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Top 10 Skills Employers Will Look Out for During and Post COVID–19 Pandemic

Across the globe, many countries are on lockdown, making it impossible for them to go on with their economic, social, and political activities. This has also resulted in many employers laying off their workers, while some leave them to work from their homes. All these situations and occurrences have left a lot of us to start thinking and imagining what the world be looking for after lockdown.

Most of us are already making speculations and giving ideas- not in the real world anyway. Haven said that it is integral to know that there is a lot that is still unknown and yet to be revealed about post lockdown life (even after many scholars and employees have started making their speculations).

Everyone should know that the world will transform and seem like it had never existed- after lockdown. The latter is due to the new way of life that had been put into place and employed by everyone during this lockdown. People have learned to place their life and health above the acquisition of wealth and other material things.

In this context, we would be looking deep into the best skills employers would be expecting from their employees after this lockdown. Unlike in latter days, there would be total reformation and renewal in the mode of employment after lockdown. Employers will be looking for specific skill sets that would help retain the standards of their organization should, in case of any sudden outbreak.

As it is unlikely for the world to go back to the way it was, everyone should learn and be informed of the skills they should be building during this lockdown so they can as well come out renewed after the whole occurrence. Most importantly, those who got laid off from their jobs and those who are looking forward to being employed by big organizations, this article is best for you.

When searching for treasures and seeking a new job, it is good to know what is expected of you. For an online store, ask yourself, do you need to be able to design terrific graphics, write a great business plan, or compelling craft copy? Knowing what is expected of you is what helps you build up the necessary skills.

Although the nature of the job you are applying for is one of the determinants of your required skills, however, there are diverse skills that are good to have, but not all are must-have. This is because they all have different worth with various areas of application. Whichever job or occupation you settle for, below is a list of skills that can help you build success in your career as well as with your employer. Master the following skills and thrive in your venture after the lockdown.

  1. Adaptability and Flexibility

Making up the list for the best skills to build during this lockdown in Adaptability and Flexibility. A lot of ventures have failed due to the inability of their workers to adapt to the changes that occurred. A flexible worker is one who has mastered the nature of his job and can work correctly under any working conditions. While some organizations have succeeded in allowing their workers to work remotely, a lot have failed because their workers cannot adapt to the changes.

One thing has always been sure about the modus operandi of companies and organizations, and that is changes in operation. Putting aside the issue of Coronavirus Disease, which has led to subsequent lockdown across the globe, companies, and organizations have always sought new ways to get their job done. This also implies that after the lockdown, theses organizations will be willing to change their modus operandi.

It is integral to know that the world was already changing and following some series of steps; however, the Coronavirus outbreak made it rapid and accelerated the changes therein. The changes might also result in a continually changing and replacement of workers by employees. In that regard, anyone who will survive in a post Coronavirus world should be ready to adapt to all working conditions. Such a person must also be prepared to update himself and continuously refresh their distinguished skills constantly.

  1. Tech Savviness

Companies have always required a tech-savvy to work with them. Long before now, the world has grown to a global market, which makes operations and online conducts very fast and vast as well. In this regard, if you are seeking to be employed in a top world organization after the lockdown, you must not relent from a thing a tech guru.

One great way to get fully prepared for the post-Coronavirus world is by getting fully equipped with all tech-related skills. The Coronavirus outbreak is fast, making companies and organizations go digital, especially those that have decided to remain in operation by allowing their workers to work from home.

Many organizations are becoming more resilient to subsequent and future outbreak (should the case arise). Therefore, they are employing the use of technologies like video conferencing for those working remotely and more. It can be predicted that some organizations might decide to operate remotely even after the lockdown because the process has helped them save some expenses and increased the value of their organization. Instead of that, anyone willing to be employed after lockdown must be tech-oriented.

Undoubtedly, organizations like big data, artificial intelligence, robotics, and the likes will prefer to keep their companies and business transactions more resilient to the subsequent occurrence of pandemics and outbreaks. This means anyone that can help these organizations exploit and make good use of technology will have more chances and a higher hand to hold a significant position in such organizations.

So, whether you work in an accounting office or factory (in a post-Coronavirus world), you should be comfortable working with tech tools and also be able to make a good income for them. You can increase your effectiveness by building on this and other relevant skills from now.

The principal place where your technical skills and abilities will be put to the test is through online business. To register your domain is not tedious; buying a hosting plan is also easy. A lot of hosts allow you to install WordPress with just a single and simple click.

