travel programme to candidates in the field of Natural Sciences, medicine, technology, engineering, social science and the humanities.

The sponsorship covers funding for accommodation and travel expenses; it is only open to applicants from Australia and New Zealand.

  1. The Kirkhouse Trust:

The Kirkhouse is a charity organization that aims to support the development of agricultural research projects associated with training scientists.

Interested students can contact them to apply for a travel grant to their upcoming conference and training program.

The scholarship is primarily targeted towards less developed countries in America, Asia, Africa, South America, etc.

Candidates must be students of a PhD programme in Europe, USA, and Australia. They must also provide evidence that they will return to their resident country after the completion of their programmes.

Top Institutions Offering Travel Scholarship

  1. International Association for Media and Communication Research (IAMCR ):

IAMCR is a global association that promotes media and communication research throughout the world, addressing socio-political, technological, and cultural processes.

It has members (including individuals and institutions) from over 100 countries around the world, that benefit from its numerous annual training programmes.

IAMCR often provides a travel Scholarship opportunity to promising candidates who may be unable to attend their upcoming training due to insufficient funds for transportation.

  1. Eye Researcher Travel Fellowship program

The Developing Country Eye Researcher Travel Fellowship (DCERF) program aims to bring aspiring scientists from developing countries all over the world to the annual ARVO Meeting.

The primary goal of the fellowship is to provide enthusiastic young researchers with access to the latest development in vision science while also allowing them to network with mentors, colleagues, and industry leaders.

The programme endows the awardees with a host of benefits including Airfare and hotel accommodations.

  1. UACES (University Association for Contemporary European Studies)

UACES is a global membership organization for practitioners, students, and academics who are interested in topics related to all aspects of Europe and the European Union.

The organization offers a travel Scholarship to four candidates currently undergoing a  postgraduate programme in any area in contemporary English studies.

The scholarship funds will be spent majorly on fieldwork. Plus, anyone from any nationality is eligible to apply.

Travel Scholarship for African Students

  1. Google Conference and Travel Scholarships 2020

The Google Travel and Conference Grants are available to students from around the world (including Africa). It aims to financially support students in the tech industry – and other related fields – who wish to have their research paper accepted at a top-tier conference related to that course of study.


The scholarship eligibility depends on the applicant’s nationality. Please visit the scholarship website to learn more about what is required of you to qualify for the grant.


  • Free conference registration
  • Applicants accommodation and airfare will be covered
  • Selected candidates will receive a grant of $1,000 – $3,000.
  1. West African Research Association (WARA) Travel Grants 2020 for African Scholars

The West African Research Association Travel Grant aims to encourage cooperation and exchange among researchers and institutions in African counties.

It hopes to achieve this goal by providing financial support to African Scholars, thus enabling them to quickly to have access to the various research institutions in the continent.


  • Must be a resident of a West African country
  • Must be a student or graduate of a university, college or research institution.


The Selected candidates for the WARC Travel Grant will review an award up to $1,500 to cover travel costs, and also an additional stipend of $1,500 for other expenses.

In conclusion, Travel Scholarships are an excellent way to obtain new information from workshops and seminars without having to break the bank to attend.

You are sure to benefit as well if you choose to take advantage of the opportunity today.

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