Why Top Companies No Longer Require a University Degree – And what they now look for

Why Top Companies No Longer require a University Degree

Do you know that Google, Apple, IBM, Bank of America, Starbucks and some other global companies no longer require a university degree for their job positions? Recently, Elon Musk was using Twitter to recruit for Tesla, his electric car company. A part of the tweet read, “A PhD is definitely not required. I don’t care … Read more

10 College Degrees That Could Get You Rich

College Degrees That Could Get You Rich

In our world today, there are hundreds of university and college degrees with each of them offering various job opportunities to its students for future purposes. Most often, attending a college is considered a better path to obtaining a lucrative career in the future. Although, there are other good jobs and careers which does not … Read more

Top 10 Skills Employers Will Look Out for During and Post COVID–19 Pandemic

Entrepreneurs Response to COVID-19

Across the globe, many countries are on lockdown, making it impossible for them to go on with their economic, social, and political activities. This has also resulted in many employers laying off their workers, while some leave them to work from their homes. All these situations and occurrences have left a lot of us to … Read more