However, things can become complicated from that level. If you intend to make custom-designs for templates for the company’s site, you might be having some stress. Other terrible situations are when you need to fix a column in your MySQL database, or you need to install a script; when your WordPress site gets hack, and you need to get it running back as fast as you can. The last issue could arise when you need to develop a proprietary web application and code it appropriately. How do you solve all these issues? This is where your technical skills become handy.

Running a website is a very complex and complicated thing, although you can outsource and hire a lot of freelancers whom you pay for doing some work on your behalf. However, it is always best to know how to fix these issues in case a significant problem arises, and it requires urgency (like a state of emergency).

  1. Creativity & Innovation

Many times, the importance of innovation and creativity has been displayed. A lot of people have taken risks alongside their changes to make the world a better place as it is today. Ranging from building aircraft to cars, to ships, and even electricity that is prone to take lives; these people have displayed high creativity. While the company hiring you will not be expecting you to build ships or planes, your creativity will be made known in your approach to core issues of their organization and life at large.

In the buttress of the latter, the importance of creativity has also been made visible during this lockdown. Companies that have come up with creative ideas have been able to build new ways to make money by making virtual deliveries and also allowing their workers to work remotely. Some have also made the paradigm shift to creating new products like Mercedes F1 shifted from making racing cars to highly innovative breathing aids. This has been achieved not only through the employer’s initiative but also through the workers. One can easily assert that those companies would not be laying off these workers.

In a post-Coronavirus world, human ingenuity will be needed to create and develop new products and better ways of working. Human creativity will be a very essential and vital part of our daily lives as we would be living in a new world. Haven said that anyone who cannot deliver something new would hardly receive the acceptance of the multitude.

For those willing to be successful freelancers after the lockdown, you must be able to create unique quality content and search engine optimized. Aside from having excellent SEO skills, the kind of content you create is another thing that drives traffic, attracts new customers, and leads as well as builds trust and confidence in your employers.

This means being able to create blog posts and write articles that could be time-consuming- but the quality is driven. Videos as Audio podcasts are also handy, but they can be highly intensive in terms of money spent, time is taken, and required effort.

With the latter in mind, never underestimate the value of quality content for what is below par. This is because your brilliant and creative works can be the main traffic driver to your organization and not your search engine optimization skills. Haven said that you should always strive at creating and managing an editorial calendar and creating valuable content that answers the question and fills the needs of your audience. Also, you should not forget to stick to a publishing schedule.

  1. Data Literacy

It is no news that data is an essential part of every successful organization. With the right set of data, a company can quickly and correctly predict their future and also correct any errors present in their transactions. If you want to be employable after lockdown, you need to be well informed and know how to compile their data. This will help the organization understand what products and services their customers desire and be able to serve them with the right services and products during or after any possible pandemic.

Companies and organizations that understand business trends and customer needs can respond to the needs of their clients. This will also help them build and fully equip their organization against future pandemic and outbreaks. However, it is not enough to know how to make data unless it is beneficial- information is useless unless it is made with utmost literacy. Data is useful when it is well composed and also readable and understandable by someone reading it. If you possess more data literacy skills, your employers will find you more appealing amongst your peers.

  1. Critical Thinking

Aside from being able to give creative ideas and make new inductions to the organizations hiring you, you are expected to have excellent critical thinking skills. Critical thinking is a thinking faculty and sometimes a branch of logic that entails reflecting on ideas and making betterment of it. Thinkers are always respected and cherished in every sphere of life; one can never live a day without a critical analysis of his/her activities.

If what distinguishes us from animals is our ability to reflect on life core issues and give problem-solving ideas critically, we can always be better in what we do as regards that. One skill that will be essential to the global economy and rebuild it to the best after lockdown is a well-informed thinking and analysis skill. During this lockdown, the world has witnessed many fake and untrue stories about government, student, education, business, leaders as well as a misrepresentation of data. Only a person who thinks critically and analyses in-depth will be able to discern what is right from wrong.

In a post-Coronavirus world, the people who can evaluate information independently and analyze them is who these top companies will be looking out for. Knowing that not all information sources are valid and original, these organizations will be looking for someone who can deliver trusted and reliable facts. The latter can only be generated from understanding what information is real and thinking critically before laying them off to others.

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  1. Digital And Coding Skills

As said earlier, the world is rapidly transforming, and companies are adopting new ways to make their organizations run better, thereby making use of digital and coding professionals. Due to the lockdown introduced by the Coronavirus Disease outbreak, those who are skilled at coding, digital marketing, web development, and other digital skills will become highly relevant and important than ever.

