Top 20 Nigerian University Courses to Study

Top 20 Nigeria University Courses to Study

In this article, top-rated courses in Nigeria will be discussed to show you the path to follow when choosing your interested course while applying and also set a path to an understanding of the best courses that are offered in Nigerian universities. 1. Medicine Medicine trains health professionals to help treat and heal patients. It … Read more

World Economic Forum Top 10 Skills

World Economic Forum Top 10 Skills

The World Economic Forum has listed the top 10 skills, and you don’t need to have seen Ridley Scott’s Blade Runner or Steven Spielberg’s A. I have Artificial Intelligence to know that this will make a huge difference. Self-driving cars, artificial intelligence, quantum processing — these are no longer what we should be concentrating our … Read more

Top 10 Hardest Undergraduate Degrees To Study in the World

Hardest undergraduate Degrees

What are the hardest undergraduate degrees? You may think it’s one of those convoluted STEM degrees —and you might be right anyway. In this article, we look at the different factors to determine the toughest degree in the World. Then we go over the 10 Hardest college degrees dependent on how long undergraduates spend every … Read more

Top 10 Prestigious Engineering Universities in Africa

Prestigious Engineering Universities in Africa

Searching for the best Engineering colleges in Africa to study? This article will uncover the Top 10 Best Engineering universities in Africa. The article also contains the location and contact details of the university. Africa is the second biggest continent on this planet. Africa is a continent in the world having a populace of over … Read more

Coursera Vs. Udemy vs. Edx: Comparison

Coursera Vs Udemy Vs Edx

The purported Distance Learning platforms (ODL) have been expanding as of late, with any number of courses and assets to make the experience rich and complete. Various platforms provide professional training and assets to facilitate teaching through distance learning. Each with its own specificities, tending to address the contents of various specialties and levels of … Read more

I Don’t Know What To Study: Top 10 Undergraduate Courses to Study

Top 10 Undergraduate Courses to Study When you Don't Know What Career to Choose

If you are about to round off your high school, you should be armed with the top undergraduate courses to study when you don’t know what career to choose. At this point, you’re presumably bombed with all types of ideas about what you ought to study next. Some students find selecting a serious course of … Read more