Top 10 Checklist You Must Have Before Applying for a Job

Before Applying to a Job

The unemployment rate keeps increasing every year with more University graduates coming into the labour market where there is a scarcity of jobs. Often times, the little jobs made available are either given to someone with years of experience in the related field or anyone who has the necessary connections, thereby making it difficult for … Read more

Online Course to Learn Compelling Resume, Networking & Interview Skills

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Your skills and expertise are only as strong as your ability to sell them. To secure a job that appeal to you, you also need to know how to present yourself as an attractive potential employee. This career development course will help you highlight your skills and stand out in the crowd through your application … Read more

One Thing You Must Do In Every Job Interview

This article was originally published on LinkedIn by the Author, Dave Kerpen I recently interviewed an excellent candidate for a position at our growing startup, Likeable Local. The woman had an incredible resume, an infectious personality, and, seemingly, a great work ethic. She was dressed for success, with a style fitting our culture. She answered … Read more

How I Scaled a Job Interview Despite being the Least Qualified Candidate

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Update: I shared this experience a long time. And it’s been long buried down the archive. I’m re-sharing it knowing a job seeker somewhere will be inspired reading it. Early 2009, on a Wednesday morning, desperately in need for a job, a friend told me about a job vacancy for a Safety Officer, with an … Read more