These organizations will be more interested in hiring those who can keep the business running and thriving in case of any possible outbreak, pandemic, or any economic downturns. Since companies are digitally based while also run on their websites, you gain more opportunity to being the choice of countless companies with practical digital skills.

A lot of company websites make use of organic search as a way to source for traffic on their page. So if you are not continually tweaking your site to make its SEO better, if you are not doing keyword research and creating optimized content, your company website (through you) will predictably remain the same with no form of progress on it.

Keyword research is like the basis where you can familiarize yourself with Domain Authority and Page Authority. You can also get acquainted with load times, backlink building, clean code, responsive design, and many more.

Ahead of all, your primary area of focus should be gaining high content ranking in the search tab. Noting that there are lots of technical aspects of the continually changing world of SEO, you need to understand that keeping up with the industry is a full-time job in itself.

In this case, too, you can choose to hire agencies or freelancers who are experts at keeping your website optimized. Contrarily, if you are not interested in hiring freelancers, you can acquire these skills as some organizations will prefer hiring you to do the whole thing. A well-rooted knowledge of SEO will help you know the expected quality and standards you should build for your website. Subsequently, this earns you a broad audience and traffic to your company’s page and, then, some level of trust with your employer.

  1. Leadership and Expertise in a given niche

One of the core challenges in a world that are massively filled with a high population is having the right leader. People always value and cherish good leaders. However, we continuously have very few of them in our world. It is noteworthy that the leader in charge solely determines the future of any enterprise or organization; hence, companies and organizations do not want to leave the decision making cum administration of their business in the hands.

In a post-Coronavirus world, people will be more informed about teamwork and unison. However, they will still need the services and help of a professional who can help them discover some hidden potential and also motivate them to work better. If you can build on better leadership skills, you will not only be more employable; you will also be able to fill leadership positions in any organization you get hired to.

Do you have enough knowledge in that niche you are planning to start a business on? If otherwise, you might need to think again and choose a better topic that you are very familiar with. If you want to build trust and gain respect from your audience, you need first to demonstrate how knowledge and experience you are in your industry (and amidst your peers).

However, this does not in any way mean that you need to know all the in and out of your niche. The mistake many employees make when starting is trying to know too much than they need to. If you want to rise quickly in your chosen field, seek and remember only the essential things in your area of specialization.

  1. Emotional Intelligence

Closely related to leadership skills, emotional intelligence is somewhat different but highly effective and integral for people seeking to be employed in an organization. You need to be able to display how effective you are about understanding challenges and facing them squarely. Emotional intelligence is critical in challenging and uncertain times as it shows the ability to be well informed about your actions and how to control your reactions to occurrences.

While emotional intelligence is not only limited to what you feel alone, it also links to how informed you are of the next person’s feelings and emotions and how you can control and manage what they do. When people feel bad and uncertain about what they do, it is only an emotionally intelligent person that can reach out to them well. This is why emotional intelligence has a close relation with leadership skills, both work hand in hand; interestingly, you can build both.

  1. Commit to a Lifetime of Learning

By the World Economic Forum, 35 percent of all the skills that seem essential today will become less relevant in less than five years. However, there is one way to remain relevant in a post-Coronavirus world, and that is by committing to lifetime learning. People who learn forever are known to live forever, noting that when one stops learning, he starts dying, no company wants to hire a dying man. Hence, you have to learn and make yourself teachable continually.

When there is a tight and uncertain market (like in the case of the total lockdown), every company will require the services of those professionals who are teachable and can dedicate themselves to learning for the betterment of the organization. With the advent of technology, it is no longer a tedious task to learn new things; you can take online courses in your desired field and make yourself updated.

  1. Good communication skills

There is so much you can achieve for your company and in your personal life when you have fantastic communication skills. A lot of employees who made it to the top did not just make it because they knew what was right; many of them know how to speak their clients to buying their products- thereby calling for referrals.

Everyone loves a person who knows how to communicate with the crowd. You can not determine what people about you when they see your social media profile; neither can you interpret to them the meaning of every one of your updates. However, how skilled you are in holding mind-blowing conversations is what will help you preach yourself to others through just one client.

If you would be willing to be hired by an organization after this lockdown (no matter what it is), be ready to put up your communication skills alongside those above in this context.

Although, you always have the choice to outsource your tasks to freelancers. However, this list has helped you put together what skills you need to correctly make yourself employable by top organizations after the Coronavirus pandemic lockdown. Now, you know what skills to build and work on in anticipation of the post-Coronavirus world.

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